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807 Somethings Not Righ

 This seemed to make Mo Qun even angrier as he said, "You were asked a question!"

Kang Rui finally couldn't take it as she said with an embarrassed look, "It was me... I thought he was one of us, and since you were urging for us to get on the bus, I pulled him up as well."

With that said, everyone else was instantly enlightened as they revealed an understanding smile. Clearly, they were used to the antics of this ditzy long-haired princess.

Only Mo Qun's expression turned uglier as he stared at Fangzheng. "Sister Qing, I don't think it's as simple as that."

"Oh? Then what do you think should be done?" asked Sister Qing.

Mo Qun stared at Fangzheng and said, "How can there be such a coincidence? We scheduled to meet here and were hiding in that store by the heater. When the bus came to pick us up, we came out, and he happened to be there. Besides, look at his attire. Which monk dresses like that? Also, I see a black cloth on your back. It looks like a wide knife. Which monk in this world walks around like that? It's more like some anime's monk who dresses oddly than any real monk I've seen. The circumstances prove that he's an anime fan as well and that he was waiting there to get a free ride, so that he can attend the comic con!"

Once that was said, everyone was taken aback. They scrutinized Fangzheng and saw the bag behind his waist. Immediately, all of them looked at him suspiciously. Clearly, they agreed with Mo Qun's guess.

Sister Qing's expression turned a little heavy as well. If it was a misunderstanding, it was nothing. All they needed to do was ask him to get off the bus. But to have him trick them like they were fools to get a free ride to share in the community's benefits, it was a smack in her face as group leader. Sister Qing stared at Fangzheng and asked, "Friend, I believe we need an explanation."

Kang Rui turned agape and realized that she wasn't sure how to help Fangzheng explain.

Fangzheng didn't appear nervous or angry at all. With a composed and frank expression, he looked at the crowd which was looking at him with a doubtful look, especially Sister Qing. She was a girl with a domineering vibe and when her eyes turned stern, she looked extremely dignified. Unfortunately, this didn't cause a stir in Fangzheng's heart, and his eyes resembled a sea of stars. Instead, she embarrassingly stopped looking at him sternly when faced with his gaze and switched to a questioning look.

Only then did Fangzheng say gently, "Amitabha. This Penniless Monk is truly a monk. As for the black cloth bag, it's not a knife but something This Penniless Monk has brought with him. Of course, This Penniless Monk didn't intend to get on the bus in the beginning, but later, This Penniless Monk changed his mind and now wishes to join you Patrons."Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

"Heh heh, so that's how it is. You've just shown your fox's tail, haven't you? After saying all that, aren't you clearly trying to get a free ride?" Mo Qun scoffed.

Sister Qing frowned.

Mo Qun was being overbearing, but thinking about the matter one more time, Kang Rui felt that most of the blame was on her. Yet she had put Fangzheng into such a predicament. She felt bad about it, so she shouted. "Mo Qun, enough! Sister Qing, I'll pay the fee for Master, and that will be the end of this matter, right?"

The moment that was said, Fangzheng was taken aback. He was just about to talk about payment when the adorable chick beside him stood forward to bear it for him. It left him a little embarrassed.

Mo Qun was taken aback before he turned anxious. "No! The bus has just enough seats. One more person, and we will exceed the bus's capacity. So there's not even a place for him to sit!"

Kang Rui said, "There's so much space in the back row. Can't everyone squeeze in together?" With that said, Kang Rui squeezed towards the window, and the rest friendly shifted in their seats, opening up a spot. Indeed, there was enough space for one more person to sit down.

However, Mo Qun remained unrelenting, and he wanted to say something.

But Sister Qing said, "Alright. This friend's payment will be included for lunch. Let's leave it at that. Mo Qun, cut it out. Sit down. The bus is about to depart."

With Sister Qing saying that, Mo Qun had no choice but to grit his teeth and submit. Then he continued glaring at Fangzheng.

Fangzheng was puzzled. Was this person sick? Why was he so strongly against him? It was not like he had done anything. As such, Fangzheng ignored him and said to Sister Qing, "Patron, This Penniless Monk will pay for his own share."

When Sister Qing heard that, she smiled. "About that, discuss it with Kang Rui. I'm only in charge of collecting money and taking care of the activities." Then she glanced at Mo Qun, who was still staring at Fangzheng, and said with a frown, "Mo Qun, sit here in my seat. I'll go in the back. Girls take less space, so it won't be too much of a squeeze."

When Mo Qun heard that, he was stunned. From the look in his eyes, it was apparent that he didn't wish to move. However, Sister Qing had great standing in the group, so whatever she said held weight. More importantly, the reasons she gave were good. Finally, Mo Qun reluctantly headed forward, allowing Fangzheng to have another uniformed beauty by his side.

Fangzheng obviously wasn't letting Kang Rui pay for the trip.

After the bus drove off, Fangzheng realized that the situation wasn't right.

The back of the bus was trembling intensely, while the front was lower in intensity. It felt like one would be ramping to the heavens if one went from front to back. Some people lost their balance as a result of the bus's vibration as they staggered around. At that moment, Fangzheng realized that he was surrounded by female patrons, and as the bus shook, he felt two soft bodies by his sides, their fragrant scents overwhelming him.

Fangzheng secretly stole a glance at the two girls, but they appeared very calm. Yet he as a master couldn't remain calm... He had lived on the mountain as a child, and although he had attended school, the relationship he had with girls was purely that of schoolmates for various reasons. There had been no chance for him to exceed the boundaries. Therefore, Fangzheng was quite a pure child who didn't even know what a woman felt like.

Now that he was caught in the middle, with his body rubbing against them, he still blushed despite not allowing his imagination to run wild. Finally, he gritted his teeth and closed his eyes before chanting the scriptures.

Fangzheng wasn't sure why Mo Qun was making things difficult for him, but Sister Qing knew very well. In the group chat, Mo Qun's pursuit of Kang Rui was obvious, and it had been going on for a long while. However, Kang Rui was quite scatterbrained and innocent, so she thought of Mo Qun's gestures as friendliness. Hence, Mo Qun's every action ended up being for nothing, but it wasn't his fault that he liked Kang Rui either.

Now that Kang Rui had pulled up a handsome monk and was chatting with him in such a friendly manner, any man would definitely feel jealous and end up erupting.

Logically speaking, Sister Qing should have helped Mo Qun, but when Sister Qing saw Fangzheng's calm, placid eyes and then looked at Mo Qun who had the eyes of a ferocious lion who was about to kill, she immediately felt a little frustrated. Without knowing why, she chose to help Fangzheng.

The reason Sister Qing gave herself was that perhaps he was a real monk. Otherwise, there was no way he could possess such a gentle gaze. The eyes were the windows to one's soul, so people with such eyes were definitely not bad. Therefore, there was no mistake helping him.

However, this thought only flashed through her mind for a moment. When she sat down and felt the cramped space before looking at the beautiful Kang Rui, she had another thought.