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812 Giddy-up! Hyah! Whoa!

 "Nails?" Everyone was surprised.

The worker nodded. "There was a bag of nails near the gas tank. They were left behind from the carpentry work we were doing..." With that said, he secretly heaved a sigh of relief. If the explosion had sent the nails flying, the surrounding crowd would have been in trouble! Thankfully, only one unlucky person was a victim. With this in mind, the worker subconsciously looked at Mo Qun.

Kang Rui, Sister Qing, and company also looked at Mo Qun.

He bellowed angrily. "What are you looking at me for? Ah... Ouch."

Sister Qing seemed to think of something as she asked, "Sir, do you mean that the nails were nearly sent flying out?"

The worker nodded and said, "Logically speaking, all the nails were together. So once the tank exploded, all the nails should have been sent flying together, so how come there were only three?"

"Hey, how can you say that? You wish for more? If all of them came flying out..." Mo Qun was stunned mid sentence. If that had happened, he would probably be dead! With this in mind, he couldn't help but shudder and break out into a cold sweat.

Sister Qing and the crowd trembled in fright, rejoicing secretly. How lucky they were for the nails to not have shot out!

While everyone was rejoicing, Sister Qing thought of Fangzheng. The gas tank might not have blasted many people to death, but if the nails had been sent flying, they would have been equivalent to bullets. Furthermore, based on Mo Qun's case, it was quite evident that the nails would have come for them. If that had happened, they would have probably perished! Did Fangzheng's talk of rescuing them from before refer to this? Had Fangzheng blocked the nails when they shot out?

With this in mind, Sister Qing shook her head silently and rejected the idea. "Impossible! The nails shot out by the blast must have been very powerful. How can he have blocked them alone? He would have been peppered with holes immediately."

But on second thought, if it hadn't been Fangzheng, who else could it have been? There were no nails present! In such a large explosion with so many nails, and with so many people seeing Fangzheng enter... Where was he? Where were the nails? And where was the gas tank?

Countless questions rose in her, and Sister Qing felt her intelligence wanting. After repeatedly thinking over the matter, she realized that the only explanation was that... The monk wasn't ordinary!

Not only Sister Qing, but all those who knew about Fangzheng and had seen the sequence of events also had such thoughts. However, with Fangzheng gone, there was nowhere for them to seek an answer. All they could do was have their questions unanswered.

"Mo Qun, do you still think the monk is dead?" Fatty Xu asked softly.

Mo Qun scoffed. "He's definitely dead!"

Fatty Xu said, "Let's hope so. Otherwise, you will have another ancestor."

Mo Qun rolled his eyes at him and said, "Send me to the hospital. It f**king hurts."


While everyone was making guesses, none of them saw that right outside the stadium, in the outer periphery of the crowd, a white figure was slowly distancing himself. He was holding a bag in hand, with scrap metal inside. From its shape, it could be noticed that it was a tank, and there were quite a number of nails inside.

"You are definitely not a monk!" Salted Fish whispered when no one was looking over.

Fangzheng said, "This Penniless Monk is a genuine monk."

"Bullsh*t! I've never seen a monk as petty as you! Don't think I didn't see it. You used a divine power to surround the gas tank and allowed some of the blast to fly out, sending exactly three nails out. I'm guessing that some unlucky fool got it bad. Am I right?" Salted Fish asked.

Fangzheng shrugged and remained noncommittal.

"You are way too petty, aren't you?" Salted Fish cried out.

Fangzheng thought nothing of it. "This Penniless Monk only saves those who are fated, not people who complain. That Mo Qun kept finding fault with This Penniless Monk for a total of three times. Yet This Penniless Monk still saved his life. That's something he should be thankful for. Letting him suffer a little is just a tiny punishment. This Penniless Monk is a monk, but This Penniless Monk has a temper. If you curse at my face, I'll naturally punish you."

Fangzheng spoke matter-of-factly, and this only left Salted Fish shuddering. He thought, "This darn baldy really isn't a monk. Other monks are broadminded and forgiving. When I stole their spirit fruits and spirit pills, they let it be bygones with a smile. But this darn baldy in front of me... If I were to steal his things..." Upon having this thought, Salted Fish felt his ass hurting as he shuddered.

Fangzheng ignored whatever Salted Fish might be thinking. He was taking quick strides and rapidly heading elsewhere along the road. At the same time, he was feeling his heart ache. As the explosion came fast and furious, he was unable to get Salted Fish to cast his divine powers to control the explosion. In his haste, he used a Buddha Bead and released its powers for a divine power. Only then did he manage to block the explosion.

Fangzheng felt his heart ache having used the Buddha Bead's powers. However, this was no one's fault but his. He had failed to time things properly and make the preparations. Otherwise, he could have thrown Salted Fish in ahead of time to settle everything.

"Why are you walking so quickly?" Seeing Fangzheng increase his walking speed, Salted Fish asked curiously.

"We'll miss it if we don't walk faster."

"Miss what?"

Fangzheng sighed. "The Formless Door's mission! I thought rescuing Kang Rui and company would be the Formless Door's mission, but... It wasn't. Firstly, This Penniless Monk didn't hear anyone's voice or conversation that matched the Formless Door's hint. Secondly, This Penniless Monk has already rescued them but failed to receive any notice of completion. Nor can This Penniless Monk open the Formless Door to return to the mountain. This implies a problem, namely that what I completed wasn't the Formless Door's mission, but I just ended up getting additional merit!

"The Formless Door missions have time limits. Once the timing is missed, that's it."

"What happens if we miss it?" Salted Fish asked.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

"The Formless Door will effectively become useless. You can forget about leaving the mountain in the future."

"Then can't you run faster?" Salted Fish shouted.

Fangzheng rolled his eyes. "Aren't I running?"

"Run faster! Giddy-up!" As Salted Fish spoke, he extended his fin from the hole and smacked Fangzheng's ass! Although this darn fish wasn't using his Dharmic powers, he was like Red Boy with tremendous strength. With a smack, it created a loud cracking sound, one louder than a horse whip!

Although Fangzheng had coarse skin and thick flesh, he still felt his ass burn from the strike. He angrily hit Salted Fish's head as a signal for him to behave. Can't you see that there are people around looking over?

Although there weren't a lot of pedestrians, everyone around could still see and hear them. The sudden 'giddy-up' and the smacking sound left people imagining things. They were filled with curiosity! However, despite looking intently, they couldn't figure out how the sound had been produced. They ended up thinking to themselves, "Could this monk be carrying a huge megaphone? But why would this monk make such sounds?"

"Hehe. Monks sure know how to have fun in the cities. He could just run, but he even added sound effects of him being urged to go fast. Tsk, what a nice bald horse." Someone commented sarcastically with a laugh.