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799 Sincerity? NO!

 "Master, why aren't you saying a word? Master, are you hot? You don't look too well..." Not only did Cao Ye speak fast once he started, his eyes were also pretty good.

Having been left repeatedly speechless, it would be a wonder if Fangzheng could continue wearing a normal expression. However, Fangzheng wasn't mad. Instead, he thought of continuing talking to the punk. He refused to believe that he couldn't resolve such a trivial matter despite having been reading Buddhist scriptures all day and having quite a perceptive mind!

Therefore Fangzheng wasn't quick to come to a conclusion. Instead, he asked, "Patron, which year are you in?"

Cao Ye said, "My fourth year."

"Oh, how are your studies going?" Fangzheng asked.

Cao Ye's face blushed. "Uh, so-so..."

Fangzheng said seriously, "Patron, you have to honestly and sincerely answer This Penniless Monk's question. Only then can This Penniless Monk help you find the problem at its root."

Cao Ye's face turned redder. "I'm basically failing all my classes, having to retake the classes every year. But I've thought it through. My future goal in life isn't to become a lawyer or something like that. Therefore, it doesn't matter if my studies aren't great. All I need is a graduation certificate. I wish to do business in the future! I already have my plans."

Fangzheng was amused as he said with a smile, "Is that so? Patron, what do you plan on doing next then?"

Cao Ye said, "I plan on opening a gaming company. I've enjoyed gaming since a young age. I've played most of the games on the market, and I have a lot of creative ideas. All I need is to try it out, and I'll definitely make it big!" Cao Ye appeared extremely confident.

Fangzheng smiled instead, and he asked, "Patron, do you know how to register a company?"

Cao Ye was taken aback. He licked his lips and said, "Well... I haven't gotten down to that. When I need to, won't it be done with a simple inquiry? Besides, there are many companies out there that help with the paperwork. It's simple."

Fangzheng continued asking, "Patron, do you know programming? Art design? Have you done any market research? Have you chosen a company address?"

Faced with Fangzheng's barrage of questions, it left Cao Ye rooted in his spot. His head broke out into a cold sweat as he stared at Fangzheng. Then he looked around, as though he was confirming if he had come to the wrong place. The person in front of him wasn't a monk, but an executive in charge of doing the paperwork for the establishment of a company. After confirming that Fangzheng was a monk, he asked, "Master, it seems we have gone off topic?"

Fangzheng smiled. "Patron, we haven't. It's best you answer This Penniless Monk's question."

Cao Ye wiped the cold sweat from his forehead. Although he didn't wish to admit it, he still answered honestly when pressed for an answer, "I don't and I haven't..."

Fangzheng continued asking, "Do you have any classmates around you who are impressive and accomplished?"

Cao Ye laughed without any thought. "Of course! Our class representative already interned at a company in his third year. Rumors say that the company even wants to hire him. That brother of mine who sleeps on the bunk bed above me already received a notice too. I've no idea what kind of luck he has..." Cao Ye listed up more than ten accomplished classmates. Some of them had already found jobs, while others were attempting to set up a business. Some were already negotiating with a company. The remaining were also sending out resumes in search of jobs or actively preparing for postgraduate examinations...

Upon hearing this, Fangzheng had a general idea of the meaning of Cao Ye's dream girl's sarcastic laugh.

Having said all this, Cao Ye asked, "Master, what do you think the problem is? I think I'm quite good overall. Why doesn't she seem to think much of me?"

Fangzheng shook his head. "Patron, everyone has their own standards. Since she doesn't think much of you, that means you do not match her standards. This Penniless Monk believes it's best you ask in person. After getting a clear answer on her conditions, perhaps there will be a chance for you if you can match those conditions."

"Eh? Master, after all that I said, why do I feel like your answer is as though you haven't said anything?" Cao Ye was stunned.

Fangzheng smiled. "That's right. This Penniless Monk isn't saying anything. However, Patron, think about it. What have you really done for this female patron?"

The moment that was said, Cao Ye subconsciously wanted to say something as a rebuttal.

Fangzheng got up. "Patron, do you think expressing your feelings is sincere even when you do not put in any effort, simply hoping to use so-called sincerity to achieve a favorable outcome?"

With that said, Fangzheng shook his head and walked away. That was the end of the matter. Fangzheng wouldn't know any more if they went deeper, but the answer to the problem was in his words already anyway.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Cao Ye wanted to call out to Fangzheng to stop him, but when he thought his words through, his face turned red. Just as Fangzheng said, he was indeed interested in the girl and sincerely wanted to court her, so as to live the rest of his life together with her. But had he really been working hard for the both of them? Most of his classmates had already found a job or had begun working hard for their futures. Yet he played truant to play games online. Now, he had played truant to come up to the mountain to ask a monk... He had been telling himself that going online was a way to reduce his depression from not successfully courting the girl, and his coming up the mountain was to seek for a solution, but was it really the case?

Cao Ye knew very well that he had done so all to have fun! If he had truly had the girl's interests at heart, he should have been working hard for their future. He should get a job, find his goal in life, and at least give his love for her in the form of a basic material guarantee. He should use hard work and achievements as well as a persistent love in order to confess with true sincerity.

Upon coming to this realization, Cao Ye gritted his teeth and mumbled. "I refuse to believe I can't win her heart!" With that, he went down the mountain.

But shortly after he descended the mountain, his hair began standing on its end, because... He discovered that the mountain path had been mostly swept clean of snow by someone. It even looked like the sweeping was almost completely done! Only then did he recall that he had forgotten to tell Fangzheng that the monk sweeping the mountain might have been harmed by a demon. But on second thought, Mt. One Finger only had one monk! Then who was the one sweeping the mountain? Could it be that child? However, a child couldn't have such efficiency, right? Therefore, he felt even more creeped out and horrified! After taking two steps, he felt someone watching him from above. When he subconsciously looked up, he nearly pissed his pants! He saw that Salted Fish again! However, the fellow wasn't lying on the ground, but hanging off a cliff this time! Cao Ye looked at it and tested the height. There was no way he could reach it.

Cao Ye gulped a mouthful of saliva and mumbled. "Almighty Salted Fish, my kick just now... F**k, it blinked! Holy crap, a demon!"

Cao Ye suddenly saw Salted Fish blink and turned away in fright. He ran, stumbling all the way to One Finger Village.

"Little bastard, weren't you good at kicking? If you have what it takes, try kicking me again?" Salted Fish hung on a three-meter-tall cliff and snorted. "You dare kick me? I'll scare you to death!"

With that said, the fellow jumped down and continued sweeping the snow.

Meanwhile, on the mountain.

Monkey came to Fangzheng and asked, "Master, that Patron seems to have figured things out."

Fangzheng smiled. "He always knew the answer to the problem, but he was just unwilling to face it."