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 Fangzheng didn't have much of a reaction upon hearing that. However, Ma Guifen shook her head rapidly and said, "No, no... I'm not his mother. How could I have such a good son?"

Fangzheng was taken aback. He took a glance at Ma Guifen and saw that she looked a little fearful, as though she was afraid that what was said would agitate Fangzheng, causing him to stop helping her.

Fangzheng's mind whirred as he pressed his palms together. "This Penniless Monk is a monk who calls everything under the heavens his home. Every good person in the world is family. On account of that, this patron can be considered This Penniless Monk's relative."

The plump policeman wasn't a fool either. He immediately understood Fangzheng and laughed. "Auntie, don't be agitated. By the way, what happened just now? How did you offend Feng Tao? He's that scumbag with the tattoos on his arms."

Fangzheng recounted the situation to the policeman and immediately the policeman puffed angrily. "That bastard. I'll be knocking on his door in a while. If he continues to stir up such trouble, my bonus will be gone!"

Fangzheng nodded. Such a person should often be paid a visit by the police for some for visiting.

With that said, he took a photo with his cell phone and posted it on the chat group of his fellow policemen.

Then he laughed. "Alright. This group is for the entire area of Dawu, and every policeman is in it. Whenever there's any problems, someone shouts out to the group. Once there's evidence or a clear target, everything can be rapidly resolved. It's really efficient. Auntie, follow me and rest a bit at the station. Once we have any results, I'll bring you to her."

Ma Guifen immediately cried when she heard that as she thanked profusely. "Thank you, thank you..."

The policeman was clearly a bashful rookie. He had never received such gratitude before, so he blushed immediately. He hurriedly said, "Don't, don't. People will laugh at me if they see you like this. It's just part and parcel of my job. There's no need to thank me."

The policeman led Ma Guifen away and left his number with Fangzheng. "If that darn snake harasses you again, call me. I'll come over as quickly as possible."

Fangzheng nodded with a smile.

Ma Guifen thanked Fangzheng profusely once again.

Fangzheng hurriedly bade her farewell. What he had done was really nothing, and he didn't deserve such gratitude from her.

Seeing the two leave, Fangzheng subconsciously activated his Heavenly Eye and swept the area. Instantly, his expression changed!

"Master, did you see something?" Red Boy knew that Fangzheng had a Heavenly Eye. After all, although this divine power was amazing, Red Boy still knew of it.

Fangzheng nodded. "Yeah."

"What did you see?" Red Boy asked curiously.

"It can't be said. Let's go."

"Where to?" Red Boy asked, perplexed.

"To buy some stuff."

But before he took two steps, two people ran over. "Master! Master! Wait a moment!"

Fangzheng saw that it was the lad who had given him the pole, and beside him was a youth.

"Amitabha. Patron, thank you for your warning just now."

"Forget it. Regardless of my warning, they would have been the ones suffering. You're far too ferocious." The man smiled ruefully. Then he introduced himself. "My name is Shao Gang. This is my younger brother, Shao Chong. Master, do you take in disciples?"

Fangzheng was taken aback. Take in disciples? After all this while, this was the first time someone was asking him this question.

Shao Chong looked at Fangzheng in excitement. "Master, I've loved martial arts from a young age, but I've never seen someone as powerful as you. You sent that man flying with just one kick. Far too impressive! I wish to learn from you."

Fangzheng was enlightened. So their intention was to learn martial arts. Fangzheng shook his head slightly and said, "Patron, have you thought it through? This Penniless Monk is a monk. Only if you became a Buddhist monk, shaved your head for cultivation, and spent ten years studying the scriptures could you begin practicing martial arts. Furthermore, once you enter This Penniless Monk's monastery, you will never be able to renounce asceticism or marry and have kids..."

"Master, I was only making a passing remark... Master, if there's nothing else, we'll be going first." Before Fangzheng could even finish his sentence, Shao Chong hurriedly spoke up. Being able to practice martial arts only after studying the scriptures for ten years? And without the chance of renouncing asceticism? Shao Chong immediately cowered. What did he want to practice martial arts for? Wasn't it to posture in front of chicks? To make it easier for him to hit on chicks? But if it ended with him being unable to marry, what was the point?

Fangzheng smiled. One Finger Monastery obviously didn't have such rules, but Fangzheng had no intention of taking in disciples. Taking in a disciple meant an additional person in One Finger Monastery. The more people there were, the more trouble there was. Humans were different from animals after all. They had more complex thoughts. Besides, Shao Chong wasn't doing it to cultivate in the Buddhist Dharma but for martial arts. This was incongruent with the monastery's goals; therefore, Fangzheng used such a method to reject Shao Chong.

Seeing Shao Chong leave, Fangzheng said, "Patrons, hold on a moment."

"Master, is there something else?" Shao Gang asked.

"Do you know where fish nets can be bought around here?"

"Fish nets?" Shao Gang and Shao Chong looked at Fangzheng in astonishment. Was this monk planning on fishing? Wasn't he a monk? Didn't monks not kill?

Although they were puzzled, Shao Gang got Shao Chong to bring Fangzheng to the nearest fish accessories shop. As for Shao Gang himself, he needed to watch over his shop. It was impossible for him to shut the doors to leave with Fangzheng.

Fangzheng naturally had nothing to say about that. He was indebted to them for their help, and it would be only natural if they didn't wish to help. Besides, they had helped him already and were helping him again indeed.

Standing in front of the fish accessories shop, Fangzheng frowned slightly. He saw the sign board which said: "Old Wang's Fish Accessories".

Fangzheng stroked his chin and mumbled. "Thankfully, This Penniless Monk doesn't have a wife..."

Shao Chong had already entered the store, and seeing Fangzheng in a daze, he hurriedly beckoned for him. Fangzheng entered the store with Red Boy in tow. The boss of the store was a middle-aged man, and his hair was grizzled. He sat there tying some fish hooks. When he saw customers enter, he identified Shao Chong immediately and greeted him.

After exchanging some pleasantries, Shao Chong introduced Fangzheng to the boss, Old Wang, and said, "Master Fangzheng, Old Wang has been running this store for three decades. Whatever he sells is a treasure! Tell him whatever you need."

Old Wang was puzzled when he looked at Fangzheng. Were things so liberal in this day and age? Even a monk was there to buy fishing gear to catch fish? Also, why was he being addressed as master at such a young age? Wasn't he afraid that his lifespan would get cut? Of course, he wanted business, so he naturally didn't ask such sensitive questions. All he did was smile. "Don't listen to his nonsense. Master, what would you like to buy?"Euphemism for being interrogated.Old Wang is used to describe someone who has a secret relationship with your wife or girlfriend.