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811 Nails

 When Mo Qun looked up and yelled, "Save, my ass! If he was really capable, would I have been injured like this? See, he didn't even save anyone, but only ended up dying. He's an idiot!"'

Fatty Xu looked at Mo Qun and said, "Mo Qun, he's already dead. Don't make it worse." Although Fatty Xu and Mo Qun were close, and he had lambasted Fangzheng together with Mo Qun, he didn't wish to continue saying anything with Fangzheng already dead. There was no reason to continue disparaging the dead.

Mo Qun said, "Whose side are you on?"

Fatty Xu fell silent.

Kang Rui said, "Mo Qun, you can't say that about Master Fangzheng! He sacrificed himself to save us."

"Kang Rui, can you be a little bit more mature? You call that rescuing us? That's called sending himself to his death! Furthermore, it was a pointless one! Besides, he said that he was going to save us beforehand. If that was really related to this issue, let me ask you this; how did he know that there was going to be an explosion? Was he able to predict the future?" Mo Qun yelled.

Kang Rui was left speechless. How could it be possible to predict the future?

Mo Qun continued. "If wasn't a prediction of the future, then there's only one possibility. All of this was planned by him. He wanted to play hero to rescue the beauty, and it went awry, and he blasted himself to his death!"

Kang Rui looked at Sister Qing who was frowning. She too was at a loss as to how to retort Mo Qun. The explosion had already left her mind reeling in chaos. She couldn't think straight amid her turbid thoughts.

"If you don't know sh*t, don't speak nonsense!" A construction worker walked over and cursed. He had been nearby all this while, so he had heard their conversation.

"Isn't what I said the truth?" Mo Qun asked.

The worker cursed angrily. "The truth, my ass! We are responsible for this place. Do you think we would collude with someone to set a fire to blast a gas tank to destroy our reputation?"

"Anything is possible if the money is right," Mo Qun mumbled.

The worker was incensed when he heard that. He rolled up his sleeves in a bid to beat Mo Qun up right then and there, but he was stopped by the crowd.

Sister Qing said, "Sir, don't be angry. He just speaks his mind. I'll apologize on his behalf. Also, what happened? How could it explode?"

When this question was raised, the worker wore a dejected look. This incident had caused injuries, so regardless of the outcome, he had to be responsible for the incident and likely couldn't continue working in the industry. However, he had nothing he could say to defend himself anymore since it had been his negligence which resulted in the explosion. He was already very lucky that he didn't die from it. The worker sighed. "Sigh, actually, I've no idea either."

"Sir, why would there be a gas tank in there?" Sister Qing continued asking.

The worker said, "For welding purposes. Gas is cheaper than acetylene. Although the temperature is lower, it's good enough. Furthermore, it's stable, so many people nowadays use it to replace acetylene. How could I know it would explode?" Having said that, the worker nearly cried.

Sister Qing was surprised. She understood after hearing what he had to say. Indeed, many welding works now used gas tanks to cut costs. Furthermore, the efficiency rates were not worse than acetylene, and the safety precautions on gas tanks were in no way lacking. As long as they were used properly, it was unlikely for such an explosion to happen. However, what happened today seemed a little fishy. The tent had caught on fire for no good reason...

When the worker was done, he slumped to the ground and cried. "Why was that monk so disobedient? He wouldn't have died if he hadn't headed in. Sob..."

When the monk was mentioned, everyone's eyes turned gloomy. A living life was gone just like that. They felt their hearts extremely heavy.

Kang Rui shook her head. "No way. He didn't die. He's a good person."

"Do you think good people don't die? Don't be silly. It was such a terrifying explosion..." someone persuaded her.

"That's right. Anyone would die in such a huge explosion."

Mo Qun, who had been helped up, staggered over. When he heard Kang Rui's words, he felt pissed and said, "He's definitely dead after such a huge explosion."

"If..." Kang Rui was just about to say something, but Mo Qun cut her off, hoping that she would kill the thought, by saying, "Even if he's not dead, his skin is probably all burnt away. But I dare say that he's dead. If he didn't die, I'll worship him as my ancestor." Mo Qun wasn't just speaking out of spite when he said that. For someone not to die despite such a huge explosion, that person would no longer be human.

"Enough, cut it out! As a man, can you not be so petty? Being jealous because of a monk?" Sister Qing finally spoke up and exposed him by berating him.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Mo Qun blushed and fell silent.

However, Kang Rui thought nothing of what was said. She lowered her head in sorrow and wiped her tears.

Just as everyone was saying something, the smoke began to disperse. Everyone craned their necks to see the situation, wishing to verify whether anyone had died inside. If the monk wasn't dead, they could rescue him immediately, but if he was dead...

Although they still had some hope, no one really believed that the monk could have survived.

"Eh? There doesn't seem to be anyone?" Someone with a good pair of eyes swept the area but couldn't find anyone.

"Don't speak nonsense! We saw him enter, so how can he be gone? Could he have been blasted apart? Or buried?" someone retorted.

However, someone acted fast-the construction worker. Without any thought, he rushed in while everyone was still in a daze. He pulled away the fragmented wooden planks and searched the area to no avail. He didn't even see the gas tank or its fragments... Taking off his cap, he scratched his head. He originally felt that the matter was fishy, and if someone died, there had to be a corpse! Even if the body was blasted to pieces, there should have been limbs around, but there was nothing except industrial components and parts.

If the person he had seen was just an illusion, a hallucination, that might still be possible, but what had happened to the gas tank then?

Even if the gas tank exploded, there should be some fragments left, right? However, despite searching the area, he didn't see any signs of the gas tank, not even a fragment! If not for the entire shed being in ruins and the unlucky fool who had three nails embedded into his ass, he would start wondering whether everything that had happened had just been a dream!

He wasn't the only one. The gazes of other onlookers also moved with his hands. Despite searching the area, they didn't see a corpse or gas tank. All of them were taken aback. What exactly had happened?

Upon seeing this scene, Kang Rui covered her mouth and asked, "Where's Fangzheng?"

Sister Qing shook her head and said, "No idea..."

"Sister Qing, do you think... We were hallucinating previously?" Kang Rui asked.

Sister Qing was at a loss for an answer. However, a scene flashed in her mind, which was the scene of Fangzheng claiming he was there to save them.

Although they found his words silly back then, she was a little convinced by the present circumstances.

Sister Qing came to the worker and asked, "Sir, what are you looking for?"

The worker said, "Nails."