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 Of course, it was only a feeling. Fangzheng couldn't be sure unless he actually tested it.

Although his strength had greatly increased, Fangzheng felt that he was lacking in energy. Even his mind wasn't that sharp.

After returning to the backyard, he saw the spirit ginseng standing erect like before. Fangzheng pricked up his brows and said, "This Penniless Monk helped you yesterday, so it's your turn to help This Penniless Monk today."

With that said, Fangzheng carefully dug away some soil and revealed the spirit ginseng's fibrous roots. Then, he gently snipped away a tiny fibrous root before covering it with soil again.

With the fibrous root in hand, Fangzheng found a flower pot to bury it. With a deep breath, he infused the Buddhistic medicine Spirit Qi into it.

A few seconds later, the soil in the flower pot quivered. Then, a green sprout appeared. It rapidly grew amid the cold air-sprouting, growing leaves, withering... Finally, like it's father, it stood erect!

Fangzheng could not help but have a malicious thought, "Ginseng, oh ginseng, you sure are different. Other plants grow by branching and attempt to be full and mellow. But for you, all you do is aim to be erect, with pitiful amounts of branches while your main stem is so thick... It's good that I know you are ginseng, because if I didn't, I would think that the ground had a boner."

While his thoughts ran amok, the spirit ginseng was done growing. The final wisp of Buddhistic medicine Spirit Qi was absorbed by it as it thoroughly came to a stop.

Fangzheng did not stand on ceremony as he removed the soil from the flower pot one layer at a time. Then, he dug out the spirit ginseng. As for some of the fibrous roots, Fangzheng deliberately left them there. If he was short on ginseng in the future, he could directly inject some Buddhistic medicine Spirit Qi into the flower pot. It would save him the time it would take to dig around the ancestor ginseng every time.

The spirit ginseng's main body was about the length of his forearm! The pale golden color turned white after it was left in the air. It was white as milk, and there was a tinge of yellowness in it. Fangzheng raised the ginseng high and held it against the sun. The more he looked at it, the more pleased he was with it. If such a spirit ginseng were to be auctioned of, man... Fangzheng's eyes were filled with dollar signs.

At that moment, a voice sounded. "Master, what are you staring at that carrot for? You're almost salivating..."

When Fangzheng heard that, his face turned cold. He looked towards the voice and saw Lone Wolf running back from outside. His eyes were slanted, and he looked like an idiot.

Fangzheng smiled at Lone Wolf and didn't say a word.

Lone Wolf immediately jolted awake. Why is Master's smile almost the same as when he's entrapping someone? Regardless, I have to suck up to him first! And so, Lone Wolf hurriedly said, "Master, you are getting more and more handsome."

Fangzheng immediately smiled. "My dear disciple, you are getting cleverer."

"Thank you, Master. By the way, Master, what are you looking at that carrot for?" Lone Wolf heaved a sigh of relief and spoke again with his wretched mouth.

Fangzheng pricked up his brows. "Jingfa, we don't have a lot of timber left. Go get some. If you don't fill the timber shed, your dinner will be halved."

After saying that, Fangzheng walked into the kitchen. Lone Wolf instantly put on a bitter look. He had indeed stepped on a landmine. However, he had no idea why, but he didn't say anything.

"Junior Brother, the thing in Master's hand is not a carrot. It's his treasured spirit ginseng. Be careful what you say in the future," Red Boy spoke like he was an elder brother. He held his hands behind his back and walked over like he was a senior.

Monkey came over and patted Lone Wolf on the head. "Senior Brother, picking up timber is tiring. I really wish to help you."

Lone Wolf's heart warmed up. Indeed, the monkey was kind-hearted!

However, before Lone Wolf could even thank Monkey and give him a hug, he heard Monkey say, "But I've just thought of something and am in a rush to enlighten myself. So I won't be joining you. Senior Brother, it's winter, so the ground will be slippery. Be careful." With that said, Monkey also held his hands behind his back and shook his head before leaving.

Lone Wolf stood in his original spot and looked at Monkey's back, cursing silently to himself, "F**k!"

"Senior Brother, don't be angry. I'll help you!" At that moment, a voice sounded.

Lone Wolf turned his head and saw Squirrel running out gallantly with awe-inspiring righteousness. He waved his tiny claws and said, "I'll help you pick up the timber!"

Lone Wolf looked at the cloth bag which Squirrel was dragging behind him. He rolled his eyes and said, "You aren't helping me. You just want to get a lift from me to pick pine nuts in the forest, right?"

Squirrel laughed in embarrassment...

Lone Wolf shook his head in resignation. He ultimately brought Squirrel with him, but he would occasionally glance at the black cloth bag slung around Squirrel's neck while licking his lips... Food.

Squirrel, who was on his head, didn't know that his delicacies were being targeted. The little fellow sat on Lone Wolf's head and tugged at the wolf fur with his eyes squinted. While in high spirits, he was feeling proud of how smart he was.

At the same time, three people came up the mountain. One of them was an elder with genial looks. Even when he wasn't laughing, he had a faint smile on his face. He wore reading glasses and wasn't slow when walking. Behind the elder was a woman. If Fangzheng were to see her, he would be able to recognize her. She was the nurse, Jiang Ting, who had previously brought Monkey and Fatty up the mountain. The elder in front of her was the county hospital's director, Director Zhao Yumin.

Walking beside Director Zhao was an old woman. She had a solemn expression and looked rather bigoted. Her hair was white, and she wore a simple woolen shirt. Her eyes gave her the bearing of a person of higher standing. If a doctor were to see her, they would recognize her to be Black Mountain City's Central Hospital Director Ruan Xianghe. She had a masculine name, and the way she treated people was also vigorous. She was the kind of person who stood by her words.

Back when Du Mei became pregnant for some baffling reason, Director Zhao had taken note of One Finger Monastery. Later, when a man was pregnant with a brick, it left him even more puzzled. He even wanted to visit Mt. One Finger to figure out the reason. But when he mentioned it to his good friend, Ruan Xianghe, Ruan Xianghe instantly reprimanded him. "What day and age is it? Why do you believe things like this? If the supernatural really existed in this world, what use would doctors like us be? People could just pray to deities and Buddha when they're sick. As a director of a hospital, aren't you aware of how many monks and nuns you have treated? If monks have divine powers, why would they go to a hospital for treatment?"Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Ruan Xianghe had reprimanded him. Zhao Yumin had thought about it and agreed that her logic was sound. Therefore, he had suppressed his curiosity.

But in the past two days, Doctor Sun suddenly came to him and told him that a person was found pregnant with a combined harvester after visiting One Finger Monastery!

When that was said, Zhao Yumin nearly took off his shoes to smack Doctor Sun! But when he saw the ultrasound pictures, he was stunned rooted to the spot. In the stomach, there was indeed a combined harvester with clear edges! When he thought of all the previous incidents, the curiosity he had suppressed emerged once again.

Therefore, Zhao Yumin gave Ruan Xianghe another call and told her the situation. Ruan Xianghe was annoyed. "What nonsense! Old Zhao, are you under too much stress recently? Are you hallucinating? It's fine if you mistake a fetus for a brick, but now, you tell me you are seeing a combined harvester? Why don't you tell me that his stomach has an aircraft carrier? If that were the case, our country would be honoring him."