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710 Superstition

 As for rites, they were mainly used to counteract bad luck. They planted the thought in the minds of people that with an accomplished monk performing the rites, the bad luck would be removed. This gave them a feeling that everything could start anew from that day. By relieving themselves of the burden that hindered them from proceeding forward again, they would ultimately be able to go further than if they tried proceeding while in low spirits. After all this, people would be unaware that they themselves were the reason for their success and that it should not be attributed to the rites or the accomplished monk.

Of course, the accomplished monk wasn't doing nothing either. A proper rite wasn't simply going through the motions. One had to do counseling, and there were the fundamentals of one's prestige and cultivation. Otherwise, why would anyone believe in them?

Therefore, it wasn't wrong to say that the accomplished monk had a hand in the success. It wasn't wrong for the accomplished monk to be respected.

Naturally, Fangzheng wouldn't say such things in front of people. At times, exposing the truth wasn't necessarily the best choice of action.

Village Chief Song asked, "Abbot Fangzheng, what do you think about it?"Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

At that moment, a figure walked in and interrupted Village Chief Song. "I object!" Then, the person looked at the windows and door, mumbling. "All of you finally stopped smoking. The smoke was choking me to death."

Fangzheng traced the voice to its source and saw a policewoman standing by the door. She couldn't be considered pretty, but she had a solemn expression, and her uniform made her look especially spirited."

"Haha, Officer Bao, why didn't you tell us that you couldn't stand the smoke earlier? We even thought you didn't mind. We're sorry about that, making you take in second-hand smoke for more than an hour," Village Chief Song said with an embarrassed smile.

Officer Bao shook her head. "I'm not that pampered. That bunch at the office is also made up of nothing but smoking addicts. Every time they handle a case, they smoke no less than you do. Of course, it's still best if I don't have to take in second-hand smoke. Anyway, let's get down to business. I do not agree with inviting any monk for any rites. What day and age do we live in? Why do you still believe in such things? Everyone here is in the executive committee of their respective village. Logically speaking, shouldn't you not take the lead to promote such superstitions?"

The mood instantly turned awkward.

Fangzheng thought nothing of it. He too was an advocate of less superstition. However, to be included as someone who promoted superstition didn't please him. Was he like that? Whatever he said was verifiable and contestable. Psychological influence and superstition were different things. Besides, he had a powerful demon beside him, as well as a System of unknown origins which had tricked him to become Buddha. If he truly became Buddha, whatever he said which might be construed as superstition would no longer be superstition, right? Of course, that was only limited to him. So in any case, Fangzheng still believed that it was best to depend on oneself when faced with trouble. That was why he did not proactively encourage people to pray to Buddha or God. However, he also didn't like to be called an advocate of superstition. He simply did not like it!

However on second thought, Fangzheng understood the officer when he saw her dressed in her police uniform. Her job destined her to have such a way of thinking, so it was meaningless to argue with her.

Fangzheng was broadminded, but Red Boy was rather petty. He immediately wasn't happy as he said, "What do you mean promoting superstition? Your ancestors left you many precious things, but now, you reject them just by saying that scientific research isn't enough to understand some things? What a joke. Things that have been passed down for millennia might sound ridiculous, but they are ultimately the quintessence of years of life experience. Dogs seek out herbs to eat when sick, but if you asked a dog for the chemical formula of a herb, would he know?"

Fangzheng was slightly taken aback when he heard that. Wasn't this what he had said to Red Boy before? This punk had actually memorized it all and used it as a retort. Therefore, Fangzheng did not hold back to give him a fierce glare as though he was reprimanding him! However, from an angle no one could see, he secretly gave him a huge thumbs up.

Red Boy instantly felt delighted.

Officer Bao clearly wasn't happy upon hearing that. Just as she was about to provide a rebuttal, she saw that the person that had spoken was a child wearing monk clothes. Her stiff expression loosened up as she smiled. "Child, who did you hear that from? There is truth in those words, but I'm talking about promoting superstition, not what you are talking about. I'm talking about the promotion of real superstition... Sigh, forget it. It's too hard to explain it to you."

Officer Bao didn't argue with Red Boy. Instead, she looked up at Fangzheng. Her gaze instantly turned from an amiable look to a fierce, dagger-piercing one. "Venerable One, I do not know about monk matters, but this is my job. It makes me unable to believe in you. I ask for your forgiveness."

Fangzheng pressed his palms together. "Amitabha."

Upon hearing what Officer Bao said, many of the village chiefs present weren't happy. Even Hongyan Village's village chief frowned.

Although Fangzheng didn't really have a relationship with Hongyan Village, they were loyal believers of Hongyan Monastery. Fangzheng was someone highly promoted by Zen Master Hongyan, and Fangzheng had indeed performed many good deeds. All the people in the surrounding villages had benefited from his kindness. It would be surprising if he were happy to see Fangzheng being besmirched.

Wang Yougui was even less happy. Just as he was about to speak up for Fangzheng, he heard Village Chief Song say, "Officer Bao, you know our situation very well. This phenomenon in our village is truly odd. Don't write off Abbot Fangzheng just because he looks young. He is a very famous master around the surrounding villages. He has many means and true ability! My opinion is that since the police aren't able to do anything at present, and it will take a few days before the experts come, why not let Abbot Fangzheng give it a try? What if it works?"

Officer Bao shot a glance at Fangzheng and then looked at the villagers who appeared to trust him fully. She frowned, baffled as to how such a young monk could have any means worthy of having all these village chiefs protect him. Bao Yuluo couldn't see the faintest inkling of a master in Fangzheng no matter how she looked. At the very least, he seemed far inferior to the old monks in her mind. Although the monk was rather handsome, radiant, and he had a peaceful and serene demeanor, she did not believe that he was accomplished in any way. Shaking her head, she walked out. Her objection was only her opinion. If the village were to hold a rite, she really had no right in stopping them.

"Abbot Fangzheng, don't blame her. Officer Bao is a good person. After she came to our village, she gave everyone quite considerable help." Village Chief Song was afraid that Fangzheng would be unhappy because of Bao Yuluo's words, so he quickly gave an explanation.

Fangzheng shook his head and said, "Amitabha. It's fine. This Penniless Monk understands what Patron Bao said. She doesn't mean ill."

"Abbot, it is as you said. It's said that Officer Bao was transferred here after passing the academy elsewhere. She hasn't been in this line for long, so she doesn't fully understand us. Any local policeman would know how capable you are. Heh heh..." Village Chief Song took the chance to suck up to Fangzheng.

Fangzheng smiled helplessly. He had interacted with the police quite a few times and although he could confidently say that he had some fame, to say that every policeman in the area believed in him was quite a preposterous claim. At the most, the police would think of him as a good, capable monk, but they wouldn't think as highly of him as the villagers.