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 Everyone looked over out of curiosity.

"Could they be announcing the entry prices?"

"Isn't this village excessive? They obviously had no plans to collect entry fees. Now they think of this when they see the crowd? How is this any different from robbing?"

"That's right. That's right!"

The crowd grew agitated the more they talked about it. Everyone's good mood was instantly gone.

Just as someone was about to flare up, Jiang Zhou's disciple, Guan Xiangfeng, hung up the signboard on a frame which had been set up. Fan Qing held a loudspeaker and shouted very politely. "Everyone! Everyone! The mountain path is narrow! Our village never expected such a huge turnout. It will be dangerous if so many people go up the mountain at once! Therefore, we have temporarily arranged lines for people to go up the mountain. Rest assured, it will be free! We will not collect any fees! One Finger Village will provide water for free..."

When everyone heard that and read the content on the signboard, the ones who had lambasted the villagers blushed in embarrassment. Clearly, they had projected their shortcomings on others.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

The tourists who were a little aggrieved had all their concerns dissipate. They automatically began lining up as Wang Yougui arranged for people to lead the tourists in groups of ten. Like that, they set off in five-minute intervals. Guan Xiangfeng and the other students also set up a choke point on the mountain and, together with their counterparts at the bottom of the mountain, they ensured that there would not be too many people on the mountain at the same time so as to prevent any overcrowding issues.

As batches of tourists went up the mountain, Wang Yougui heaved a sigh of relief. But soon after, he nearly cried! The county's leadership had arrived!

However, he was surprised that the county leadership was dressed very casually. Although there were local leaders accompanying them, they had chosen to mix in with the general crowd. When Wang Yougui went over to guide them, they rejected his offer.

"Little Wang, you don't have to mind us. No one expected that your One Finger Village would suddenly have so many tourists arrive. You did very well, but this is only the beginning. There is still a huge batch of people on the way behind us... There's no need for you to accompany us. We only came here because we are on vacation, so it's not considered official work. Now that our Songwu County has produced someone famous, and having heard the sounds of the drum and bell every morning and night, we can finally formally visit the accomplished monk in One Finger Monastery today," the county secretary said with a chuckle.

"But..." Wang Yougui looked at the rest.

"Enough. Stop looking. There's really no need for you. We are able people. Besides, it won't be convenient for us to have fun if you tag along. Let's keep it the way it is. Go busy yourselves," said the county head.

Realizing that the two leaders weren't joking when another bus arrived, Wang Yougui knew that the village needed him; therefore he bade them farewell.

When Wang Yougui saw the large group of people down the mountain, he felt that this wasn't a solution. He soon got some people to make their local delight-Frost Bamboo Tea-and hand it out to everyone for free. People heaped praises on the tea when they drank it, instantly saying they wanted to buy some to bring back. Wang Yougui instantly beamed when he heard that, and he got people to prepare to sell the Frost Bamboo Tea!

The so-called Frost Bamboo Tea was simply tea made of dried bamboo shoots. However, Frost Bamboo was different from ordinary bamboo shoots. Frost Bamboo shoots were colorless after being sun-dried other than having a slight withered-yellow color. They seemed like wrinkled amber because of that, but the moment they were placed in water, they turned emerald-green in minutes. Because of that it seemed as though a cup of jade was brewed, making it look really beautiful. It looked aesthetically pleasing and tasted excellent.

Wang Yougui learned by analogy and decided to showcase all their bamboo carvings and bamboo rice. They were not expensive, and all of them had something unique about them. Soon, they attracted a huge group of visitors away. The villagers couldn't be happier as their hands ached from counting all the money. All of them worked especially hard. Even Sun Mengmeng was made to wear a panda costume as she sat on a table with beads in hand, imitating the national treasure. But in the end, they ran out of stock! Sun Qiancheng nearly cracked his teeth from clenching them so tight.

While some people were happy, there were also people feeling grief. Many people looked at the long line before them in extreme depression.

"If I had known that there would be so many people, I wouldn't have come." This was the thought on everyone's minds. Everyone lived nearby and the furthest the visitor's lived was Black Mountain City. It just took three hours by car to get from Black Mountain City to One Finger Village, so there was no need to rush there to be stuck in a jam...

However, there was someone even more anxious!

"Sis Xueying, I don't think we can return before it's dark." Li Xueying's manager, Xiaoliu, nudged her glasses adorably as she bitterly commented.

Li Xueying chuckled. "No hurry. I don't have anything scheduled for now anyway. I have plenty of time on sick leave."

"Alright... But I really can't understand why you love coming here." Xiaoliu leaned against the window and looked at the monotonous scenery outside as she said in exasperation. She really couldn't understand it. Li Xueying wasn't lacking in money, and for her to finally get a break, why didn't she go to places with beautiful scenery? Even at the worst, she could go to a high-class facility with a spa or something, right?

Li Xueying didn't say a word. Leaning onto her seat, a warm figure flashed across her mind. At her level, which famous landmark had she not visited? What she wanted wasn't scenic beauty, but the serenity a place could bring to her heart. And having traveled the world, only monasteries or Daoist temples had such an effect on her. However, the serenity they brought her was flavored with religion and ultimately not pure. Mt. One Finger was different. Although it was also a monastery, Fangzheng exuded a feeling-at least to her-that he wasn't a monk!

He was a simple, radiant boy! When facing him, there wasn't that tranquility of Buddhism, but more of a simple, casual feeling like she was at home. There was no disguise or need to think too much. She could do and speak as she wished. Her mind was serene as well as her entire being. She enjoyed this feeling because she knew that Fangzheng had nothing he wanted from her. He did not think of her differently just because of her status, nor did he look at her differently because she was pretty.

Just as Li Xueying was sitting in a daze, a woman in a historical costume slowly walked past the car. She had a bag on her back as she carried a zither. Her long hair fluttered in the northern wind and at that instant, Li Xueying turned a little stunned from what she saw. She could not help but marvel. "What a charming woman."

Xiaoliu added. "That's right. Sis Liu, this is the first time I'm seeing a woman who feels so intellectual with an ancient charm to her. She doesn't look like an actress."

Li Xueying shook her head and said, "A typical actress wouldn't be able to give off such vibes. That's her real temperament and bearing. It's natural. I wonder where she's going dressed like that. Don't tell me she's going to Mt. One Finger as well?"

"How could that be? Going up Mt. One Finger dressed like that? Is there a cosplay exhibition up there?" Xiaoliu shook her head.

Li Xueying smiled. However, she had a nagging feeling that the woman was heading for Mt. One Finger. At this moment, someone lowered the windows of his car and attempted to hit on the woman. "Babe, where are you going? Need a ride?"

The classic beauty smiled warmly. "I'm heading to Mt. One Finger. As for hitching a ride, thank you. Those who came with me from Black Mountain City haven't even left Songwu County. And I've already walked all the way here."