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781 Collapse

 Cheng Mujie could understand He Haijiang's prior actions. After all, anyone would be in fear in such a situation. But now even with a rope and a safety harness, as well as someone watching over him, he still didn't dare to descend. That was far too disappointing! What made Cheng Mujie completely give up and feel despair was that He Haijiang didn't even dare take a peek down to look at her! Was his love for her unable to measure up to that tiny bit of fear?

Seeing how useless He Haijiang was, Fangzheng threw him to the ground and shook his head. "Such love is truly laughable. Amitabha."

After saying that, Fangzheng turned to leave. It wasn't because he wished to leave, but because... The rescue team was coming!

Fangzheng didn't wish to face the rescue team to avoid trouble. As for meeting with He Haijiang and company and showing his divine powers, they were nothing problematic. After all, he had cast A Golden Millet Dream when he met them. Their memories of his appearance were very vague. Apart from that, who would believe them on such a mystical matter? It was likely that people would treat what they said as hallucinations caused by their extreme horror and despair after having to suffer the cold.

"That's not right. Why isn't Master saving her directly?" Monkeylooked down in puzzlement. He had gone with Red Boy to help Xunzi and company, but Squirrel had volunteered to do the honors. After a discussion with Red Boy, they decided to head over to Fangzheng's side to take a look. They happened to see this scene.

Red Boy chuckled. "I can sense the grievance of a bachelor dog. Hehe. Some good people can't find a partner, but scumbags can. It just sets you off."

"Junior Brother, you should share more of your dinner with me. I do like to snitch when I'm hungry," Monkey said with a grin.

Red Boy cursed. "F**k!"

The moment Fangzheng left, He Haijiang panicked. He wanted to chase after him but realized that the monk had disappeared with a few steps.

He Haijiang was just about to cry out when he heard a series of shouts and dogs barking.

He Haijiang turned his head and saw the lights of many flashlights. He Haijiang instantly forgot about Fangzheng and shouted desperately. "Over here! Over here! We're here!"

"Captain, there's someone there!"

"Let's go over!"


After a while, a group of people rushed over. There were policemen, firemen, and armed policemen. When He Haijiang saw this, he immediately cried. "Help! Someone fell off the cliff. She's below!"

"Weren't you in a group? Why are you alone?" the rescue team's captain asked.

"Ignore the rest. Quickly save her," He Haijiang said.

The captain frowned. He was there to rescue them, but why was the punk treating him like his subordinate? He was being ordered around! Although he was displeased, the captain quickly called for everyone to make preparations for a descent.

Seeing the rescue team descend, He Haijiang heaved a sigh of relief. However he suddenly turned worried, thinking, "Mujie probably didn't hear my conversation with that monk, right?"

"Hey, kid. Where are the others?" at that moment, a policeman came over and asked.

"How would I know? Where's your helicopter? Can you send us away already?" He Haijiang asked impatiently.

The policeman was instantly unhappy when he heard that, and he said unhappily, "Hey, are you being impatient with me? The bunch of you didn't abide by the rules and trespassed the mountain. We haven't even had dinner and have been traversing this sh*tty mountain ditch the entire night. And you are being impatient with me?"

When another policeman saw this, he hurriedly pulled him back and whispered. "Old Luo, enough. Don't continue."

Seeing someone help him, He Haijiang turned emboldened. "What about me? There's such a nice scenery out here. Can't I take a look? Besides, isn't this part of your job? What's there to be proud of? It's just a job that brings home the bacon, so what's the big deal? Besides, we didn't call the police. No one asked you to engage in this search and rescue!"

The moment that was said, the surrounding policemen, armed policemen, and firefighters instantly had ugly expressions.

They weren't the only ones. With Red Boy returning, Fangzheng hid in the sky again, but when he heard what came out of He Haijiang's mouth, he nearly jumped down in anger to smack him.

Perhaps what He Haijiang said made sense. But let's be fair; in this world, who would risk his or her life for a few thousand yuan a month? Whose life was that lacking in value? Besides, it was this bastard who got into trouble because he wasn't abiding by the rules. These rescue team members had responded to their call of duty to rescue him and the others, but all they received was such cold, inhumane words as thanks. To put it bluntly, this rescue team could easily take it easy, taking their time to search for them. At night, they could rest and come out again when day broke. All they needed to do was clock in their eight hours. But if they really did so, He Haijiang and company could probably forget about coming out alive.

Having their lives saved was something he should be greatly indebted for, but not only didn't he not show any signs of gratitude, he even took it for granted! He even dared to say 'no one asked you to engage in this search and rescue'! Fangzheng really regretted not throwing the bastard down the cliff.

"How can you say something like that? It's just a job? Why don't you try risking your life to trudge through a mountain ditch, and I'll pay you three thousand yuan a month. How's that?" a young armed policeman said angrily.

He Haijiang curled his lips and thought nothing of it. "Quit threatening me! Risking your life? Don't kid me, alright? I'm not a child. We don't know outdoor survival, so there's danger involved. But all of you are experts with all the necessary equipment. There's so many of you. How can there be any danger?"

Just as the armed policeman was about to say something, a firefighter who saw a rope tighten suddenly shouted. "No good! The cliff is about to collapse! Get away!"

When everyone heard this, they subconsciously looked over, only to discover in horror that the place where the captain had descended had suddenly collapsed. The rope had been severed by the rocks!

"Captain!" Everyone shouted in unison.

However before they could finish their sentence, they discovered the ground beneath their feet cracking. A collapse was imminent!Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Old Luo and the rest subconsciously jumped backwards to a safe region. As for He Haijiang, he was completely dumbfounded from shock as he stood rooted to the ground! Old Luo yanked him backwards, but failed to grab him. He Haijiang fell down together with a boulder.

At that instant, He Haijiang no longer took anything for granted. All he could do was scream hysterically. "Help!"

"Rescue him!" Fangzheng roared as he reflexively shot out. Like a white bird, he plummeted from the sky.

Red Boy hurriedly cast a flying spell on Fangzheng, making his body light. With a thought, Fangzheng was able to fly, but he didn't have the luxury to be excited. The rescue team's captain had just tied Cheng Mujie to him. If the rope broke, the two would plummet down. Furthermore, there were boulders above them crashing down. Even if something broke their fall below, they would be crushed to meat paste from the falling boulders!

With a stir of his mind, Fangzheng moved as fast as lightning.

Cheng Mujie originally believed that she was about to die when a heroic, steadfast-looking man descended from above. At that instant, Cheng Mujie thought that the man before her was very handsome. He was much more handsome than any Korean idol! Not only was he handsome, he was also reliable. When the captain asked her about her condition, she smiled...

When the captain tied her to his body, she leaned onto his firm shoulders and wept...

She had always believed that He Haijiang was a person she could rely on for the rest of her life. But from the looks of it, his promises were merely empty talk. They were nothing in the face of reality's harshness.

Just as she heaved a sigh of relief, the rope broke, and a boulder came crashing down. Instantly, she felt like she had been thrown from heaven into hell! Seeing the boulder bearing down on them, the man hugged her and used a deep but forceful voice to say, "Hug me tight! I'll push you out in a while. Remember, you must live!"

Looking at his eyes, Cheng Mujie was at a loss for words. She felt her heart warm up-this was what a man ought to be!

Just as the two believed that death was quickly approaching, a voice suddenly sounded. "Amitabha. It's not the time for the both of you to die yet. Why not smile?"