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757 Honest Child

 Meanwhile, the aura and Qi he cultivated came with special healing effects. After he lowered the needle, Fangzheng clearly felt a wisp of his aura flow through the needle to the dead muscles and nerves in her cheek. Soon, the nerves came alive from stimulation. This process was much faster than using ordinary acupuncture therapy! It made an ailment that needed prolonged therapy much simpler to heal.

Although it was Fangzheng's first time treating someone, the way he did things was as if he was an experienced Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner. He very easily completed the acupuncture process.

After he retracted his hands, the female boss's face clearly looked less stiff and was a lot softer.

At that moment, Ma Guifen stood up.

When Fangzheng saw this, he hurriedly returned to his seat and dispelled his divine power.

Ma Guifen had no idea what Fangzheng had done, thinking that he had been sitting there all this while. With some anxiety and embarrassment, she said, "Master, I need to find my daughter. It's been a day already."

Fangzheng frowned and said, "Patron, it's still raining outside, and it's dark. There aren't many people on the street, so how are you going to find your daughter?"Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

When Ma Guifen heard that, she wore a look of helplessness. However, there was more of a look of persistence on her face a moment later. She shook her head. "I'm not sure either, but I have to ask someone."

"Patron Ma, didn't Officer Chang already help you. Shouldn't you be waiting at the police station?" At that moment, Red Boy asked the question on his mind.

Ma Guifen said with pangs of embarrassment, "Officer Chang is a nice man, but he's a policeman. He can't be dedicating his services only to me. Moments after we arrived at the police station, he received another mission and ran out to help. I thought about it. Since I'm able-bodied, I can't keep troubling him and enjoy the fruits of his labor, right? So I thought of coming out to look for her myself... But after searching all day, I still had nothing to show for it, and then I encountered you once more."

"Dawu is huge. Searching aimlessly won't work." Fangzheng looked at Ma Guifen and felt his heart pain for the elder. All parents love their children. To be able to see her child, she had crossed mountains, traveling across more than half of China to find her daughter. She had weathered the storms searching everywhere. What was it for? Wasn't it just to take a glance at her daughter?

Ma Guifen said, "I know that, but I can't just sit idly. I keep feeling that if I go out, walking around, looking around, or asking around, I'll find her."

"Patron, you seem to be in a rush," Red Boy said, puzzled. "Why? There's plenty of time. Waiting one day should be fine."

Fangzheng rubbed his head and said, "Patron, if you insist on finding her, This Penniless Monk is willing to help you find her. However, you cannot continue being drenched by the rain."

"Ah? There's no need for that! I can do it alone." Ma Guifen hurriedly shook her head. She obviously couldn't bring herself to trouble others.

However, she could only agree after Fangzheng kept insisting.

When they left, Ma Guifen refused to take the umbrella which the female boss had given, but Fangzheng took it without any misgivings. He had helped treat her ailment, so it wasn't wrong for him to take one or two umbrellas from her. Seeing Fangzheng take it, Ma Guifen couldn't say anything. Therefore, Ma Guifen held one umbrella while Fangzheng and Red Boy shared another.

Ma Guifen had put away her original umbrella by now. It was in such terrible condition that trying to use it for protection from the rain served only as a trick for mental comfort.

As the trio walked the streets, they asked anyone they came across. Unfortunately, there weren't many pedestrians outside, and all of them were in a rush. And since it was dark, they couldn't even see the photograph clearly.

The trio searched for more than an hour after wandering all about. Ma Guifen clearly couldn't keep up physically and as the weather grew colder, her fingers turned white from the cold. Even her face was a different shade of color. With that, Fangzheng persuaded her to take a rest. Ma Guifen also knew her own condition, but she didn't wish to give up. She continued following Fangzheng and found a spot to hide from the rain.

Fangzheng signaled to Red Boy who nodded. Just as he was about to cast his powers, they saw a police car stop in front of them with its sirens blaring. The two policemen who ran out were surprisingly Officer Chang and the senior policeman.

"Granny Ma, why did you leave so quickly? You left me worried. Thankfully, a colleague saw you... Eh? Master, you are here too?" As Officer Chang grumbled, he caught sight of Fangzheng through the corner of his eye. He immediately exclaimed before feeling pleasantly surprised. Fangzheng's various actions had shown him that Fangzheng was no ordinary monk. Being able to meet him again was naturally a good thing.

Fangzheng didn't hide either, since it didn't really matter. Even if he was asked about the net, all he needed to do was feign ignorance. Therefore, Fangzheng pressed his palms together. "Amitabha. This Penniless Monk happened to see Patron Ma. She insisted on looking for her daughter. Afraid that something might happen to her, This Penniless Monk accompanied her."

"There's no need for that. I've found her," Officer Chang said.

Ma Guifen originally didn't wish to trouble the police, but when she heard that her daughter had been found, she immediately asked in excitement, "Have you really found her?"

"Yes. Deng Xiao, she's an employee at a media company. We have already informed her to come pick you up, but she hasn't gotten off work yet. She will come in a while. Why don't you come to our police station for the time being?" Officer Chang said.

The moment Ma Guifen heard that, she exclaimed in excitement, "Yes, yes, yes! She mentioned that she worked at some so-and-so company." After confirming that it was her daughter, Ma Guifen didn't reject the offer, eager to fly to the police station that very moment.

Officer Chang looked at Fangzheng. "Master, if you are worried, you can come with us."

Fangzheng pressed his palms together. "Amitabha. That will be for the best."

On the way, Red Boy asked Fangzheng in puzzlement, "Master, she has already found her daughter. Why do we need to follow?"

Fangzheng shook his head slightly and kept mum.

After they arrived at the police station, they waited on the seats outside. Officer Chang dragged Fangzheng with him to ask him all sorts of questions, hoping to get an answer. However, Fangzheng only smiled, leaving him helpless. He had no choice but to turn to Red Boy and ask, thinking that a child would be easier to speak to.

The result...

"Little guy, how did you know that someone would fall from the building. Why did you make such a huge net to catch us?" Officer Chang asked.

"My master can see the future, so he prepared ahead of time," Red Boy said in all seriousness.

Officer Chang rolled his eyes when he heard that. See the future? That's way too much...

"Alright. How did you leave the washroom? The window wasn't that big," Officer Chang asked.

"I helped my master fly out through the ventilator hole. It was very simple," Red Boy looked adorably at Officer Chang and answered.

Officer Chang was left speechless. Why was this child full of nonsense?

At this moment, the senior policeman was amused. He asked with a laugh, "Little Immortal, what divine powers do you know?"

"Many. True Samadhi Fire, Casting Mountains and Upsetting the Sea..." Red Boy said.

"Haha! Little guy, have you been reading too much Journey to the West? What's your name?" the senior policeman asked with a laugh.

Red Boy asked, "Are you asking about my Dharma name or my actual name?"

"Your actual name, obviously," the senior officer said.

"My name is Red Boy. My father is the Bull Demon King and my mother is Princess Iron Fan," Red Boy answered.