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657 Sis is Here!

 Fangzheng asked in return, "What happens if it's not for sale?"

"Not for sale? Then, you will have to ask my body of muscles if they are agreeable to it!" Lin Tai was 1.9 meters tall. Although he was a foppish profligate, he still paid attention to his image. His mass of muscles did look quite frightening.

Unfortunately, Fangzheng looked at him calmly and said, "Your muscles aren't enough. You aren't even enough for my dog's meal."

The moment the dog was mentioned, Lin Tai instantly cowered backwards. Such a large wolf was probably not much weaker than a tiger!

"Monk, if he won't do, count me in!" Ah He stepped forward. Although he was not overly muscular with a rather proportionate body, his eyes looked devilish and extremely fierce. He was like a humanoid wolf! He rested the knife in his hand on his shoulders as though he would cleave out at Fangzheng at any moment.

"Fangzheng, this is Brother Ah He. His hands are stained with human lives," Lin Tai immediately kissed ass and bragged at the same time.

Ah He sneered. "I've killed, and I've been imprisoned before. I don't mind killing again to be sent back inside. Monk, are you selling or not?"

"It's still not enough even with you." Fangzheng remained calm as he swept his gaze across Ah He indifferently.

"Interesting... What about this bunch of brothers of mine then?" Ah He waved his hand as a group of black-clothed strongmen drew their weapons. They stepped forward, looking extremely domineering. It was as though a huge battle was about to begin!

However, Fangzheng remained calm and said nonchalantly, "That's still not enough."

"Hahaha!" Jing Yulong suddenly laughed and hugged Zhou Yiluo's thin waist. "Monk, aren't you afraid of cutting your tongue while bragging? You want to resort to sophistry? I hate such games. I prefer punches and kicks. Let's see which is harder-my limbs or your mouth!"

"Oh? Patron, you wish to kill? Aren't you afraid of the law?"

Jing Yulong scoffed. "Law? Don't worry, I know it better than you!"

With that said, Jing Yulong's expression turned cold. "Ah He, do it! There's no need to beat him, just destroy this monastery!"

Jing Yulong knew very well that with the powers he had, as long as no one died, he could easily settle the leveling of the monastery. But to the monk, his monastery was like the heavens. Destroying it was worse than killing Fangzheng!

When Jing Yuhang heard that, he was taken aback. He never expected the seemingly rash Jing Yulong to actually use such a move. He had exceeded his expectations. If Jing Yulong had resorted to physical violence or even killed, Jing Yuhang wouldn't mind being a bearer of justice and sending Jing Yulong to prison before taking the Yongle Bell. But now, from the looks of it, Jing Yulong was far smarter than he imagined. He had thought it through and did not leave him any chances.

Song Tianqiao whispered. "Young Master Jing, if you don't take action, this bell will really land in the hands of Brother Yulong."

Jing Yuhang was just about to reply when a voice suddenly sounded.

"Stop it!"

Fangzheng was just about to release the wolf and Red Boy to bully them when he suddenly heard a familiar female voice.

Ah He and company had already charged forward, but subconsciously stopped when they heard this shout. All of them looked towards Jing Yulong.

Jing Yulong frowned. "What are you looking at? Destroy! Even if God comes today, I will still get that bell!"

"Let's see if you dare!" The voice sounded again.

Everyone stopped in their tracks once again.

Enraged, Jing Yulong turned to see who it was. Just as he was about to berate the person, he saw a tall lady in leather jeans, white woolen shirt, wearing a tiny hat and a camera over her neck. Her almond eyes were glaring right at him. When Jing Yulong saw who it was, he felt as though lightning had struck him. He immediately swallowed whatever words he had to say...

Zhou Yiluo did not know the person who came. Thinking that Jing Yulong couldn't bear to scold her because the lady was a beauty, she immediately shouted, having no scruples about shouting at a lady, "Aiyah, what a stinky spoilsport just as things are getting exciting. Why..."

Before Zhou Yiluo finished her sentence, she suddenly felt the man beside her push her. Before she could even react, Jing Yulong was already throwing a slap at her.


Zhou Yiluo felt her face burn as she looked in disbelief at Jing Yulong. "Brother Yulong... You..."

"Shut up!" Jing Yulong berated, then his expression changed abruptly like in an opera. He immediately beamed and said, "Aiyah, Sis, why are you here?"

"Sis?" This wasn't the first time Zhou Yiluo heard Jing Yulong mention Sis. She had always imagined Sis to be an old woman, but who could have thought that she was such a beautiful lady? Upon realizing the lady's identity, Zhou Yiluo instantly turned weak. She felt like she had fallen into a frozen abyss as her heart chilled.

Nearby, Jing Yuhang smiled. "The show has begun."

Song Tianqiao did not dare say a word.

However, Sis completely ignored Jing Yulong. Instead, she widened her stride and passed by him. With Jing Yulong calling her Sis, who would dare stop her? The others immediately scattered and made a path for her. The lady came right in front of Fangzheng, and her ice-cold face melted like it was spring. She said with a smile, "Abbot Fangzheng, long time no see. Sorry that this profligate younger brother of mine has brought you trouble."

Fangzheng was taken aback. Younger brother? This absurdly arrogant bastard was Jing Yan's younger brother? If memory didn't serve him wrong, Jing Yulong was a very rich man, much wealthier than Lin Tai's family! Backing him was the number one family clan of Guilin City...

Fangzheng was still at a loss. Jing Yan had such a powerful background? With such a background, why was she a reporter? Was she being threatened by a System too? At the very least, Fangzheng couldn't figure out why she would bring suffering onto herself when there were good days to be had.

In Fangzheng's daze, Jing Yulong, Lin Tai, Lin Tiancheng, and Zhou Yiluo all felt thunderstruck! They stood in their spots in a daze.

Sis actually apologized to the monk? They knew exactly what this meant. They had messed with the wrong person! Furthermore, this person was thorny. Not only did they mess with the wrong person, they would be paying a terrible price!

Jing Yulong shot a glance at the chuckling Jing Yuhang. He suddenly came to the realization that the fellow must have known ahead of time. He deliberately hadn't told him and prepared a trap for him! At that moment, Jing Yulong was filled with regret.

But soon, there was someone who felt even deeper regret. He was Lin Tiancheng!

Lin Tiancheng always believed that he was sufficiently smart and was good at choosing sides. That way, he always benefited tremendously. He thought that Jing Yulong would be a true dragon, but who knew that he was a blind loach! He really wanted to smack his profligate son. Why did he go gallivanting around when he had nothing to do? Even if he did, why look at bells? And even if he went looking at bells, couldn't he just have a good relationship with a former classmate?

Lin Tiancheng knew that if he didn't handle this matter properly, the Lin family would be in trouble. However, he still had some hope, hoping that Jing Yan and Fangzheng's relationship wasn't that great to the point of her bursting into rage and calling for blood.

Lin Tai was dumbfounded. What was going on? Fangzheng knew the Jing family's Sis? That was the most beloved daughter of the Jing family's family head, and the cherished granddaughter of the Jing family's patriarch. She was the elder sister of the next Jing family head! According to Lin Tiancheng, this woman beat her younger brothers and cousins like they were her grandsons. When they saw her, they would be like mice seeing a cat. With this in mind, Lin Tai nearly cried. This wasn't right! How had things changed so suddenly!? Hus heart couldn't take it...

Furthermore, he felt a déjà vu. Hadn't it been the same the last time? He was once again figuratively smacked in the face without warning, with a slap that was quick and forceful.

Song Tianqiao shrank backwards. He had helped in pushing the sequence of events that led to this day. He was afraid of being marked.

Despite Jing Yan's appearance causing waves, all Fangzheng did was have many thoughts flash through his mind before he regained his calm. Regardless of her identity, he still treated her as a patron who enjoyed a good relationship with him. He was someone who would become Buddha, so there was no need for him to bow his head towards anyone because of their identity.

Hence, Fangzheng pressed his palms together and smiled. "Amitabha. Patron Jing, you are being polite. This younger brother of yours sure has quite a temper. Patron, if you came late, This Penniless Monk's monastery might have been leveled."

Jing Yan had seen Fangzheng's godlike means, so she definitely didn't believe his words. She covered her mouth and laughed. "Abbot Fangzheng, perhaps it isn't your monastery that would have been leveled; instead, it is this brother of mine who would have been in a lot of pain, right?"

Fangzheng smiled without committing to an answer.

Upon seeing Fangzheng's response, Ah He sneered. "Ignorant Monk, if not for Sis..."

"Little Long!" Before Ah He could finish his sentence, Jing Yan turned her head, putting on her cold expression again. Her shout shut Ah He up as she walked towards Jing Yulong like a queen.

Jing Yulong bit the bullet and went forward. "Sis, it's a misunderstanding..."


Jing Yan slapped Jing Yulong on the head and, like berating a child, she said, "This is for your offense towards Abbot Fangzheng!"

Jing Yulong rubbed his head and looked at Jing Yan pitifully, but he didn't dare say a word.


"This is as punishment for you trying to make a forceful grab just because you come from the Jing family!" said Jing Yan.

Jing Yulong could do nothing but accept the punishment while rubbing his head.


Jing Yan struck his head again, saying, "This is the punishment for Ah He's interruption without my permission!"

"What? Why are you beating me for his interruption?" Jing Yulong felt so aggrieved that he nearly teared up.

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"This is my answer to you!" Jing Yan glared at him. She was unreasonable, but so what?

"Trying to speak logic with a woman, especially an angry woman. Jing Yulong deserves that slap." Jing Yuhang chuckled inwardly.

With the commotion outside, Red Boy, Lone Wolf, Monkey, and Squirrel had already come out. When they saw Jing Yan beating Jing Yulong's head, Red Boy chuckled. "No wonder this person is such a retard. It's a result of Patron Jing Yan's beatings. It would be odd if he became clever from all this beating..."

Jing Yan blushed red when she heard that. Apparently, she had been a little too violent.

"Sis, I wasn't thinking straight because of the benefits. That bell is just worth too much..." When Jing Yulong noticed that Jing Yan wasn't looking too fierce anymore, he immediately retorted.

"You tried snatching it because it's worth too much?"

"I wanted to buy it, but he refused."

"So you tried to snatch it from him because he's not selling?"

"I..." Jing Yulong was left speechless.

"There's no need to say another word. I can choose not to tell Patriarch, but don't think of escaping punishment. One Finger Village needs a Frost Bamboo carving school. Donate it. Remember, you can't use the company's money. You have to pay for it yourself!" said Jing Yan.