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691 Lone Wolf Wishes To Cry

 "Yes, the Buddha Vat! If you use your Buddha Vat to store the White Jade Cabbage instead of water, you will be able to store the White Jade Cabbage for an extended period of time. However, that way, you won't have Unrooted Clean Aqua. Weigh the pros and cons yourself," said the System.

Fangzheng rolled his eyes when he heard that. He could choose not to eat the cabbage, but he couldn't do without Unrooted Clean Aqua. This was not only used to purify his body, more importantly, it was used to irrigate the Crystal Rice paddy! Besides, without Unrooted Clean Aqua, just cooking Crystal Rice with plain water would deteriorate the taste. The taste of the White Jade Cabbage would also definitely be affected.

"Can I bury it back into the ground?" asked Fangzheng.

"No, the White Jade Cabbage is one body. The removal of just one leaf or a tiny chip results in Spirit Qi leaking. You have already pulled off one leaf, so burying it again would be useless," said the System.

Fangzheng was rendered completely helpless when he heard that. He glared at the White Jade Cabbage and stamped his foot and clenched his teeth, saying, "I'll take it on! Since it can't be stored, I'll store it in my stomach! Let's finish it!"

"Master, what did you say?" At that moment, Lone Wolf walked out of the kitchen, a leaf still hanging from the corner of his mouth. Clearly, the idiot had been secretly eating the White Jade Cabbage in the kitchen.

Red Boy and Monkey pricked up their brows when they saw this. He had secretly eaten the cabbage? Ludicrous, they hadn't even started stealing the food! Yet this fellow had already started.

"Master, Senior Brother secretly ate the cabbage!" Red Boy snitched instantly.

Monkey nodded vigorously in acknowledgment.

Lone Wolf turned flustered the moment he heard that. He wasn't afraid that Fangzheng would stew him for his meat, but he was afraid Fangzheng would cut his food!

But Fangzheng chuckled. "Look at all of you making such a huge fuss. Isn't the White Jade Cabbage meant for eating? Since Jingfa enjoys eating, let him eat..."

"Oh?" Red Boy looked suspiciously at Fangzheng. When was this fellow so obliging when it came to this delicacy? There had to be a reason for this abnormality. It was a trap! A minefield! Caution! Therefore, Red Boy decisively chose to shut up.

Monkey raised his eyes and pressed his palms together. "Master is right."

Red Boy rolled his eyes at him. Although this monkey looked rather honest usually, he sure was good at currying favor...

Just as Lone Wolf was prepared to suffer punishment, he was instantly overjoyed when he heard Fangzheng's words. He wasn't going to get punished! He ran straight to Fangzheng and said in delight, "Master, you're the best. Master, let me tell you. This White Jade Cabbage is really delicious! The leaf flesh is especially thick and juicy. It's like eating a fatty piece of meat. It oozes juice. Tsk... That feeling is like the aftertaste of eating a mouthful of fatty beef. It tastes great! Also, the cabbage's stem is really crispy! It emits crunching sounds, and don't get me started about how juicy it is, it's so sweet and delicious..."

Upon saying this, Lone Wolf drooled.

Fangzheng, Red Boy, and Monkey subconsciously gulped down a mouthful of saliva. Was it really that delicious?

However, Red Boy and Monkey waited by the side, abiding to the principle of not taking action until Fangzheng did.

Fangzheng felt his appetite whetted. Just as he was about to start digging in, he had something else to say first. "Jingfa, since you enjoy eating so much, eat more in the future."

Lone Wolf nodded his head repeatedly when he heard that. With such delicious cabbage, there was just not enough to go around!Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Fangzheng smiled as his eyes narrowed. A malicious smile flashed across his eyes as he patted Lone Wolf on the head. "Yes, that's good. I'll give you a mission. Finish it in a week! If there's any left, your future meals will be halved."

Upon hearing this, Lone Wolf was taken aback. He looked at the White Jade Cabbage and then thinking back to its excellent flavor, he didn't think further. He nodded incessantly and grinned widely. Lone Wolf agreed immediately! No problem!

Fangzheng said to Red Boy and Monkey, "The both of you are witnesses."

Red Boy and Master looked at Lone Wolf with a look of envy as they nodded bitterly. They mumbled, "If we knew this would happen, we would have stolen some as well. This isn't a punishment. It's obviously a reward in disguise! Sigh. Indeed, it's better to become a disciple early. Master thinks more highly of you, and you get more benefits..."

Lone Wolf naturally felt at ease after getting Fangzheng's word. He ran back into the kitchen and began eating. As he ate, he kept marveling at how delicious it was.

Fangzheng didn't stand on ceremony either. He pulled the stem off the White Jade Cabbage and indeed, as Lone Wolf had described, it melted in his mouth and was filled with juice. More importantly, the juice came with the unique sweetness of cabbage. The taste was excellent! It was better than any of the fruits Fangzheng had eaten before. He then pulled off a tender leaf and put it into his mouth. It was tender and smooth, soft and juicy... Fangzheng had never had beef steak, but he felt that this was likely better than some chewy beef steak, right?

When Red Boy and Monkey saw this, they hurriedly took action. After eating a mouthful, Red Boy smacked his lips and mumbled, "Isn't this what we used to feed the livestock at my house?"


Fangzheng and Monkey raised their hands and slapped him!

"Jingxin, it's time to draw some water," Fangzheng said.

Red Boy instantly had the urge to cry when he heard that. He had suffered from the spirit ginseng once. This time, he knew better. But after holding back all day, he finally said something wrong. Indeed, trouble finds its way through the mouth! The pitiful Red Boy went down the mountain to draw water. However, just as Red Boy had said, although this cabbage was fed to the lesser demons back at home, that meant it was of excellent taste when placed on Earth compared to eating ordinary vegetables. Therefore, Red Boy also immediately ate a mouthful of White Jade Cabbage after he returned from drawing water. Then, he continued drawing water. As such, in order to eat a mouthful of the cabbage, he quickened his pace and increased his efficiency significantly.

However, on his third return, he saw a fellow slumped inside a vegetable basket with a huge, round belly. The fellow had his ass up and was having the time of his life feasting. Without even taking a closer look, Red Boy knew this was none other than Squirrel.

In the morning, Fangzheng personally did the cooking. He made White Jade Cabbage soup and stir fried a plate of White Jade Cabbage. Matched with Crystal Rice and Frost Bamboo tea, everyone in the monastery had a great meal.

Lone Wolf kept relishing how beautiful this day was!

On the first day, everyone still had a great time with the White Jade Cabbage. Lone Wolf still enjoyed himself.

On the second day, everyone's interest had already waned with the White Jade Cabbage. But Lone Wolf continued wolfing down the food.

On the third day, everyone no longer had much interest in the White Jade Cabbage. They ate it like it was an ordinary dish. The Frost Bamboo once again enjoyed a high standing among all of them. Lone Wolf looked up and saw that he had been eating for three days, but the White Jade Cabbage remained humongous. For the first time, he frowned. However, when he looked down at his belly, he gritted his teeth-eat!

On the fourth day, when Fangzheng opened the door to his meditation room, he saw Lone Wolf pulling Monkey while mumbling something. Monkey kept shaking his head. Then Lone Wolf ran to Red Boy, but was met with rejection again. Finally, he went to Squirrel. Squirrel did agree, but Lone Wolf didn't seem too happy anyway.