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714 Set off, Ganfanpen

 "Abbot Fangzheng, you aren't really planning on using a virgin boy's pee, right?" Officer Zhao asked.

Fangzheng bitterly smiled inwardly. Like he would do that!? He could say he was a Daoist priest! It would be quite a good excuse, but there was a high chance of him being struck by lightning once he used it.

Therefore, Fangzheng immediately used his mighty smile-but-don't-speak spell! Figure out what that smile entails yourself.

Indeed, with Fangzheng smiling, everyone believed that that was what he was planning...

Although Bao Yuluo spoke fiercely, Red Boy was ultimately Fangzheng's disciple. Since Fangzheng wasn't agreeable to letting Red Boy go with her, there was no way for her to snatch Red Boy from him, right? All she could do was sit there angrily. "If it doesn't succeed, I'll be taking him with me at once! You'll take the rear!"

Fangzheng smiled helplessly. He didn't mind taking the rear.

As the few spoke, the sun was already just above the horizon. The dinner which Village Chief Song delivered was eaten by no one except Red Boy who thought nothing of the situation. All of them craned their necks in the direction of Ganfanpen. And it was at that moment when Fangzheng felt a gust of cold wind blow...

Old Fifth Gao and company could not help but shiver as Old Fifth Gao Li mumbled. "Could it be the arrival of that thing? I've seen on television that there's always a sinister wind before any paranormal activity takes place."

Fangzheng didn't say a word.

Officer Li believed that Fangzheng was tacitly acknowledging it, leaving Officer Zhao and Bao Yuluo a little afraid. Regardless, they were ultimately ordinary people, village police officers from nearby. Bao Yuluo might be a policewoman from the county city, but even if she wasn't afraid of criminals, she would still tremble when faced with the unknown.

Red Boy mumbled. "This cold wind came from under our feet. It's even colder on the ground."

Old Fifth Gao hurriedly said, "I recalled something. When I rescued that person, it was exactly like this. My soles were cold! Everyone, be careful!"

The moment that was said, Officer Li, Officer Zhao, and Bao Yuluo shuddered. Officer Li looked at Fangzheng and asked, "Abbot Fangzheng, you see anything?"

Fangzheng had already activated his Heavenly Eye to sweep the surroundings, but there was nothing! There was also nothing with his Wisdom Eye! Finally, he looked at Red Boy who shook his head gently. He, too, had not seen anything. As for any demonic aura? There was none! He even felt a little disappointed.

As the sun set completely, the power line that they had long connected allowed them to switch on the lights. A lamp shone into the distance. The end of the road looked like a dark hole with nothing there. As the cold wind blew, the few of them felt even colder.

Second after second passed. When Fangzheng realized that nothing special was happening, he brought Red Boy with him to circle the village, and discovered that the cats which hadn't left with the villagers had climbed up onto the walls.

"Master, it appears like the cats are very alert. They also noticed that there's something amiss with the ground, so all of them are on the walls," Red Boy said.

Fangzheng nodded and said, "Yes, but what exactly is amiss?"

After circling the village once, they returned to the village entrance. Officer Li and Officer Zhao were already standing on the table, shining the lamp onto the ground. This allowed them to see further and avoid the chill beneath their soles.

As for Bao Yuluo, she sat there, clearly looking worried. Only when she saw Fangzheng and Red Boy return did she let out a sigh of relief, mumbling. "They are finally back."

"Abbot Fangzheng, you are finally back. If you didn't return anytime soon, Officer Bao was planning on entering the village to look for you." Old Fifth Gao stood there like a human utility pole as he said with a chuckle.

The walkie talkies that Officer Li and Officer Zhao carried were crackling. From time to time, they would receive inquiries. Clearly, they weren't the only ones nervous. The people on the other end of the connection weren't relaxed either. No one wished for there to be any mishaps.

Upon hearing Old Fifth Gao say that, Fangzheng nodded slightly at Bao Yuluo. He knew that the woman meant well. As for her prejudice towards him, Fangzheng had no way of explaining himself to her. He could only let time resolve everything.

At that moment, Bao Yuluo suddenly staggered. She rubbed her head and said, "Why do I feel a little dizzy?"

The moment Fangzheng heard that, he went over and asked, "Are you fine?"

"No, I'm just feeling dizzy... I wish to lie down." As Bao Yuluo spoke, her eyes began to close.

Old Fifth Gao hurriedly lifted her up, saying, "The people in our village

had this feeling yesterday! Abbot Fangzheng, that thing is here! Quick, think of a solution!"

Fangzheng surveyed the surroundings, but there was nothing! Red Boy also shrugged, indicating that he did not see a thing.

"Take Officer Bao away. This Penniless Monk will wait here," said Fangzheng.

Old Fifth Gao nodded as he carried Bao Yuluo and ran off.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

This hooha made Officers Li and Zhao break out into a cold sweat. Standing high above, even the bright lamps weren't enough for them to feel at ease. They fished out their torchlights and swept the area and informed their superiors. Thankfully, nothing else happened after the moment with Bao Yuluo. It was rather peaceful all the way until midnight.

In the later half of the night, Old Fifth Gao rushed back. "I've sent Officer Bao to the hospital. Speaking of which, she woke up shortly after she left the village. She wished to return, but I refused. Thankfully, the ambulance also arrived at the same time, and the doctor forcefully took her away.

"It's good that she's been taken away," Fangzheng mumbled inwardly.

Old Fifth Gao said, "By the way, she also wished to take Jingxin away."

Red Boy rolled his eyes. "I'm completely fine. Why do I need to leave?"

Old Fifth Gao scratched the back of his head as he chuckled. "That's true..."

With that, the few of them began their night of vigilance, staring into the night. Nothing happened again until daybreak.

The next day, another batch of policemen came to replace Officers Li and Zhao. Old Fifth Gao also found a place to sleep.

"Master? What do we do?" Red Boy yawned as he followed Fangzheng.

Fangzheng looked into the distant Ganfanpen and said, "Since we can't find the reason, let's visit the source of all of this. I believe there will be an answer."

"We are going to Ganfanpen?" Red Boy exclaimed in surprise.

Fangzheng nodded. "That's right. To Ganfanpen!"

"Alright!" Red Boy immediately threw both his hands up. The sleepiness he originally had was gone. He had had nothing to do for far too long. Having found something somewhat challenging, he was naturally delighted. As for sleepiness? He was a demon king, so sleep meant little to him. With a close of his eyes and a breath, everything in his body would be restored to normal. As for his sleeping on Earth, it was just to go with the flow. What else could he do on the mountaintop at night if not sleep?

The two came to an immediate agreement. After bidding Village Chief Song farewell, Village Chief Song reluctantly watched them leave Snow Village.

From Village Chief Song's point of view, Bao Yuluo had been harmed by the demonic aura during the period when Fangzheng had gone circling the village. Everything returned to normal after Fangzheng was back. This meant that Fangzheng had the means to subdue any evil... Seeing this man of god leave, he felt a little worried. However, he also knew that Fangzheng hadn't slept an entire night. He had to let him get a good rest. However, with this, the village no longer had Old Fifth Gao who wasn't afraid of evil, and this living Buddha, Fangzheng. All he could count on now was the police.