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728 Mister Policeman, Are You Not Going To Do Anything About the Blockade?

 The person in the car put on an awkward look before he realized what she had said. "You walked all the way from Black Mountain City?"

"Yes." The beauty nodded and glided away like the willows in the wind. It left quite a number of people mesmerized.

"I remember! I was wondering why she looked so familiar. Isn't she the beloved disciple of Grandpa Gu? She's Duan Liu, the youngest classical musician! Hasn't she stopped playing music? Why would she appear here?" Li Xueying suddenly snapped to her senses as she exclaimed.

"Hey, you jotted my memory. We even attended her concert before. The Butterfly Lovers she played robbed me of quite a bit of my tears. Eh? She's actually going to Mt. One Finger. How did she get to know that young monk Fangzheng?" Xiaoliu said with a puzzled look.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

"Xiaoliu," Li Xueying suddenly laughed.

"What?" Although Xiaoliu was confounded, she quickly came to a realization and said warily, "No!"

"Alright. Be good now. Why are you so smart? Be wary of me firing you! Drive well. I'll be walking to Mt. One Finger as well. With this big a traffic jam, walking will be faster than driving. I'll go have a chat with Duan Liu." With that said, Li Xueying also got off the car.

When Xiaoliu heard that, she showed a bitter face. Why was her boss always putting her in a difficult position? Celebrities in her line all yearned for their managers to follow them 24/7 to help them with trifling matters, but her boss... Why did it seem like she wished to escape her 24/7? Besides, this wasn't even the first time she escaped...

Ignoring Xiaoliu, Li Xueying caught up to Duan Liu. Although Li Xueying didn't take off her sunglasses, Duan Liu still recognized her at a glance. After a short chat, they found they were on the same wavelength. They walked along each other and these two beauties, one in the ancient style and the other in a modern regal style, instantly attracted countless eyeballs.

"Pighead, is this your so-called autumn traveling? Why do I feel like you brought me here deliberately to suffer in a jam?" a man in a BMW grumbled.

The male driver said helplessly, "Who would have imagined that a place like this would have a jam? I can't turn back even if I want to... Hey, babes!"

"Babes? I just want to go home!" Bingzi said bitterly, but he still looked over. Since it was so boring in the car, babe-watching was also a form of stress relief. But what he saw left his eyes staring straight. Those long legs, that bearing-although the sunglasses hid a third of her face, his experience told him that she was definitely a beauty! More importantly, this regal woman had a beauty with a classic ancient vibe next to her...

"Do you still want to go home now?" Pighead chuckled.

Bingzi shook his head and said, "Nope." Then he shouted, "Babe, where are you going?"

However, the two beauties ignored him and walked away. They were hit on several times, but none of them had the time or energy to answer such silly questions.

Watching the two women walk past them, Bingzi said in agitation, "Pighead, I think I can smell love in the air. I'm in love!"

"GTFO. You say that whenever you see women." Pighead couldn't be bothered with the shameless guy.

At that moment, the door opened as Bingzi said with a chuckle, "Pighead, stuff yourself in the car then. I suddenly wish to walk. Haha!" With that said, Bingzi ran after the beauties.

When Pighead saw this, tears welled up in his eyes. He wanted to follow too! But what would happen to the car if he went as well? In the end, all he could do was stare.

And with Bingzi taking the lead, all the perverts opened their doors and followed shamelessly. You ignored our greetings? That's fine, I'll just let my eyes enjoy a treat.

Gradually, there were more and more people, but the road remained the same width. With cars filling one side of the road while the other side had cars constantly driving past in the other direction, how could the cars inch forward?

Therefore... The jam only worsened.

Finally, Bingzi couldn't help but pick up his phone. "Traffic police? Quickly come over. The path to One Finger Village is completely blocked up!"

"We are already aware of it. We have sent personnel over. Please be patient as the congestion is cleared and cooperate with the local police to move your vehicles," the policeman on the other end of the line replied patiently.

"No, I'm not talking about cars blocking the road, I'm talking about humans. Are you not going to do anything about this?" Bingzi said bitterly.

"Human blockade? A gang fight? You should call the police for this. Do you need my assistance in reporting it to the police for you," asked the traffic policeman.

"Uh, no. I'm saying the kind of human blockade that's like a traffic jam," said Bingzi.

"So is the blockage a result of vehicles or humans? Forget it. We only handle vehicles, not humans!" The traffic policeman thought an a**hole was pulling a prank on him and hung up.

Bingzi was left exasperated as he saw the swath of heads in front of him. He was puzzled. Why were there so many people there today?

Bingzi didn't know that what was a bunch of perverts chasing after the two beauties at first led to a chain effect. Humans were creatures that followed the crowd like sheep. Seeing people getting out of their cars to walk and successfully overtake the cars, people who were already at the limits of their patience also got out. In the beginning, everyone's motives were the same. They exchanged looks and gave heartfelt smiles, but later, the people that got off had no idea what they were following. Most of them had some excuse such as taking in the breeze, or letting their children have fun, taking a breather, letting some air out. Some middle-aged women even played music and began dancing. It was total chaos.

And this was only a scene on the road. Further away, there was a tourist bus stuck in traffic as well. Everyone bitterly looked on, hoping that they could inch forward.

It was pandemonium down the mountain, but it was especially serene on the mountaintop...

"Heavens. Where did this come from?" Guan Xiangfeng rubbed his eyes as he looked in disbelief at the pond which had suddenly appeared. He looked at Fan Qing beside him who was also dumbfounded.

This wasn't their first time up Mt. One Finger. They were certain that Mt. One Finger never had such a beautiful pond in the past!

Anyone who had been to One Finger Monastery in the past was shocked by the sudden appearance of the pond as well as the reflections it gave! Simultaneously, questions filled their minds. When did One Finger Monastery get someone to dig up such an exquisite artificial pond?

As for those who came to One Finger Monastery for the first time, they checked their smartphones and determined that there was no mention of the tiny pond on the Internet! However, this wasn't the main issue. The main issue was that the pond was just too beautiful. The water was so calm, it was like a mirror. The reflections it produced looked even clearer than special effects. This was simply a mirror! Upon going closer to look carefully, many visitors were stunned. The water was extremely deep!

"Holy sh*t. This is probably about eight or nine meters deep, right? Despite this depth, we can still see the pebbles at the bottom of the pond. Tsk. This water sure is clear. I wonder if it can be drunk..." someone whispered.

Suddenly, an elderly man squatted down and lapped up some water to drink...

At that moment, a Buddhist proclamation sounded. "Amitabha. Patron, the water is not to be drunk."

The elderly man was taken aback as he turned his head, only to see a young monk dressed in monk robes for children standing by the side. His palms were pressed as he looked stern.