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667 Coarse Skin Thick Flesh

 Although Sun Youqian was pissed, he wasn't willing to leave. It wasn't lunch time yet, and he guessed that if he waited until lunchtime, the villagers wouldn't be so lacking in manners, right? It was quite impossible for them to let him leave with an empty stomach, right? If they treated him to lunch, they would offer him something nice, right? If they were to just send him on his way without offering anything to eat, he wouldn't even get to see the Frost Bamboo shoots. Then, wouldn't all his bragging from before have been nothing but empty air? It was fine to brag, but he couldn't embarrass himself after doing so!

Upon hearing Sun Youqian say so, everyone's expression turned for the better. Dog Song said, "So you are in a hurry to leave? That's fine. Aren't there two of you? Little Jiang can stay behind. Manager Sun, why don't you return first? If there's anything, we can talk over the phone."

Sun Youqian's face blackened the moment he heard that. Why was this hillbilly so poor at reading the situation? Did he need to spell it out for him?

By the side, Tan Juguo chuckled as he watched this scene. Tan Juguo naturally knew what was on Sun Youqian's mind. However, he didn't expose him and only watched in amusement.

Seeing Sun Youqian suffer a setback, Jiang Chaowei hurriedly said, "Gentlemen, Manager Sun came with a serious attitude. We cannot leave unless we guarantee that the machine is working perfectly fine. Of course, just me staying would do, but this machine has only had a deposit paid... Everyone, you might not be aware, but our Jiangyong Combined Harvester Factory is a family business. Manager Sun is quite somebody in the Sun family. His word is pretty much final at the factory. Don't think that the price you received is final. If Manager Sun is happy, the price is always negotiable."

When that was said, Sun Youqian raised his head slightly and chuckled. "Little Jiang, you can't say that. Business is business after all. As a manager of an enterprise, I need to follow the rules. How can I do as I wish? Wouldn't that lead to chaos?"

Jiang Chaowei nodded immediately and said humbly as if he had learned something. "Yes, yes, yes. Manager, that's right."

Sun Youqian looked at Tan Juguo, Dog Song, and company and spoke like he was a leading figure. "Everyone, don't take what Little Jiang said seriously. I'm only helping out at the family. Of course, if fate calls for it, I can always help everyone put in a good word or two. As long as its within limits and reason, giving a discount wouldn't be a problem. After all, it's not easy making money for our farming brothers."

When everyone heard that and saw Sun Youqian's demeanor, all of them had the urge to roll their eyes!

They thought that some big shot had come, but it turned out that he was merely a manager at the factory. The villagers of One Finger Village didn't enjoy doing mental gymnastics. From their point of view, they had paid to buy from him, so they were the boss! If they weren't happy, they could just buy from someone else. The money was theirs, what could the fellow do about that? Snatch it? As for the price, the villagers of One Finger Village never thought about being cheapskates. As long as it was the market price and a price that they could accept, they would spend it as necessary! No one would suck up to someone just to save a bit of money. That was humiliating.

Therefore, when Sun Youqian raised his head and waited for everyone to laud praises on him, he ended up waiting all day. When he swept his gaze around him, he realized that all the villagers had turned around to look at the monk!

Sun Youqian instantly stood rooted to his spot, wearing a look of embarrassment. He never expected the villagers to be so poor at reading the situation. They didn't bother saving money when money could be saved! Were these people idiots? How could there be such fools in this world? Was it that hard to praise him?

However, just as the villagers thought, no matter how impressive Sun Youqian was, he was only impressive in his company. Here, if people cared about him, he was a manager, but if no one cared about him, he was nothing. What could he do if he angered them and they chose not to buy from him?

All Sun Youqian could do was cough to hide his embarrassment. When he looked at the villagers and Fangzheng, he fumed. Is this monk that nice to look at? All of you ignore me, a manager that can bring you benefits, and instead look at a monk? What the f**k. These bunch of bumpkins, hillbillies...

When Jiang Chaowei saw that his manager had suffered a setback, he quickly changed topics. "Manager Sun, who do you think will win this competition? That monk is far too unfazed, isn't he? The others have already begun, but he remains so leisurely. Is he putting on a show?"

"If he's putting on a show, so be it. Look at how clean and fair he is. He probably doesn't even know how to use a sickle. If he can win this competition, I'll lop off my head and let it be used as a spittoon for him!" Sun Youqian said in anger, thoughtlessly saying those words to vent his anger.

However, he did not know the monk's standing in One Finger Village.

The moment that was said, an adorable voice sounded from below. "Uncle Song, that uncle said that if Brother Fangzheng can win, he will lop off his own head to have it be a spittoon. Uncle Song, what's a spittoon?"

The moment that voice sounded, Jiang Chaowei and Sun Youqian froze to the ground. It was fine saying something like that in secret, but to make it known to everyone, wasn't he openly challenging the monk? The two never expected the adorable little lass would have such a loud voice...

The girl who had spoken was none other than Mengmeng. At that moment, the older kids had already gone to school, with only Mengmeng staying in the village with Sun Qiancheng. The children younger than her were the two newborn infants from Yang Hua's family. As for her voice, she ran through the vegetable fields from a young age, catching bugs to feed the chicks, so she was used to speaking in such open, vast lands. If her voice wasn't loud enough, no one would hear her.

Mengmeng's shout made everyone look over. Dog Song rubbed Mengmeng's tiny head and rolled his eyes at Sun Youqian. "Manager Sun, that's what you said. If you lose, you will have to lop off your head to have it be Abbot Fangzheng's spittoon. A man has to keep his word." Then he whispered to Mengmeng, "A spittoon is... Eh... A place where a tiny cock looks at water."

Mengmeng wore a look of confoundment. A place where a tiny cock looks at water? What was that? A fish pond?

Everyone rolled their eyes at Dog Song when they heard what he said. What the hell was stuffed in the brains of this guy? What he said left them speechless. As for the women, all of them blushed red and nearly cursed him for being a pervert.

With someone questioning his challenge, Sun Youqian stiffened his neck to save his face and replied, "Let's do it! As long as you guys don't go easy!"

Dog Song shrugged his shoulders. "Don't worry. We will definitely not go easy." What a joke. They wouldn't lose anything even if they were defeated. Game on!

In his rage, Sun Youqian agreed to the challenge and did not forget to tag on a bet.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Fangzheng did not know what was happening a distance away. He was brandishing his sickle, demonstrating to Monkey and Red Boy. "Watch, this is how you reap the paddies. In a while... Yes. Monkey, be careful. Don't cut yourself."

"Master, can't you show me some concern?" Red Boy asked in aggrievement.

Fangzheng looked at Red Boy and pinched his face. Then, he carved the sickle against Red Boy's arm and said, "You have coarse skin and thick flesh. Do as you please; just don't fall and end up eating dirt."