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810 Life and Death

 "It's not renovations. I heard that the gas pipes in the stadium were damaged some time ago, and a few other pipes were damaged by an explosion. Ever since then, the stadium has been in a state of repair. However, the workers are very efficient, so there's only a little work left to do. It doesn't really matter since it doesn't affect us," Kang Rui said.

Fangzheng nodded slightly. At that moment, Mo Qun called out to Kang Rui for pictures, but she wasn't very willing. Fangzheng smiled. "Go over. Since you are here, they can't be leaving you out."

Only then did Kang Rui run off. Once she was gone, Fangzheng turned around and walked towards the work shed with a heavy expression.

Just as he turned around, he heard a shout. "Get ready. When I shout cheese, all of you shout together!"

When Fangzheng heard that, his heart tightened. "Why is it so fast?"

Fangzheng turned his head abruptly and saw a man holding a camera pointed at Sister Qing, Kang Rui, and company. They were arranged in three rows, with the front row squatting, some girls standing in the middle row, and all the tall men in the last row. Everyone's back was facing him, so they didn't see Fangzheng.

However, Fangzheng remembered this scene clearly from his Heavenly Eye-the disaster would befall them once the cameraman pressed the shutter button!

With this in mind, Fangzheng turned and ran towards the work shed without any thought. With him running, he saw the situation behind the door and immediately, he felt his scalp tingle. He roared frantically to himself, "Hurry!"

At this moment, a worker who was carrying something over saw him and shouted. "That monk over there. There's construction work over there. You can't go in!"

How could Fangzheng have the time to bother with him? He obviously didn't stop. Instead, he sped up and rushed in.

When the workers saw this, they began shouting and chasing.

This caused quite a commotion, attracting the attention of the people taking a photograph. They happened to see Fangzheng rush through the door of the barrier, but the door served little to hide anything. Everyone could see the situation inside from their angle. All of them broke out into a cold sweat when they saw what was happening. The tent was on fire! That wasn't the worst of it all. There was a gas tank amid the fire!

"F**k! There's a gas tank inside?" Fatty Xu subconsciously cursed.

Sister Qing and Kang Rui cried out anxiously. "Fangzheng, what are you doing? Come back, quick! There will be an explosion!"

When Mo Qun saw this, he pursed his lips, thinking, "It's best if a bald donkey like you gets blasted to death!"

Just as he thought that, Fangzheng had already rushed in through the door.

Boom! Almost at the same instant Fangzheng rushed in, a huge boom happened as everyone saw a gush of red-hot fire engulf him!

At that moment, be it Sister Qing or Kang Rui, or Fatty Xu and those who didn't have a good relationship with Fangzheng, all were dumbfounded. No matter what their opinion of Fangzheng was, none of them expected Fangzheng to die!

Only Mo Qun turned around, screamed, and ran at the instant of the explosion. However, before he could take a few steps, he cried out in pain and collapsed to the ground. When he touched his ass, it was covered in blood! There was something hard sticking into his ass. When he touched it, tears streamed down his cheeks due to the pain. He yelled, "Help!"

Unfortunately, no one was looking at him as they were too shocked by the scene.

The instant the inferno arose, all the barriers were blasted away. It was unknown what else was inside, but a huge blob of white smoke rose up, concealing whatever was happening inside. And the white ashes appeared like a mushroom cloud that soared towards the sky, taking quite a while to settle down.

At this moment, everyone snapped back to their senses as horror filled their body. They subconsciously began to run! Some screamed, some cried, some tried making phone calls...

The construction workers jumped in fright as well. At the instant of the explosion, they had reflexively thrown themselves to the ground. By the time they recovered their senses, there was nothing but ruins in front of them! They hurriedly got to their feet and ran towards the plume of smoke. Two cosplayers by their side hurriedly pulled them back. If another explosion happened, they would die!

"Someone entered just now. I need to take a look. Let me go! I need to take a look!" the construction worker yelled. He couldn't see what had happened from his angle, but he had seen gas tank explosions before. He felt that this blast had been far too weak, and it didn't appear like it was the explosion of a gas tank. He wanted to enter to take out the gas tank to prevent another explosion from happening.

However, the cosplayers from the side held him back. The explosion from before was frightening enough, so wouldn't he be sending himself to his death if he ran in? Therefore, everyone pulled him to the side. Some of the calmer ones organized everyone to evacuate and stay away from the explosion.

Everyone was already scared stiff, so who would dare approach? They yearned to be as far away as possible, but there was curiosity in everyone. After confirming that they were safe, they were eager to know what had happened. Hence, these people circled the area from afar to watch the commotion as they broke into a discussion.

"Did a monk really enter?"

"Yes, I saw it. A white monk with a black cloth bag behind him. I guess he was also a cosplayer."

"I saw him too. There was already a fire inside, and the fire burned really fast! The gas tank was inside the fire and the moment the monk went in, it exploded. What a tragedy. I'm guessing that monk is likely in pieces."Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

"Even if he's not in pieces, there's no way he has survived. The might of a gas tank's explosion is about that of a bomb. Besides, there are so many tools there-nails, hammers, and the like. The explosion will turn them into bullets. No matter how many monks there would be, they would all be dead."

"Sigh, what a pity."

"That's right. The monk probably wanted to remove the gas tank to save everyone."

With that said, many people lowered their heads in silence as a sign of respect.

While they were chatting, Sister Qing and the other cosplayers were gathered together. Some people went over to check on Mo Qun only to jump in fright when they saw his ass. Three iron nails were embedded into his ass and although they didn't go deep, it was a bloody affair. He could forget about sitting for the time being and would even have to sleep on his belly...

After confirming that Mo Qun's life was not in danger, everyone discussed the scene from before. Everyone had seen Fangzheng enter, and they could not help but sigh when they recalled how this monk who was chatting with them just a while ago was now dead.

Kang Rui immediately lost herself to tears. If not for Sister Qing pulling her back, she would have long run into the ruins to find Fangzheng.

"What a pity. Actually, that monk was quite nice," the girl in the fairy costume said with a sobbing tone.

"What a pity that he still ended up dying. Sigh," someone lamented.

"No, he can't have died. He's a monk. Buddha will protect him. He said that he would save us. Sob!" Kang Rui felt her heart palpitate when she said that. Had Fangzheng's actions been meant to save them all along? They were fine, but he was... Kang Rui only cried even more sorrowfully the more she thought about it.

"Silly girl. There's no Buddha in this world. If there was a Buddha, there wouldn't be such misery," Sister Qing hugged Kang Rui and said.