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783 Second Senior Brother Steps Forward Part 1/2

 "What are you saying? Quickly help him." Meng Qingrui could tell that the monk was clearly capable enough to help He Haijiang, but he had delivered a palm strike instead. Although his life had been preserved, he had a leg, three ribs, and an arm broken! It was obvious that the monk didn't like the punk. Meng Qingrui shared the same feelings, so he feigned ignorance of what the monk had done and had no plans to explain.

Old Luo and company only imagined that He Haijiang's injuries were a result of his fall. All of them went over chuckling as they said, "Wow, you didn't die after falling from such a height. You sure are lucky!"

The words sounded like gloating in He Haijiang's ears, without a tinge of pity. He was aggrieved, but he didn't dare say a word. He was afraid that they would abandon him in their anger, and he would end up being the one to suffer. He turned his head with great difficulty to look at the distant Cheng Mujie who happened to look over. However, her gaze was like that of a stranger's! It left his heart cold. He knew that it was over between them.

When they arrived at the top of the cliff, Cheng Mujie told them of Yao Zhen. Everyone immediately shook their heads in anger when they heard how they had abandoned a girl in the middle of the mountains. These people really didn't know the meaning of death!

At that moment, Meng Qingrui received news that another rescue team had found a girl named Yao Zhen. After confirming her identity, everyone heaved a sigh of relief. They didn't continue searching for her and instead headed for Tianzhu Peak.

As for He Haijiang, his eyes kept scanning the rescue team. He was puzzled. Where was the monk? Wasn't he a member of the rescue team? He originally wanted to ask someone from the rescue team, but unfortunately, everyone ignored him. All he could do accept that his questions would remain unanswered.

In the sky, Red Boy saw Fangzheng return and gave him a big thumbs up. "Master, well done! That bastard deserved a little punishment."

Fangzheng rolled his eyes at him and said in all seriousness, "How can you say that? I did my best, but trying to save so many people in such a short period of time, I ended up using too much strength."


A bolt of lightning flashed and nearly struck the cloud. It left everyone trembling in fear.

Red Boy said, "Master, it's best you stop speaking. I'm afraid of dying from a lightning strike!"

Fangzheng: "..."

"Eh? Where's Jingkuan?" Only then did Fangzheng realize that Squirrel was missing from the cloud.

Red Boy said, "Xunzi, Glasses, and the rest are lost. Senior Brother went to help. I came back because I was afraid you wouldn't be able to handle the situation on this end."

"He went to help?" Fangzheng exclaimed. He found it a little unbelievable that Squirrel, who only knew eating, would actually help others. How was he planning on rescuing them? Without having the time to blame Red Boy and Monkey, he urged Red Boy to rush over to check on the situation...

Xunzi and company had run the entire way, without even turning their heads. They had a nagging feeling that the howling winds were mixed in with the snarling of the pack of wolves. It was as though if they just took a momentary pause, they would have a starving wolf bite down on their necks. They didn't know how long they had been running or where they were anymore. This continued until they collapsed to the ground, completely out of strength. Only then did they turn their heads back in panic, only to be surprised that there was nothing behind them!

"Where... Where are the wolves?" Glasses asked, panting.

Monk slumped on the ground, shouting. "Ask... Ask... Wei Yaqin!"

Wei Yaqin spread out her limbs across the ground without any care for her bearing. "I... puff... Have no idea..."Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

"F**k... I'm not running anymore. I can't. If it's death, so be it. Anything is better than dying from running." Xunzi was also exhausted. He no longer felt like any of his body parts were his. They completely ignored his commands. In this situation, he also knew that many people had similar experiences. During extreme physical labor in panic, one wouldn't feel exhausted. But once one sat or lay down, a moment's relaxation could prevent one from standing up again. Now, Xunzi and company were in such a situation.

Monk, Glasses, and Wei Yaqin also fell silent when they heard that. Clearly they agreed with Xunzi. If it was death, so be it. After all, they couldn't run anymore.

Seconds turned into minutes, and thirty minutes passed, but the pack of wolves didn't come after them.

The four of them recovered quite a bit of their strength as they slowly got up. It wasn't because they wished to get up, but half an hour after their intense run, the heat they had generated had mostly dispersed. If they didn't get up, they would freeze to death.

The four jumped around and blew into their hands, puffing out hot air to warm their hands. All of them exchanged looks.

Finally, Monk said, "Truly f**king amazing. We actually ran faster than a pack of wolves."

Glasses said, "If I come out of this alive, this will be some story to tell for the rest of my life."

Having heard that, Xunzi and Wei Yaqin subconsciously exchanged glances. Had they really beaten a pack of wolves at running? That was clearly impossible. Both of them had seen a white wolf the size of a calf block the other wolves. They didn't have the luxury to think about it when it happened, but it was likely that the pack of wolves had been held back by that huge wolf. But why would the huge wolf do that? Why didn't it attack them? Could wolves also have Good Samaritans among them? Hadn't the wolf helped the wrong side, though?

On second thought, Xunzi finally said softly, "Luck."

Wei Yaqin nodded as well. She also felt that it was luck. They believed that the white wolf must have had a vendetta with the wolves, so they ended up fighting, and this gave them the opportunity to run. They didn't believe that the white wolf had appeared to rescue them.

"Regardless if it was luck or not, do you know where we are?" Glasses shook his head as he changed topics, asking a most pertinent question.

The few of them were taken aback as they looked around. They were in a completely unfamiliar place! Xunzi pulled out a map, only to turn blank.

Monk said, "Alright, stop looking! We ran randomly when we were being chased by the wolves. Who the hell knows where we are. Your map is useless."

Xunzi took another reluctant look, but as Monk said, the map only recorded a few simple landmarks which they had to connect by lines as they progressed. After leaving the hunter's trail, there were few records to rely on. They couldn't find where they were at all...

"F**k, are we going to freeze to death after escaping from the jaws of wolves?" Glasses grumbled.

"Regardless, we can't just sit here idly. We need to think of a solution," Wei Yaqin said in a panic.

Xunzi laughed bitterly. "Solution? I want one too, but there's really nothing I can come up with. Let's try to find a place to seek shelter from the wind and set up a fire. As long as we survive the night, we can talk about other matters..."

"If we survive the night, what about Yao Zhen and the rest?" Wei Yaqin thought of the three people who had zero outdoor survival experience and felt a little worried.

Monk scoffed. "It's best you don't think of being a blessed saint at this point in time. I'll be thanking the heavens if we survive. Yet you want to think about saving them? Leave it up to fate."