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676 Combat Strength Explosion

 Fangzheng was taken aback. When he looked up, he realized that there was a yellow package he had never seen before on the offering table. Only then did Fangzheng recall that he had obtained a premium gift package! Medicine King Bodhisattva was only part of the premium gift package, so what was this?

Fangzheng picked it up and opened it. He saw that a book was placed inside. On it were the words-Medicine Sutra.

Fangzheng was taken aback. What was this?

He picked up the book, flipped it open and saw a line of huge text: Medicine Sutra Saves The World, Life and Death Is A Mere Thought!

As he continued reading, Fangzheng finally realized that he had obtained something impressive. The Medicine Sutra was a summary of the Medicine King Bodhisattva's understanding towards medicine. It summarized all his understanding of medicinal effects, medicinal reasoning, and prescriptions to treating illnesses of before Medicine King Bodhisattva became a Buddha! At the same time, there was a cultivation technique written on the last page. Fangzheng was stunned when he saw it. It was actually the Dragon Elephant Body Tempering Art! According to the records of the Medicine Sutra, it was not a divine art, but people who cultivated it for extended periods of time would find their bodies becoming stronger and stronger. Their mental states would also improve tremendously. They would never fall sick, and their lifespan would be extended by ten years!

The first part was still okay, but to never fall sick and have one's lifespan extended was truly impressive! Fangzheng had no doubts regarding the effects of the Dragon Elephant Body Tempering Art. After all, this was the System's product that came from Mount Numinous. It had to be something good. To put it bluntly, with the Dragon Elephant Body Tempering Art, regardless of what illness one was ridden with, one could live an additional ten years after cultivating it. This was basically a life extension medicine!

As he continued reading...

Fangzheng was enlightened. Although the Dragon Elephant Body Tempering Art was impressive, it had many requirements. Firstly, it had a very high requirement of one's constitution. It required one to have successfully mastered the outer body's strength, with each fist needing to have the strength of five hundred kilograms! When Fangzheng read it, he guessed that he was probably the only person in the world capable of fulfilling these requirements. Secondly, there was a requirement on one's mental state. It needed one's mind to be ethereal, but it didn't require the realm of having no thought. Perhaps some Buddhists could achieve this realm, but they would be a minority. Finally, there was a need to absorb Buddhistic aura. Hence the people who could cultivate this art probably amounted to only a handful. However, ordinary people could still cultivate the simplified version. Although its effects weren't as amazing, it was still better than ordinary exercise or martial arts training.

Of course, Fangzheng had no trouble cultivating it. It was as though it was tailored for him.

However, that wasn't the most important. Fangzheng realized that apart from outer body training, there was also an inner body training method. It was similar to Daoism's breathing techniques. However, it wasn't just about inhaling the power of Heaven and Earth. One could also inhale the powers of the stars, moon, sun, wishes of the masses, and Buddhistic aura! As long as it was an aura of righteousness in the world, they could all be absorbed into the body and melded as one to be turned into one's aura.

This internal training technique had a total of nine realms. It connected the body's nine chakras. Every connected chakra raised one's strength to a whole new level. It was said that when all nine chakras were connected and circulating, one could shatter the void and ascend to Mount Numinous. However, what Fangzheng was pleased with was that when cultivating the cultivation technique, he could condense Buddhistic medicine Spirit Qi! As long as he reached the point of circulating one chakra, he could have an additional wisp of Buddhistic medicine Spirit Qi every day.

Compared to Buddhistic medicine Spirit Qi, Fangzheng thought nothing of shattering the void. After all, with the crappy environment that was Earth, wouldn't thinking about shattering the void be fool's talk? Fangzheng did not think of impractical things. After all, Buddhistic medicine Spirit Qi allowed him to see immediate benefits. Therefore, he was extremely pleased.

However, when he saw the final addendum, his expression instantly turned nasty.

"To cultivate this art, one needs to consume spirit herbs. Superficial application of spirit herbal juices is necessary; otherwise, it will be ineffective!"

"I..." Fangzheng had the urge to curse when he read that. It was like he was pissed seeing that he could possess Buddhistic medicine Spirit Qi. In the blink of an eye, this line drained him dry. Thankfully, there was another addendum that such application was necessary only once every three days.

After consuming the brewed herb, the remaining herbal dregs could be used superficially. Doing it once every three days, he could use the cultivation technique to earn an additional three wisps of Buddhistic medicine Spirit Qi at the same time and nurture three spirit herbs. After doing the math, he still made a profit!

With this in mind, Fangzheng immediately heaved a sigh of relief.

Fangzheng originally imagined that the System would have helped him. For instance, it had raised his level regarding the Great Strength Vajra Palm back then.

However, the System rejected him on the spot. It could only help Fangzheng in raising his mortal martial arts. It was powerless towards the Dragon Elephant Body Tempering Art. However, on careful thought, Fangzheng also understood that although the Dragon Elephant Body Tempering Art was only an ordinary body-strengthening art in Mount Numinous, it was a divine art here on Earth! Could something that strengthened a Bodhisattva be weak? Even the first level of the Dragon Elephant Body Tempering Art would probably provide him with immense strength! Although he was quite strong already, his strength was nothing comparable to a dragon elephant.

Although Fangzheng's body was strengthening daily from eating Crystal Rice and drinking Unrooted Clean Aqua, along with the augmentation of the Great Strength Vajra Palm, drum beating, and cleansing with the Buddhistic bell, allowing him to possess the strength of five hundred kilograms, the dragon elephant mentioned here was not like the elephants on Earth. It was a type of ferocious beast on Mount Numinous-the Dragon Elephant. Even a mere untrained baby Dragon Elephant on Mount Numinous had the strength of 5,000 kilograms!

A car's impact strength was only a few hundred kilograms. A larger vehicle could have the impact force of 5,000 kilograms. That meant that when Fangzheng turned violent, he could instantly transform into a crazy driver who only knew how to accelerate! That destructive force would definitely make him number one in the world.

After experiencing the earthquake, Fangzheng realized how inadequate his combat strength was. Against a natural disaster, against the falling of boulders, if Fangzheng failed to obtain a suitable divine power, all he could do was watch helplessly. If he had had a Dragon Elephant's strength back then, he could have easily leaped across that tiny ravine. The boulders that had stood in his path could have been thrown away with a fling, and he could have quickly escaped with everyone.

With this in mind, Fangzheng no longed hesitated. He sat down cross-legged and carefully sensed the changes in his body. He communicated with Medicine King Bodhisattva and after a moment, a green thread of aura appeared in his body. It swam to Fangzheng's wrist as it appeared. After it curled up, it transformed into a light-green bangle which looked like it was made of grass and leaves.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Fangzheng had a feeling that with a mere thought, the grass bangle would turn into a wisp of Buddhistic medicine Spirit Qi, allowing him to use it as he wished.

"I forgot to tell you. This book is given together with the premium gift package, so there's a time limit. It's best you memorize it quickly. I'll be taking it back after one day," The System said.

The moment that was said, Fangzheng's heart tensed up. He ignored the System and began flipping through the sutra to memorize it. Fangzheng had long since developed an eidetic memory by now. Although the Medicine Sutra had a million words, Fangzheng managed to memorize all of it before evening. Afterwards Fangzheng recited it again nonetheless, and he matched his memory with the text. Just to be sure, Fangzheng didn't sleep the entire night. He struck the wooden fish to keep his mind awake as he memorized the Medicine Sutra the entire night. He stopped only when the System took it away...

The moment the Medicine Sutra vanished, Fangzheng got up. He ignored his disciples who wore question marks on their faces. He flicked his sleeves and headed to the backyard. It was time for him to sleep.