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686 This Penniless Monk Doesnt Hold Grudges

 "Yes... Then it can't be wrong. That's the only way this can be explained. From the looks of it, we ultimately misunderstood Abbot Fangzheng," said Zhao Yumin with a bitter smile. He felt extremely regretful. If they had not berated Fangzheng back then and believed his explanation, would they also have gotten such an opportunity?

Jiang Ting said, "Director, Abbot Fangzheng actually has a very kind heart. Back then, Monkey had offended Abbot Fangzheng verbally, but Abbot Fangzheng didn't hold a grudge. He even gave Monkey advice, helping him escape the calamity. I think... All you need to do is sincerely apologize."

Zhao Yumin shook his head. "An apology is definitely in order. However, it's an undeniable fact that we were in the wrong. Even if Abbot Fangzheng doesn't blame us, I can't be thick-skinned enough to go up the mountain to pray for anything. Sigh... Let's leave it at that."

The next day, Zhao Yumin and Ruan Xianghe went to Mt. One Finger once again. However this time, they came with different thoughts.

Thinking back to how they had treated Fangzheng, Ruan Xianghe's face flushed red. She stood rooted by the monastery's door for quite a while before she stepped in.

"Amitabha. Patrons, is there something? The both of you have been standing by the door the entire morning." A young monk appeared by the door. He looked about four or five, and he wasn't tall. He had exquisite looks, making him look like a porcelain doll. He looked decent in a set of monk clothes and looked no different from an adorable child from a cartoon.

His appearance made the eyes of Zhao Yumin and Ruan Xianghe light up. They thought to themselves, "This monastery sure is a sacred land with outstanding people. Even this monk is so pretty..."

The next moment, they saw a monk covered in black fur walking over. When they saw this fellow, it was as though they heard something shatter in their hearts.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Thankfully, the couple quickly jolted to their senses and shared their reason for coming.

Red Boy shook his head and said, "This Penniless Monk is Abbot Fangzheng's disciple. Patrons, my master is currently in seclusion to meditate over the Zen. He has not left the temple hall for three days. If there's nothing urgent, come again another day."

The moment Zhao Yumin and Ruan Xianghe heard that, they thought, "Hasn't left the temple hall for three days? Meditating over the Zen?"

They exchanged looks and saw the shock and worry in each other's eyes. Would this monk starve to death?

Red Boy continued. "Patrons, is there anything else?"

"Little Master, will your master end up starving and damaging his body?" Zhao Yumin asked.

When Red Boy heard that, he tipped his head slightly and said with pride, "My master has impressive divine powers. He can sit there for about half a month and be fine, much less two days. Patrons, there's no need to worry."

The moment he said that, he heard Fangzheng's voice sound behind him. "Aiyah, This Penniless Monk is starving. Jingxin, is there any rice left? Let me have a mouthful first!"

Red Boy's tiny face instantly blushed. He cursed Fangzheng in his mind. What a scam! I just bragged for you, and you betrayed me in the blink of an eye? I won't help you brag in the future.

Upon seeing Red Boy's blushing face, Zhao Yumin and Red Boy laughed. Red Boy looked just too young. They naturally didn't take a child's words too seriously. They only found him adorable.

Since Fangzheng had come out, the couple didn't shrink away. They gritted their teeth and walked into the monastery. They then managed to see Fangzheng walk out from the backyard.

Zhao Yumin shouted, "Abbot Fangzheng―"

"Patron, if there's anything, leave it for another day." The monk's head didn't even turn as he waved his hands. He was really starving! Although spirit ginseng was very nutritious, it wasn't enough when all his Spirit Qi was devoured by the dragon elephant. Fangzheng's stomach only had water without any medicinal essence... How could a stomach of water be of any use? He was starving indeed.

Zhao Yumin and Ruan Xianghe immediately felt stumped. This monk... is really something else!

Unwilling to give up, the couple attempted to enter the backyard but was quickly stopped by Red Boy. "Patrons, behind this door are the living quarters of our monastery. It isn't open to the public. Please return."

The moment that was said, a huge white wolf the size of a calf walked over. He shot a glance at the two before lying by the door lazily. He opened his large mouth, and his fangs were as long as a finger. They shimmered under the sunlight! Of course, he would have looked more impressive if not for the few vegetable leaves stuck between his teeth...

Even so, Zhao Yumin and Ruan Xianghe no longer dared to move forward.

However, the two could still look in!

They saw Fangzheng scoop a bowl of rice and eat it cold. Furthermore, there weren't any other side dishes in his bowl of rice. Yet he seemed to eat it happily! They kept hearing the sound of chopsticks hitting the bowl as the bowl of rice quickly entered Fangzheng's stomach. He finished three bowls and then drank a huge bowl of water before finally exhaling, rubbing his tummy, and revealing a smile. "How comfortable!"

"Abbot Fangzheng..." Seeing that Fangzheng was done eating, Zhao Yumin couldn't help but shout out again.

Fangzheng looked up and was stunned to discover two additional people standing by his door! He had been focused on eating and had not noticed them. On careful look, weren't these the two patrons who didn't show him respect a few days ago? Fangzheng frowned immediately and pressed his palms together. "Amitabha. Patrons, is there something?"

"Abbot Fangzheng, we are sorry. It was our fault before. We shouldn't have doubted you without understanding anything. We came especially this time to apologize to you," said Zhao Yumin respectfully. Fangzheng had saved a situation of life and death with a single sentence. Bodhisattva had appeared to save Jiang Ting, and that had happened before his very eyes. He could not help but believe Fangzheng and show him respect.

Ruan Xianghe also believed him. The usually arrogant her also lowered her head and said, "It was indeed my fault a few days ago. Abbot, I wish for your forgiveness."

Fangzheng shook his head and said, "Amitabha. Patrons, This Penniless Monk doesn't hold a grudge. It has already been so long, and This Penniless Monk has already forgotten about it. If you wish to offer incense and pray to Buddha, you can head over to the temple hall. If there's nothing else, This Penniless Monk won't be entertaining you."

Upon hearing Fangzheng say that, Lone Wolf, Red Boy, and Monkey rolled their eyes. It was true! This monk didn't bear a grudge, because he exacted revenge right away!

Ruan Xianghe and Zhao Yumin heaved a sigh of relief when they saw Fangzheng forgive them. They bowed again and turned to leave without any further struggles.

Upon seeing this, Fangzheng pricked up his brows. Their actions had surprised him a little. For the two of them to come all the way to his monastery to apologize, it was obvious that his prophecy had come true. Jiang Ting had survived as an outcome of Bodhisattva's protection. Despite knowing that he had divine powers, they were able to leave without any desires or wishes. Their actions had impressed Fangzheng.

Upon thinking back to the situation a few days ago, Fangzheng also understood why they had acted that way. If Fangzheng had a good friend who was eyed by someone, he too would be angry if they gave a few warnings. As for divine powers, who would believe that in present day society? Back when Fangzheng crossed the river on a reed, even the video was criticized as a magic act and as him playing to the gallery. Besides, the two of them had only heard rumors...

With this in mind, Fangzheng swept his Heavenly Eye across the couple. They didn't have any calamity awaiting them. Instead, something good was about to happen to Zhao Yumin.

Therefore, Fangzheng took a piece of paper and quickly wrote a few words. He handed it to Red Boy and got him to deliver it to Zhao Yumin.