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778 Monk Wolf

 Wei Yaqin hastily turned her head and saw the pack of wolves chasing after them, and the wolves were about to bite down on Glasses and Xunzi! Out of nowhere, the girl mustered the strength to throw the flashlight in her hand. In the chaos, it struck the wolf that was about to attack Xunzi right in the head!

The wolf slowed down from the pain, allowing Xunzi and Glasses to open up a gap. However, they didn't have the time to thank her. All they could do was thank her with the look in their eyes as they continued running.

Monk had no intention to turn back. He only had one idea-to run faster than the rest! Otherwise he could forget about leaving the mountain alive.

However, when Wei Yaqin turned her head in preparation to run again, she realized that she had been overtaken by everyone! The pack of wolves that was originally chasing after Xunzi and Glasses had suddenly turned directions and pounced at her!

At that instant, Wei Yaqin was dumbfounded. She closed her eyes and thought to herself, "I'm doomed!"

Yet at that moment, she felt a gust of wind and heard a loud bang. Following that were the sounds of a wolf whimpering in pain.

Wei Yaqin subconsciously opened her eyes and saw a silver-white wolf the size of a calf appear before her! Northeastern gray wolves were big to begin with, ranking them among the top in the world. However, the other gray wolves appeared like cubs in front of this huge silver wolf. He was big beyond comparison.

Wei Yaqin was dumbfounded. How could there be such a huge wolf in this world? What bewildered her even more was that the wolf that had pounced at her was now more than ten meters away in a snow pile. From the looks of it, it had been sent flying there!

Just as Wei Yaqin was about to say something, Xunzi exclaimed. "Sister Wei, run!"

Xunzi had turned his head to look for Wei Yaqin when he realized that she was falling behind. He too was shocked from the scene, but he quickly snapped back to his senses and warned her.

Wei Yaqin also jolted to her senses. Regardless of where the white wolf had come from and whether he was deliberately or coincidentally rescuing her, she didn't have the courage to greet such a huge, dangerous animal with something like "Have you eaten for visiting.

At the bottom of Tianzhu Peak, Lone Wolf stood there, blocking more than twenty gray wolves.

"It's you? The old alpha wolf?" A young, somewhat larger wolf walked out of the pack. He looked at Lone Wolf with suspicion.

When Lone Wolf heard that, he raised his head with pride and slowly walked to the current alpha wolf. Then he lowered his head and looked down at the new alpha wolf who only reached his chest. He said with a smug smile, "Little fellow, you recognize me?"

"How is this possible? How did you grow so big?" The new alpha wolf was frightened.

Lone Wolf didn't say a word and instead raised his paw, hoping to pat the new alpha wolf on the head. Originally, Lone Wolf believed he would hate this fellow who had defeated him and taken over his territory. But after meeting him again, Lone Wolf realized that he held no hatred for him. Instead, he had the feeling of a senior seeing his junior. He felt a sense of dearness, a rather magical feeling.

However, when Lone Wolf raised his paw, the new alpha wolf imagined that he was about to attack, so he hurriedly retreated! At the same time, he planned on ordering the other wolves to attack! He thought, "So what if you are big? No matter how big you are, can you be bigger than a bear? We aren't even afraid of bears, so how can we be afraid of a single wolf like you?"

However, when the new alpha wolf jumped up, a cold glimmer flashed in Lone Wolf's eyes. He instantly landed his paw and with a bang, the new alpha wolf was like a basketball being bounced on the ground by Lone Wolf. After that move, Lone Wolf held him down with a bit of strength. The new alpha wolf was horrified to realize that he couldn't escape Lone Wolf's grip no matter how much strength he used. All he could do was watch helplessly and remain motionless as Lone Wolf pressed him down!

The new alpha wolf's eyes darted around as he narrowed his eyes and lowered his head, as though he was submitting.

When Lone Wolf saw this, he grinned. "Cub, are you trying to pull a trick on me? This is something I taught you. When faced with a formidable enemy, feign weakness and grab the opportunity to unleash a fatal strike! It looks like you learned well, but your acting is far inferior to my junior brother's. If you have the chance, you should head to Hollywood to train yourself."

The new alpha wolf was dumbfounded. Hollywood? What was that? Had the old alpha wolf ended up strong after going there? He had to visit that place if he had the chance!

Without waiting for the current alpha king to question him, Lone Wolf stroked him gently on the head like a wise elder. "Little guy, don't worry. I don't have any interest in your title as alpha wolf."

"No interest? You actually have no interest in being alpha wolf?" the current alpha wolf asked in disbelief.

Lone Wolf laughed out loud. "How could a swallow understand the aims of a swan?"

"Uh, what does that mean?" The new alpha wolf was dumbfounded. He realized that in the past year, the old alpha wolf had turned insane. He couldn't make heads or tails of whatever Lone Wolf said.

Lone Wolf was taken aback. Only then did he realize that these wolves had not had any interaction with humans. Wolf language was not as complicated as human language. There were certain things that couldn't be understood in it at all... Seeing his counterpart's dumbfounded look, Lone Wolf pricked up his brows and could not help but reveal a smug smile. At that moment, he finally understood why Fangzheng enjoyed giving them lessons. The feeling of being a teacher was f**king exhilarating!

Hence Lone Wolf licked his lips. He had decided to start giving lessons! He wanted to enjoy being a teacher.

With that, Lone Wolf released the new alpha wolf and jumped onto a boulder. "Since you asked, then let... Ahem. Amitabha. Let This Penniless Monk teach you!" When he said "This Penniless Monk," Lone Wolf turned even more spirited. The feeling was amazing!

"Boss, what do we do? The old boss seems to have gone mad," a wolf softly asked the new alpha wolf.

The new alpha wolf squinted his eyes at Lone Wolf and licked his lips. He sneered and said, "He committed his biggest mistake by daring to let me go. I might not be able to beat him alone, but we are a pack! Attack! Kill him! I want to eat his tongue today!"

The pack of wolves let out a howl as they overwhelmingly let out their killing intent!

Lone Wolf was just about to start preaching when the situation before him changed. Lone Wolf was taken aback before he grinned. "Indeed, it's as Master said. You need to use certain means when teaching brats a lesson!"

"Attack!" The new alpha wolf howled, and the pack of wolves charged at him from every direction!An actual way to greet someone in China