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809 Belief

 Although Fangzheng gave everyone a good impression of him, he was ultimately an outsider. Although Mo Qun wasn't acting appropriately, he had a few friends. Hence, with him raging, someone immediately said, "That's right. Monk, that must be your motive, right? Why else wouldn't you be leaving yet?"

"Don't tell me you are trying to hit on chicks?" Another man turned provocative in an instant.

With that said, Sister Qing and Kang Rui's expressions turned nasty. Hitting on chicks? Who? Them?

Kang Rui said, "Darn Fatty, what are you saying? Cut the nonsense!"

"I'm not spouting nonsense. I just can't understand why a monk has to squeeze with us on this bus. After observing him for some time, I finally understand that he's not a monk! He's a perverted monk!" Fatty Xu scoffed.

With someone backing him up, Mo Qun got worse as he added. "I think so too!"

"Stop kicking up a fuss," Sister Qing berated.

"Sister Qing, we aren't kicking up a fuss. We are just expressing our views. Besides, we aren't stopping him from speaking. Can't he retort and explain himself? Monk, why are you on the bus?" Mo Qun pressed unrelentingly.

The other two echoed him. Instantly, Sister Qing was rendered helpless. Although she was the organizer, she wasn't their superior. She could do nothing if they refused to listen to her.

Faced with the pressing questions, Fangzheng pressed his palms together and smiled. "This Penniless Monk wishes to rescue all of you."

"Pfft!" Many people laughed once they heard what he said.

Mo Qun scoffed as well. "Are you f**king kidding me? You're here to rescue us? Have you watched too many American movies? Thinking of saving the world for no good reason? Why don't you try saving the entire universe?"

Fatty Xu laughed as well. "Sister Qing, I think I understand now. This punk isn't a monk, but a f**king retard!"

Sister Qing also looked at Fangzheng with a look of awkwardness. If Fangzheng claimed that he was trying to get a ride, she would have a way of helping him, but with him saying that, she began suspecting he really might be a little mentally disadvantaged...

The others gave Fangzheng similar looks. Everyone immediately found it a pity that such a handsome young monk would be mentally disadvantaged.

Mo Qun laughed in glee.

However, what rendered Mo Qun speechless was when Kang Rui looked at Fangzheng very seriously and asked, "Do you mean that?"

"Kang Rui, you believe such words?" Mo Qun asked.

Kang Rui retorted. "Why not? Believing in something before it happens won't lose you a piece of flesh, will it?"

Mo Qun was left speechless for an answer.

Fangzheng smiled and said, "This Penniless Monk..." When he said that, he instantly stopped. He yearned to say that he never lied, but he guessed that if he said something like that, there would be a high chance of a lightning strike. Therefore, Fangzheng immediately switched to saying, "... is naturally speaking the truth."

"I believe you!" Kang Rui patted Fangzheng on the shoulder and said openly.

Mo Qun fumed so badly his face turned green, thinking to himself, "That works too?"

When Sister Qing saw this, she shook her head gently. However, she knew that this wasn't the main point. All he was doing was getting a ride. Once they arrived at their destination, everyone would be going their separate ways. Regardless of whether he was lying or telling the truth, their meeting had been by chance, and they would never meet again. Towards such an outsider, there was indeed no need to be too harsh.

Therefore, Sister Qing said, "Alright, alright. Cut it out. If you have the time to make a ruckus, why don't you think about what you'll be doing once we arrive."

Mo Qun still wanted to say something, but he was at a loss when he saw Kang Rui acting that way. All he could do was sit back with a huff.

By the side, Fatty Xu smiled. "Hehe, Monk, anyone can brag. I do want to see how you'll be saving us later."

Fangzheng smiled and pretended not to hear it.

Fatty Xu imagined that Fangzheng was not answering him because he was guilt-stricken. Hence he said to Mo Qun, "That monk sure bragged a lot. When he does nothing in the end, his lie will be exposed. When that happens, how do you think Kang Rui will view him?"

Another person added. "That's right. When that happens, he will be too embarrassed! Hehe. And Kang Rui doesn't like people who lie."Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

When Mo Qun thought of this, he narrowed his eyes and shot a glance at Fangzheng, as though he was saying, "Punk, I'm waiting to see how you will be rescuing others!"

Fangzheng remained unperturbed for a particular salted fish behind his ass was beginning to fidget. Helpless, Fangzheng hurriedly cast A Golden Millet Dream to prevent others from seeing or hearing what he was about to do.

Then, Fangzheng hurriedly jumped up, turned around and threw the black cloth bag on the chair. He berated the fish. "What's up?"

Salted Fish squirmed out of the bag, and Fangzheng jumped in fright when he saw him. One of Salted Fish's eyes were red! Salted Fish exclaimed with a sobbing tone. "What's up? Why don't you let that lass touch your eye? F**k, it burns. Even my tears are flowing." With that said, Salted Fish sat there and began rubbing his eyes frantically.

Fangzheng shot a glance at Kang Rui, who was still eating spicy sticks, and rubbed his nose in embarrassment. "Alright, let me take a look at it."

With that said, Fangzheng circulated his Qi into a needle and tapped a few spots around Salted Fish's eye. Then, his Buddhistic medicine Spirit Qi was infused into Salted Fish, making his eye feel much better. Only then did he scoff. "Don't mind me, but can you stay further away from women? These biological creatures are too unreliable."

Seeing that the bus was about to stop, Fangzheng hurriedly got Salted Fish to shut up. Then he wrapped him up, hung him behind his waist, and sat back down. Finally he whispered. "Be quiet."

Salted Fish scoffed before there was silence.

Moments later, the bus arrived at a stadium, and everyone got off the bus.

The moment Fangzheng got off, he saw aficionados from all over surge into the stadium in different cosplay attires. Of course, there were many who dressed up as the same character. This didn't prevent them from sizing up the other party, and when one felt that the other was inferior, they would immediately smile smugly. As for the inferior person, they would be a little embarrassed. Some even went back directly.

Apart from the cosplayers, there were many others gathered. It opened Fangzheng's eyes, and even Salted Fish behind him appeared a little excited. He began moving a bit as he secretly mumbled. "So many demons..." Fangzheng had no choice but to hit his fish head several times.

In response, Salted Fish said angrily, "You've sat on me for so long, can't I just move a little?"

"Shut up. You are a salted fish now!" Fangzheng reminded him.

Salted Fish scoffed, but when he saw Kang Rui approaching, he fell silent.

Fangzheng followed everyone into the stadium, a first for him. He was filled with curiosity over many of the facilities inside. Although Kang Rui was a little muddleheaded, she was very familiar with the things around. She began functioning as a guide for Fangzheng. Once she started introducing the characters the other cosplayers were dressed up as, she could go on nonstop.

Fangzheng chuckled as he listened and watched. However, his pair of eyes seemed to be searching for something. At that moment, Fangzheng's gaze landed on a corner in the stadium. There was a wooden barrier and a small door by the side. By the door was a tiny container of paint. Fangzheng narrowed his eyes and asked, "This place is doing renovations?"