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678 Success

 "Master, this is spirit ginseng." At that moment Red Boy, who had been silent all this while, spoke out.

"Oh? You know this?" Fangzheng asked in surprise before he came to a realization. Red Boy did have some experience when it came to items from the Earth Immortal World and Mount Numinous.

Red Boy said, "Of course I recognize it. We had baskets of these things back home. We just stewed them like they were carrots. They taste alright."

Fangzheng's eyes reddened when he heard that. A ginseng he went through great trouble to cultivate was actually eaten daily by this brat like it was a carrot? He was indeed rich! A rich scion of the Earth Immortal World! He was a lot more impressive than the rich scions on Earth.

"Get to the point!" Fangzheng hurriedly interrupted Red Boy's bragging, unwilling to be tortured by it any further... I'm jealous!

Red Boy looked at Fangzheng's red eyes and knew that he would be beaten up if he continued. He hurriedly said, "Spirit ginseng is the name we used for it. Spirit ginseng is ginseng that contains the energies of the heavens and earth. This kind of ginseng not only contains medicinal powers, it also contains spirit energy. Even if ordinary Demon Kings obtain some, they will typically refine it into pills. Only those from noble or wealthy families... Ahem. I'm done bragging. To put it simply, when ordinary people eat spirit ginseng, they will be strengthened and have their lifespans extended by ten years. It will also treat them of all their illnesses! It's especially good for those who have just undergone surgery or have had their limbs amputated. Just one fibrous root is enough to replenish their energy and invigorate them. Especially people who practice martial arts and expend a great deal of energy can benefit from it. Humans have a saying-Poor Scholar, Rich Warrior. Those who are poor can only study since it's just tiring on the mind. All they need to do is catch more fish to supplement their mind. But the practice of martial arts can't be done by anybody. First, getting a master requires money. Second, when practicing, you will be throwing your fists and kicking all day so as to temper your body. It's extremely enervating. If you don't have herbs to replenish your loss of energy, the injuries you sustain during practice can cause you to be crippled before managing to succeed in any skills. However, with spirit ginseng, things are different. Consume a fibrous root daily, and you will be brimming with energy, making success easy! In short, this thing is like divine medicine to mortals."

"Then what is it to you?" Squirrel asked with his wretched mouth.

Red Boy said, "Carrots!"

Fangzheng, who was smiling, froze. "Jingxin, the Crystal Rice needs watering."

Red Boy immediately lamented in his heart. Indeed, this darn baldy never holds onto a grudge! He always seeks revenge right there and then... Sob!

No matter how Red Boy upset Fangzheng, he did not underestimate the spirit ginseng. This was the first spirit ginseng he was cultivating. Furthermore, Fangzheng decided to grow it as One Finger Monastery's mascot!

That day, Fangzheng did not go anywhere. When he ate, slept, chanted scriptures, it was all done right in front of the spirit ginseng...

The next day at dawn, Fangzheng woke up to feel a cold wind blow at him. He could not help but jolt awake.

The White Lunar Monk Robe could only ensure that Fangzheng didn't freeze or burn to death, but he could still feel the chill. When he looked up, Fangzheng was astounded. After just one night, the ground was covered in frost. It was the same with the roofs and walls.

When he came to the front yard and looked up, the lush bodhi tree was covered in sparkles. When he opened the main door to the monastery, all the grass on Mt. One Finger was blanketed in white.

After the striking of the bell and drum, the sun rose up high and shone its light on the mountaintop. The thin frost reflected the sunlight, making Mt. One Finger appear as though it had donned a layer of golden armor. It looked mighty and from afar, the mountain seemed to be emitting a faint golden light that was like a Buddhistic aura. It added a Zen-like charm to Mt. One Finger.

After the striking of the bell and drum ended, the temple hall was swept and breakfast was had. Fangzheng then left the monastery and entered the Frost Bamboo forest in search of a huge rock. He jumped on to it, sat cross-legged, and began cultivating the Dragon Elephant Body Tempering Art. In accordance with the information in the Medicine Sutra, Fangzheng worked hard to meditate on the image of a Dragon Elephant. This combat elephant that possessed the bloodline of a heavenly dragon stepped through the lands with the celestial bodies above its head. Its trunk could suck up even the ocean's waters! The world seemed to turn topsy-turvy because of it as the celestial bodies revolved...

At the same time, Fangzheng's body gained an additional wisp of Qi. This Qi was like a tiny vortex as it gradually spun and absorbed the energy within Fangzheng's body. Having lived so long on Mt. One Finger, Buddhistic aura had entered Fangzheng's body and fused with his bloodline. However, this Buddhistic aura was not something Fangzheng could use before. Now, it was different. When the Buddhistic aura was sucked into the vortex, it transformed into a special golden airy body. This energy constantly changed and warped as Fangzheng meditated. Finally, it transformed into the phantom of a Dragon Elephant which flung its trunk high into the air and let out a loud trumpet.

Nearly at the same time, Fangzheng could not help but let out a long roar!


The roar seemed like a mixed roar of human and beast combined. The loud sound covered a thousand meters! In the next moment, Buddhistic aura in One Finger Monastery seemed to be summoned as it soared into the sky and transformed into Buddhistic aura that surged into Fangzheng's mouth and went straight to his dantian where the Dragon Elephant's trunk was. The next moment, the phantom turned more corporeal as it stomped its foot with a bang. Fangzheng felt as though something had exploded within him.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

At the same time, Fangzheng felt a green wisp flow out. It flowed to his wrist by following his arm and finally transformed into a bangle. When Fangzheng looked down, indeed, the grass bangle on his hand now had an additional thread of grass. The two grass threads entangled with each other and were nothing but Buddhistic medicine Spirit Qi!

"Phew..." Fangzheng looked at the additional wisp of Buddhistic medicine Spirit Qi on his wrist and heaved a sigh of relief. The System had not cheated him after all. He had succeeded!

At the same time, Fangzheng felt the energy within him. His dantian was in flux, and the Dragon Elephant was dormant. It was as though he contained infinite power. However, Fangzheng was puzzled. The Buddhist scriptures mentioned only seven chakras, and they were; the Crown Chakra, Third-Eye Chakra, Throat Chakra, Heart Chakra, Navel Chakra, Sacral Chakra, and the Root Chakra. However, the Dragon Elephant Body Tempering Art mentioned nine chakras! The two extra ones were the Heaven Chakra and the Earth Chakra, but the book did not indicate where those two chakras exactly were. Was Fangzheng to find them himself? He didn't even know how to begin searching. Could it be that Earthlings were different from people in the Earth Immortal World? Therefore, they didn't have nine chakras? Or could it be that the other two chakras were hidden elsewhere?

After racking his brains, Fangzheng was truly without a clue. He stopped thinking about it since the last two chakras were the last he would need to open up. He guessed that he wouldn't be capable of reaching that point in his lifetime, so it would be pointless to know anyway.

After settling his mind, he got up and headed back to One Finger Monastery. As he walked, he took in the changes to his body. First, his strength had increased. He did not know by how much it had improved, but he felt like he could kill an elephant with one punch. Secondly, his body was different. His body had been very healthy and strong previously already, but now, it was hard! Fangzheng had the feeling that even if he took off the White Lunar Monk Robe and was struck by an elephant, the elephant would probably suffer a fracture...