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698 Screw Him

 After Pei Liang left, he would often buy delicious food for her and visit her, and those days were Little Liu's happiest days.

Later, Little Liu also left the orphanage, and the two were together again. It was during this period that Little Liu's musical talent showed itself. She was good at the different kinds of zither, as well as singing. She was noticed by an elderly artist and was made his apprentice. She went to many major events and became more and more famous. She was also considered one of the most promising members of the younger generation, and the best among them at ancient melodies.

Little Liu left Gulin City with her teacher, and there were traces of her voice and music all across the world. But at every concert, she would see a familiar figure. Pei Liang seemed to be her guardian angel, forever by her side, never missing a single attendance.

This was also what drove Little Liu to work hard. She did not do it for fame or anything else. She only enjoyed seeing him offstage, silently encouraging her while she admired him.

Pei Liang once said that he loved it when she played the zither while dressed in historical costumes, that she looked beautiful, like a fairy in the moon palace.

Therefore, from that day forth, Little Liu would perform in historical costumes. She didn't care how others viewed her for she was only performing for one person-Pei Liang! Her world was huge, and she traveled the entire world. However, her world was also very small, so small that it could only occupy Pei Liang.

However, she didn't know what was on Pei Liang's mind. The more she loved him, the more afraid she was. She was afraid that a single sentence might sever the love between the two.

Therefore, Little Liu waited.

However, Pei Liang didn't express his feelings for her. Every time, he would smile and ruffle her hair and say, "Silly girl, look at how old you are. Shouldn't you find someone to marry you? Do you want to wait until you are too old to get married?"

Every time, Little Liu would stare at him until he evaded the topic.

The scene changed again. The figure that always appeared at Little Liu's concerts didn't appear. At that instant, Little Liu was gripped by anxiety as she threw her zither and left the audience. Amid the shocked looks of everyone, she ran out of the concert hall. For some unknown reason, she felt very anxious. She knew that something had happened.

When she called, no one picked up.

"What's going on?" Little Liu turned even more alarmed.

In the evening, she received a phone call. "Is this Duan Liu? Your elder brother was in a car accident. The doctors did their best..."

At that instant, Little Liu felt like she was plunged into darkness. It felt like the entire world around her had lost its colors. She did not even remember how she walked into the hospital but vaguely recalled hearing the policeman beside her say, "There were roadworks by the side, so there was quite a jam. Your brother was apparently in a rush for time, so he got off the taxi and ran. It happened that someone tried to beat the traffic light and failed to brake in time, resulting in the accident..."

"Rush for time? With his composed character, there was only one person who could make him run without looking..." With this in mind, Little Liu cried.

In the morgue, Little Liu asked everyone to leave. Then, she silently sat by the bedside, looking at Pei Liang, who lay there peacefully and motionlessly. She whispered. "Didn't you say that no matter how important the world is, one's life is the most important? That survival means everything?

"Didn't you tell me that safety comes first? You nag at me all day, telling me to watch the roads when crossing and that I shouldn't be on my smartphone. You told me not to listen to music when driving and that I could only walk on the side away from the road when walking with you... Why would someone who pays attention to safety make such a mistake? You're a liar. A huge liar!" As she spoke, Little Liu pounced over Pei Liang's body and wailed.

Pei Liang and Little Liu didn't have any family, so the wake was very simple. Little Liu handled the entire wake as his wife.

From then on, Little Liu would visit the riverside every day dressed in historical costumes. She would play the zither for Pei Liang and sing the song he loved the most. There was a saying that the river in the night led to the underworld. It was there that the living was connected with the dead.

However, this wasn't enough for Little Liu. She wanted to be closer to him; hence, she jumped into the river.

At that moment, there was a din that shattered all the scenes in front of Fangzheng. When he looked up, he discovered that they were already onshore.

Lone Wolf sat there in aggrievement as he looked at him, seemingly saying: "At this point in time, stop daydreaming and do something proper, okay?"

Fangzheng couldn't be bothered with him. When he looked down, he turned embarrassed. He was still hugging her, and it was no wonder all the people surrounding him were looking at him oddly.

"Aiyah, Master, you finally woke up. If you hadn't woken up, we wouldn't be able to save her," an elder said, not knowing whether to laugh or cry.

Fangzheng was dumbfounded. What was the meaning of this? What did saving her have to do with him being awake?

Zhang Huihui went forward and said, "Stop dazing! Quickly let go! You have been hugging her for minutes! How is your arm so strong? All of us couldn't pull your arm away."

Fangzheng instantly realized what had happened when he heard that. He turned red.

"Tsk, I think he was acting unconscious to take advantage of her." At that moment, an eccentric voice sounded.

Zhang Huihui looked over when she heard that in anger. Indeed, the person who spoke was the baldy from before.

Little Seven said angrily, "Sister is right. No baldy is good! Eh, that's not right. Big Brother is an exception."

"Little bastard, who are you scolding? Didn't your parents raise you properly?" The baldy glared at Little Seven in a menacing manner.

Zhang Huihui was just about to flare up when she saw a man hold back the baldy. It was a middle-aged man with a crew cut. He was very muscular and half a head taller than the baldy. He looked at the baldy coldly and said, "Why don't you try speaking ill of Master again? F**king a**hole. It's people like you that chill the hearts of good people. If you dare say another word, I'll beat the f**k out of you!"

"What are you trying to do? Are you threatening me? You must all be in cahoots! Everyone, look! This bunch of cheats are trying to pull of a sham, and now they are threatening to beat me up!" When the baldy saw the man, he immediately cowered backwards while shouting.

"Pa!" Before the baldy could finish shouting, someone had smacked his head with a leather shoe. Then, he heard others berate angrily. "Beat you up? We will really be beating you up today! Screw him!"

"Beat him up!"

"F**k, do you think we are idiots? How dare you question people with good hearts? People like you should be taught a lesson!"

"Being fierce to a kid? Try being fierce with me! Screw him!"

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The crowd swarmed over and when the baldy saw this, he turned around and ran. As he ran, he screamed for help.

Two men happened to pass by. When they saw this scene, they intended to help, but then they heard the crowd shout. "Stop that bastard. His mouth is full of filth, and he speaks ill of good people! Darn flamer, stop right there!"

The two men were taken aback. They then looked at the baldy and the mob. The mob was filled with people of all ages and sexes. It was obvious that they were a mob of good people. When they looked at the baldy, he had a hooked nose and shifty eyes. He didn't look like a good person in any way, so the two exchanged looks, and one of them secretly extended his leg...