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683 Simmering

 Therefore, Ruan Xianghe looked at Fangzheng and said, "Did you really see something?"

Her tone and the look in her eyes combined into a haughty, supercilious expression. She had an interrogative tone of judgment.

Fangzheng frowned immediately when he saw that.

He could understand if Ruan Xianghe went into a rage previously since it was a show of concern for Jiang Ting. Furthermore, he had indeed done something that could make others misunderstand. Therefore, he had not said a word and allowed her to continue... He showcased his ability-one he had honed back in school when he was often reprimanded by his teachers-to divert his attention. Regardless of how much she said, he had not heard a single word...

But what was it now? She was acting in a supercilious manner and interrogating him?

Therefore, Fangzheng pressed his palms together at Jiang Ting and smiled. It was a gesture of thanks towards her kindness. Then, without looking at Ruan Xianghe, he turned and left. What a joke. If he had not heard the commotion in the courtyard, he would not have come over out of curiosity. He wouldn't have been the recipient of all this unhappiness. If he hadn't come out, he would have begun stewing the ginseng to cultivate his Dragon Elephant Body Tempering Art. Time was precious, so why waste time on someone who had nothing to do with him?

When Ruan Xianghe saw that Fangzheng was leaving, she immediately couldn't stand it. What was the most infuriating thing? It was not being cursed in your face, but being treated as air with complete disregard!

As the director of the Central Hospital of Black River City, Ruan Xianghe was always the focus of attention wherever she went. When had she ever been disregarded so much? Her pangs of fury burned, but Ruan Xianghe also knew that if what Jiang Ting had said was true, then she had misunderstood Fangzheng. It would be normal for him to ignore her because of his anger in that case. If she were to launch a barrage of verbal attacks on him before proving that Fangzheng couldn't fortune tell, it would make her appear too uncivil.

Therefore, Ruan Xianghe managed not to unleash her anger by suppressing it. She took a deep breath and tried her best to calm down. She said to Fangzheng, "Little Monk, if you can prove that you can fortune tell, then I've misunderstood you and will apologize to you. But if you can't, and you can't tell me a thing, don't blame me for scolding you again for just staring at Jiang Ting!"

Fangzheng's footsteps came to a slight halt. Without turning his head, he said, "Patron, if you wish to offer incense and pay your respects to Buddha, you can do so in the temple hall. If there's nothing else, go down the mountain." What a joke. Fangzheng wasn't really a fortune teller. However, his Heavenly Eye could see a person's weals and woes for up to a week at a glance. And with a look of his Wisdom Eye, he could see a person's opportunities! Wasn't that even better than fortune-telling? However, seeing and telling would be revealing the secrets of heaven. And doing so would be a bestowment!

But what if Fangzheng was still accused as a cheat even after revealing the secrets of heaven to someone as a bestowment? Wouldn't that be too cheap? Fangzheng was no fool. Why did he need to say anything? He refused! He wasn't going to 'prove himself'! Do whatever you like... As a monk, he didn't care if she acknowledged him or not. All that mattered was that his heart and mind were at peace.

"You!" When Ruan Xianghe heard that, she nearly exploded with anger. Before she had even unleashed her anger, the young monk had first shown his fury towards her! Why? Was she not allowed to reprimand a pervert?

Zhao Yumin looked at Fangzheng's back and smiled bitterly. "Come on, that's enough. Don't be angry over a child. Perhaps, there's really some misunderstanding. Forgive others if possible. Let's end it here and leave the mountain.

Ruan Xianghe thought about it, and that was indeed a reasonable suggestion. Why get angry over a child? Furthermore, whatever she wanted to say had been said. She decided to let the matter rest.

Although the duo no longer planned to kick up a fuss, they were completely disappointed with One Finger Monastery and Fangzheng. It was especially so for Zhao Yumin. He was the one who had held the highest hopes, hoping to resolve his puzzlement. For instance, how did Fangzheng make someone pregnant with a brick or combined harvester? And how had he cured an incurable illness? But now, his mood was completely ruined. From his point of view, Fangzheng was lacking! As for what had happened in the past, it was likely just erroneous. The problem of the brick and combined harvester likely had nothing to do with Mt. One Finger, but something else...

When Jiang Ting saw the situation deteriorate so badly, she felt extremely guilt-stricken. From her point of view, both parties were good people, but because of one misunderstanding, things had turned terrible. She felt rather sorry.

With this in mind, Jiang Ting clenched her teeth and shouted out. "Abbot Fangzheng, please wait a moment."

Fangzheng had a good impression of Jiang Ting, so he stopped and said gently, "Patron, This Penniless Monk knows what you would like to ask. Indeed, This Penniless Monk saw something on you. However, you will have Bodhisattva protecting you from all calamities that might befall you. You will survive them safely. Be at peace and do what you need to do. In the future, do even more good, for it will only bring you benefits."Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

With that said, Fangzheng no longer stayed as he went back to research his huge carrot ginseng.

Upon hearing Fangzheng's words, Jiang Ting heaved a sigh of relief. After Monkey's experience, she was really afraid that something bad would befall her without her receiving any warning. She was still young, and she did not wish to die.

However, Ruan Xianghe shook her head gently when she heard those words. She didn't say it out loud, but she shook her head inwardly. "This kind of vaguely profound words are useful on anyone. This monk is good at sophistry, but he likely... has no real skill."

Zhao Yumin shared similar thoughts with Ruan Xianghe. At their old age, they had been to many places and had seen many fortune tellers who called themselves masters. Without exception, all these people were only great at resorting to sophistry to fool others. They spoke vaguely profound words, so anything in the future, whether it happened or not, would be within their predictions. Such fortune telling was only for the people to gain peace of mind.

What Fangzheng said was the same. There would be a calamity in the future, but she would be protected by Bodhisattva. It also meant that if she was safe, it was all thanks to Bodhisattva. And if something actually happened to her nonetheless, it would be because the protection period had expired... Such words sounded just like the words of those charlatans.

The duo shook their heads and washed their hands on the matter as they left.

On the way down, the duo shared their thoughts with Jiang Ting. Although she nodded her head, she still wished that what Fangzheng said was true. This was because she had an inkling of belief that Fangzheng wasn't lying...

When Fangzheng returned to the kitchen, he used a vegetable knife to cut the ginseng into slices. The pale-white ginseng slices had golden centers as they emitted a faint fragrance. When Fangzheng took a whiff of them, he had the urge to swallow them whole. However Fangzheng held back his urge, telling himself silently, "When I attain more superpowers, I'll cultivate a whole swath of spirit ginseng. When the time comes, I'll be able to eat spirit ginseng raw. When I have nothing to do, I can even stir-fry some spirit ginseng slices as a form of extravagance..."

As he fantasized, Fangzheng touched a medicine bottle only to be left dumbfounded...

When he measured the medicine bottle and then the ginseng's quantity and size, he tragically realized that the medicine bottle was unable to contain that much ginseng!

"Fine! I'll switch to a bigger one!" After Fangzheng said that, he placed the medicine bottle to the side.

Although One Finger Monastery was poor, there was something it had copious amounts of, which was none other than earthen jars. There was no other way. Back when Fangzheng and Zen Master One Finger were poor, the main thing they could eat was wild vegetables in spring or the vegetables they planted themselves for summer and autumn. In winter, all they could eat were salted vegetables. To pickle salted vegetables, earthen jars were a necessity...

However, after Zen Master One Finger passed away, Fangzheng had not pickled any vegetables in a year. The stockpile he had had long since been eaten up, leaving many empty earthen jars.