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790 So Talkative

 Behind them, they saw Red Boy riding on Salted Fish's body, raining down his tiny fists at Salted Fish like a salvo of cannon shots. Each punch resulted in Salted Fish bursting out a yellow screen of light. It was unknown if it was cast by Red Boy or Salted Fish. But with the yellow shield, Red Boy couldn't deal any damage no matter how he struck.

However, Salted Fish looked to be in a sorry state. Red Boy held his mouth in one hand while pummeling him with the other. Although he did not have eyelids, Salted Fish gave off the feeling like he was about to be beaten to death. As for the scale in Squirrel's hand, it naturally came from Salted Fish. At that moment, Salted Fish's scales had all fallen off, making him look like a dead fish. He even looked like a fish that had been descaled, ready to be thrown into a pot...

Fangzheng shook his head slightly when he saw this. He originally believed that when deities fought, it would be a tumultuous battle with the heavens being split asunder. However, when he saw the two of them fighting, Fangzheng realized that indeed, Buddhas were also cultivated from humans. From the way they fought, it was like they were hooligans!

Fangzheng saw the battle situation clearly. The moment the fight began, Salted Fish and Red Boy collided with each other. Salted Fish opened his mouth and spat at Red Boy's face. It was like he was trying to disgust Red Boy to death as a result of not being his match! Even from afar, Fangzheng could smell the salt, and he felt disgusted for Red Boy. However, Fangzheng could tell that the saliva was not your ordinary saliva. Red Boy covered his face in pain and staggered when he was hit.

Fangzheng knew how thick Red Boy's skin was. Even after he started cultivating in the Dragon Elephant Body Tempering Art, gaining the strength to carry a tiny hill, his blows on Red Boy left him without pain. Yet Salted Fish's saliva instantly left Red Boy reeling in pain, so clearly there was something about it. At the very least, the saliva was stronger than acid.

Seeing Red Boy in pain, Salted Fish was instantly delighted. But quickly, Red Boy mounted him and began launching a barrage of attacks on him! Salted Fish was able to struggle during the first two blows, but by the third punch, he was already covering his face, seemingly begging for mercy.

Red Boy was also fierce. He grabbed Salted Fish by his mouth, preventing him from making a sound to prevent anyone from stopping the fight. He then used his other hand to deliver punches. The strikes caused scales to fly everywhere...

Fangzheng knew the battle was over when he saw this. Hence, he jumped off the wall and returned to reading his Buddhist scripture.

Meanwhile, Red Boy was done beating up Salted Fish. He climbed off Salted Fish and chuckled. "Little Fish Demon, how is it? Do you still want to continue?"

"Little Dish Demon? Bullsh*t! In terms of seniority, I'm your ancestor. Sigh, this world is degenerating by the day. Not even one of you has come forward to pay your respects yet," Salted Fish hurriedly shouted.

Red Boy grinned. "Old man? I'm already three thousand years old. Who do you think is older?"

Salted Fish exclaimed in astonishment. "You've lived for three thousand years? You aren't from this world either then? Who are you?"

Red Boy held one hand behind his back as he said lightly, "This King is the Boy Sage King!"

"Boy Sage King!?" Salted Fish exclaimed.

"Oh? You know me?" Red Boy felt even more smug. Ever since he came to One Finger Monastery, he realized that apart from Fangzheng, no one knew of his past! All the tremendous feats he had done in the past were written off as him bragging by his senior brothers. He couldn't find anyone to brag to, and that feeling was indescribably lonely. Now that he found someone who could lick his boots, he naturally felt delighted. However, he didn't show it on his face. He knew very well that posturing couldn't be done too obviously. He had to have class when posturing!

Salted Fish continued exclaiming. "Wow! You are the Boy Sage King!?"

"You really know him?" Squirrel asked curiously.

Salted Fish squinted his eyes as everyone's hearts were stirred. Lone Wolf and company were curious about Red Boy's past, but they didn't really believe him. After all, it sounded too fantastic. But when they heard it from a second person's mouth, they decided to pay more attention...

Just as everyone was waiting eagerly, Salted Fish said in all seriousness, "Nope! Don't know you!"

Red Boy, who was prepared to receive looks of adoration, had his expression collapse.

"Pfft!" Monkey couldn't help it as he burst out in laughter.

Squirrel and Lone Wolf were surprised as they asked, "You don't know him? Then why did you look all surprised?"

Salted Fish said matter-of-factly, "I'm surprised because I don't know him. I wouldn't be surprised if I knew him. Little brat, how dare you act smug in front of an ancestor when you are only three thousand years old? I've lived for ninety thousand years! Do you now know the difference between us?"

Red Boy snapped to his senses as he narrowed his eyes, staring at Salted Fish. "I've heard that the dragon gates of the Dragon Transformation Pond open every three thousand years! If you've lived for ninety thousand years, that means you failed to jump through them at least thirty times? Heh, it looks like you lived all those years for nothing."

Everyone looked in unison at Salted Fish.

However, Salted Fish didn't turn flustered. Instead, he held his head high. "You won't understand the thoughts of someone old like me. As the saying goes: to compete is to not compete. To not compete is to compete. Whether one competes depends on the heart. As an old man, I have the heart to become Buddha, so how can I be willing to become a mere Guardian Protector Heavenly Dragon?"

Red Boy rolled his eyes. The darn fish had been talking about leaping through the dragon's gate moments ago. Now, he was saying he didn't want to do the leap. He sure was shameless! No one would believe his bullsh*t! Unable to be bothered with him, Red Boy shook his head and left.

Seeing Red Boy leave, Squirrel asked Salted Fish curiously, "Aren't you cold without your scales?"

Salted Fish held his head up and said proudly, "Cold? Humph! I'm a carp who has soaked in Mount Numinous's Heavenly Dragon Pond for ninety thousand years! What's this bit of cold? Also, don't think that I lost. I was just coaxing a child..."

Before he finished his sentence, Red Boy, who was already at the monastery's door, suddenly turned his head, grinning.

Salted Fish had a feeling that if he continued bragging, the fellow would definitely rush over and beat the crap out of him again. It was fine being embarrassed, but being beaten wasn't! Therefore, he immediately swallowed the words he was about to say. With a thought coming to him, he said, "Of course, there is one thing that I have to admit. This child is quite formidable. If I didn't go all-in, exposing my imposing chest and everything, I might really not be his match."

The moment that was said, Lone Wolf and Monkey rolled their eyes, thinking, "This fellow is from Mount Numinous? He's way too shameless, right? Are the Buddhas on Mount Numinous all like that?"

The two shook their heads and left.

Only Squirrel stood there, looking adorably at Salted Fish. He asked in all seriousness, "But, it's not only your chest that is exposed. Even your pants are gone."

Salted Fish immediately couldn't keep the facade going as he berated him. "You squirrel, why are you so talkative? Enough, I'm going swimming!"Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

With that said, Salted Fish ran off while twisting his ass...

Squirrel scratched his head and mumbled. "Was I being talkative?"