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748 I Wish To Fly

 Red Boy still wanted to speak further when Fangzheng cut him off. "Enough. You and your opinions."

Red Boy smacked his lips and said, thinking nothing of it, "Wasn't I just being curious? I see many of the things here being rather common. Why did they end up sounding so impressive from his description?"

"Because they're that impressive," Shao Chong replied.

Red Boy said, "Don't tell me you can spin amazing stories even for a lotus rhizome or crab." Red Boy pointed at the two native specialties.

"Of course, they are both specialties of our area," Shao Chong replied confidently. Then, he began introducing what seemed like ordinary but were actually extraordinary specialties which had a long history to them.

Shao Gang had left to get some tea leaves, but when he returned, he jumped in fright, screaming. "Master, what are you doing?"

It was unknown when Fangzheng had climbed over to the balcony, but sitting by the window, he looked like he was about to jump!

Fangzheng turned back and smiled. "It's fine. Since there's nothing to do, This Penniless Monk can sit here to fish up some mermaid."

"Uh..." Shao Gang was left flabbergasted by Fangzheng's words. Fishing for a mermaid there? It's fine if the mermaid you are aiming for doesn't live in the sea, and I can put up with it living in rivers, but great.Now it's not even staying on land, but flying! Shao Gang could not help but ask, "Master, you aren't fishing up a mermaid but an angel, right?"

Fangzheng smiled. "Patron, no worries. You will know in a while."

Shao Gang gave an awkward smile. He had a feeling that the monk was a little crazy. If not for his impressive abilities and how all his other actions seemed normal except for his fishing for mermaids, he would have long chased Fangzheng away. After all, no one enjoyed associating with the insane. Who knew if he wouldn't stew him as fish in a fit of rage?

Shao Gang sat down and began making tea. There was an entire tea set. From the looks of it, he was quite an expert at tea.

After Shao Chong shot a glance at Fangzheng, he shook his head. "Is your master crazy?"

Red Boy chuckled. "What do you think?"

Shao Chong asked very seriously, "If an idiot can practice such powerful martial arts, what kind of martial arts do you practice?"

Red Boy: "..."

Fangzheng thought nothing of Shao Gang's and Shao Chong's reactions. He continued fiddling with the net in his hand, looking extremely serious.

The people downstairs originally imagined that the show was over, but little did they expect the monk would end up sitting by the window, playing with the net. Furthermore, he still insisted that he was waiting for a mermaid! Everyone immediately laughed. Was this monk mad?

"Little Zhang, stop watching. It's highly likely that the monk is a fool..." the boss persuaded.

Little Zhang held her cell phone and kept taking photos while saying, "Let me post on my WeChat Moments. Hehe, I think this monk is rather interesting. I wonder if he's really dumb or not..."

The boss thought about it and indeed, it was interesting. It didn't matter if he was dumb. What mattered was that he could share such an interesting event on his Moments. Therefore, he began snapping pictures too.

Five minutes earlier, something else had started happening.

"Someone wants to commit suicide?" The plump policeman who had just sent the elder to the police station suddenly received a notice. He rushed to the top of the building he received a tip about and saw a thirteen or fourteen-year-old girl sitting on a balcony. She was secretly looking down, and her expression was a little hesitant and fearful.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

"Little girl!" Fatty shouted subconsciously.

The moment he shouted, a senior policeman who was behind him nearly cursed. "Are you f**king dumb? How can you alert her?" According to the senior policeman's idea, since the girl had not noticed them, they might as well secretly close in on her and pull her away. Wouldn't that be the end of it? Yet this rookie had ended up spoiling his plans with just two words.

Indeed, when the girl heard the voice, she lunged for the barrier by the wall immediately, screaming in horror. "Don't you come over!"

"Little girl, don't be agitated. We are policemen. D-did you by any chance not see a criminal around here? We are here to catch him." The senior policeman immediately diverted the topic to distract the girl.

As hoped, the girl was taken aback when she heard that. They weren't there to stop her from jumping? She looked suspiciously at the senior policeman.

The senior policeman gestured to Fatty who immediately nodded. "That's right. We are here to capture a fugitive. That guy is really fierce. Little girl, have you seen him?"

"I didn't. I didn't see anything. You should leave quickly." The girl retreated in horror, subconsciously sitting on the barricade. Her frail body looked like it would be swept away by the wind, causing the two policemen to break out in cold sweat immediately.

At this moment, another person ran over. The experienced police officer berated him immediately. "Stop! Don't approach! Don't agitate the child!"

The person who came up worked in real estate and was a middle-aged woman. The moment she saw the girl, she burst into tears and wanted to rush over.

When the girl saw the woman, she turned even more flustered, screaming, "Don't you come! Don't! Otherwise, I'll jump!"

The girl moved like she was about to jump. The policeman grabbed the woman and said, "Don't agitate her. Otherwise, it will be too late for regret if she jumps."

The woman sobbed helplessly. She slumped to the floor and cried. "Little Min, come back. I won't tell you to go to school. We don't have to do homework anymore. Sob..."

"No, I'm not returning! Mommy, sorry... I'm just too tired. I don't wish to do homework again. I'm really too tired. I need to rest. I need to sleep," the little girl said, choking with sobs and helplessness as she shouted out in despair.

When Fatty heard that, he subconsciously looked at the senior policeman and asked, "Teacher, what do we do?"

"How would I know? I've seen people attempt suicide for love, their abject lives, or when their family broke apart, but I've really never seen a case like this," the senior policeman said with a wry smile. However, he still said, "Little friend, don't be agitated. Think about it. Your teacher gave you homework to make you learn better. In the future, you can get into a better college like that. They are doing it for your own good!"

The girl shook her head. "I know, but I'm really too tired! You don't understand. What I'm most afraid of each day is not attending school or being released from school, but the time it turns dark! When the sky darkens, I have mountains of homework to do when I reach home. I'm very tired. I want to sleep! But, I don't dare to. I'm afraid that once I sleep, daybreak will come. The night is just too short. I'm afraid to wake up seeing that the mountainload of homework isn't done. I'm afraid of being scolded by my teachers at school, ridiculed by my classmates, and making Mommy unhappy. I like to sleep. That's the time which belongs to me, but I'm afraid to sleep. I'm afraid to wake up! Because it's never a beautiful day after waking up, but just the beginning of another nightmare. I've had enough of it! Boohoo! Mommy, sorry. I'm really sorry. I can't stand it any longer. I wish to fly..."