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666 The Ignorant Villagers

 This memory flashed past Fangzheng's mind as he smiled. He looked into the distance and said loudly, "This Penniless Monk will do the Light Opening augmentation from the distance. The Dharma descends when the heart is there. Amitabha! Patron, feel at ease and continue driving it!"

If anyone else had said that, Yang Ping would have kicked and spat, cursing. "Darn cheat!"

However, what kind of person was Fangzheng? Yang Hua's children were a result of him praying to the monastery! It was considered a legendary marvel at the hospital! Others might not believe Fangzheng, but Yang Ping believed him entirely! He laughed. "Thank you, Abbot Fangzheng for the Light Opening augmentation!"

At that moment, Yang Hua popped his head over and snatched the megaphone and shouted. "Abbot Fangzheng, I see you holding a sickle. What do you plan on doing? Reaping the paddy?"

Fangzheng yelled at the top of his lungs, "That's right!"

"Abbot Fangzheng, let's have a competition! Let's see who's faster. You or our machine! This big guy of ours is really impressive!" Yang Hua shouted.

Fangzheng shot a glance at Lone Wolf. This fellow didn't have hands and could only run. Monkey could be considered a power to take note of. If Red Boy went at full steam, it would be terrifying too. Furthermore, he was skilled as well. It seemed like, he wouldn't definitely lose! However, on second thought, Red Boy definitely couldn't use his Dharmic powers for it would be difficult to explain. As for himself, he had to hold back. Besides, it wasn't nice for a monk to engage in competitions.

Upon hearing Yang Hua's shout, Zhou Zishan and company who were working stood up. When they saw the huge machine in the distance, their eyes seemed to spit fire as they burned with fighting spirit. Unfortunately, they were only five individuals. How could they match a machine? Immediately, the look in their eyes dimmed.

When Fangzheng saw this, he pricked up his brows and said with a loud laugh, "Alright! Let's have a competition! Whoever reaps more of the paddies by evening wins. The loser has to give a treat!"

"No problem! Haha, Abbot Fangzheng, you will definitely be treating us! But I won't bully you. I'll give you an hour's handicap!" Yang Hua patted the steering wheel and said in delight. He was very confident in his huge machine.

Dog Song, Sun Qiancheng, Tan Juguo, and company didn't stop him. The autumn harvesting of crops was a joyous event to begin with. Now that the village had an additional machine, it was a time of double joy. Since it added to the bustle and joy, no one minded it. Everyone just wanted to watch the fun.

"Hehe, Yang Hua sure is domineering. He even offered an hour's handicap. If these wheat hands really go all out, they might be able to clear one to two acres of paddy in an hour." Dog Song chuckled.

"An ordinary person takes an entire day to clear an acre of land. Even if one is skilled, doing it in the muddy old riverbed makes two or three acres the limit, no? But our machine can do a hundred acres a day! Let's not talk about giving them an hour's handicap, even if a day's handicap is given, we wouldn't lose!" At that moment, an arrogant voice sounded.

Dog Song and company were just making taunting remarks for fun to add to the bustle, but what was said at the end sounded supercilious, but it was actually rather factual. Wasn't that a little overboard? The wheat hands were earning money with their own skill, so there was no need to look down on them, right?

When everyone turned their heads, they indeed saw two strangers standing among the crowd.

Of these two, one of them was slightly plump and wore glasses. He looked refined, but his head was tipped up slightly. When he looked at the villagers, he had an air of arrogance as if he was looking at people who were inferior. And standing beside him was a man who looked rather capable, so the person who had spoken was likely the plump man.

The plump man felt even more smug when he saw everyone looking at him. He continued. "Everyone, I find this competition completely meaningless. The victory of the machine is definite, so what meaning is there to winning? Also, what can a monk treat you to? Do you want to eat vegetarian? Monastery food doesn't have the five spices, much less meat. Even oil is used sparingly. Such things, hehe. By the way, when do you want the work to begin? We are still waiting."

Everyone was stunned to see these creatures who had sneaked in without them realizing. Their eyes were filled with displeasure. Who the hell were they!?

"Manager Sun, you haven't left?" Tan Juguo looked oddly at the two men. Unlike the others, he knew the two.

The fatty was named Sun Youqian, a name he had changed to in his later years. Like its meaning of "having money", he wanted to have a lot of money! He was in the business of combined harvesters, but he was not the head of the combined harvester factory but a sales manager. The man by his side was Jiang Chaowei. He was a sales consultant for the combined harvester factory. These two had come together with the combined harvester. In order to ensure that their harvesters could be transferred over to their clients without any problems, the Jiangyong Combined Harvester Factory would typically send a sales consultant with the delivery. After seeing that the harvester worked well, they would return.

However this time, because Sun Youqian had nothing better to do, he also tagged along when he heard that a village had bought one of their machines. He wished to know what One Finger Village was like, considering how it was presently in the limelight. Furthermore, he had heard that One Finger Village had supreme-grade Frost Bamboo which could hardly be obtained. He believed that as a sales manager of the factory, he would be welcomed and offered some Frost Bamboo. Furthermore, before coming, he had posted on his WeChat Moments that he was heading to One Finger Village to eat supreme-grade Frost Bamboo. Many people had responded, asking him to take photos. Some even asked him to bring some back for them to sample.

Having already made the brag, Sun Youqian was surprised that One Finger Village thought nothing of him! Instead, they surrounded the combined harvester and even wasted their time with a monk. What the heck? A manager like him was inferior to a young monk? The humiliation of being ignored rose up in him. His sense of indignation and aggrievement made him angrily look at Fangzheng.

Sun Youqian was puzzled. Do these villagers not realize that as long as I, a manager, am happy, I can give them a discount and save them large sums of money?Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

If it were any other buyer, Sun Youqian wouldn't be standing on the streets, feeling the sun bear down on him and taking in the autumn winds. Instead, he should have been seated in front of a table of good food and wine, eating the local delicacies and bragging. The contrast made Sun Youqian extremely prejudiced against One Finger Village! He decided that he needed to make One Finger Village pay a huge price for the machine in other areas! After all, the machine's price was only pertaining to its ownership. There were still many kinds of miscellaneous features. Some weren't necessary, but he believed that with his mouth, he was certain that these ignorant bumpkins would end up spending money they didn't need to spend.

With this in mind, Sun Youqian narrowed his eyes and felt extremely smug inwardly. He felt as though the bunch of villagers in front of him was a group of lambs waiting to be slaughtered.

Sun Youqian grinned and said, "Secretary Tan, you must be joking. The machine has just entered the fields. Until I'm sure that the machine is operating smoothly, I can't leave."