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764 Riding the Wave

 Fangzheng smacked him the moment he heard that and lifted him by his tail, throwing him onto Lone Wolf's head. "You glutton, all you know is to eat!"

Squirrel looked pitifully at Fangzheng and immediately countered with what he had learned. "Master, you already said that it's instinct for us..."

Fangzheng was amused in his anger, but he still replied, "As for the eating traditions, different places have different customs. Southerners believe goat and dog meat heat people up and help people get through the winter. Northerners like us are different. There's a popular phrase in the north: 'Good food can't be better than dumplings; good fun can't be better than your sister-in-law...' Ahem. Anyways, we will be eating dumplings today. So first, we will head down the mountain to buy flour, and then we'll make dumplings!"

"Alright!" Squirrel was really someone who didn't care about anything as long as there was food to eat. He jumped up in happiness.

Lone Wolf also flicked his tail in joy as he ran behind.

Monkey continued walking in his composed demeanor behind Fangzheng, but he subconsciously sped up and even overtook the rest...

Instead, it was Red Boy who came to Fangzheng who was secretly wiping his sweat. "Master, you mentioned that 'good food can't be better than dumplings; good fun can't be better than your s...'. What was the word starting with 's' again?"

Fangzheng glared at Red Boy. This brat had to rub his nose in it! Therefore, Fangzheng smiled. "Good fun can't be better than sweeping the yard. When we reach the foot of the mountain, your mission is to go to every house and help them sweep their yards. If you miss any, you will be forbidden from eating any dumplings!"

With that said, he left Red Boy looking up into the sky in melancholy as he howled. He yearned to slap himself. Why did he have to shoot off his mouth?

As Fangzheng leisurely went off to have fun, the few pictures on his WeChat Moments caused an immense stir!

Li Xueying went through great effort to crawl out of bed. When she saw the time and the sun shining high in the sky, she felt her brain bursting at the thought of needing to film. She took out her cell phone and opened WeChat to take a cursory glance at her Moments. It left her stunned.

"This... This is Mt. One Finger?" Li Xueying was shocked from the pictures. One of them had white clouds covering the land, with the Heavenly Dragon Pond reflecting the monastery. It didn't even look like a place on Earth, but an immortal realm!

Li Xueying hurriedly sent Fangzheng a message asking about it, but unfortunately, he didn't see it or reply to her.

Although Li Xueying asked, she knew that it had to be One Finger Monastery! Fangzheng was obviously an idiot who didn't know how to use Photoshop. Since he didn't know how to fake a picture, it meant these pictures were real!

"I never expected that mountain to become so pretty. There's no other way, I have to find time to visit! I used to find that fellow rather pity in the past, living alone on a mountain. Now I finally get it. He's living in an immortal realm!" Li Xueying shook her head and reposted it on her for visiting.

Li Xueying agreed helplessly. However, since Fangzheng hadn't replied to her, she couldn't reply yet either. So she left it at that for now.

After hanging up, Li Xueying went about doing what she had to do.

As Director Shen and investors involved themselves, the two pictures posted by Li Xueying began to go viral on the Internet...

As for the people who had been surprised after seeing Fangzheng's post, such as Jing Yan, Zhao Datong, and company, they were also asking Fangzheng the same question. However, they later saw their WeChat Moments being flooded with talk of the most beautiful place in China appearing, with people saying that it was the dreamscape of Queen Snow Eagle.

When they opened it, they were stunned. Wasn't this f**king Mt. One Finger?

Therefore, they left messages on their WeChat Moments. They were first met with doubt, but when people began searching for information about Mt. One Finger and saw the situation on the mountaintop, they realized it was surprisingly identical to the place in the pictures, other than the clouds!

Therefore, a thought began to rise in people's minds-they had to pay a visit.

There were others who saw it too, such as Songwu County's County Head Qi. He immediately charged out of his office and woke everyone up. The first thing he said at the meeting was, "Let's ride the wave and begin promoting!"


Fangzheng obviously didn't know that two pictures he had taken in passing had caused the world to break out into a craze. Meanwhile, although One Finger Monastery hadn't become famous just yet, its scenery had already entered the sights of many people. This was different from the news broadcast from before. Back then, only Fangzheng's name had appeared. But the impact this time...

Fangzheng led his disciples down the mountain and happened to catch a fragrance assault his olfactory senses. Fangzheng took a deep breath and smacked his lips. "Dumplings stuffed with pickled vegetables!"Chinese version of Twitter.