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655 Sis Calls

 Little did they know that Fangzheng was also asking the question. "System, can we sell it for a million? Although I think it's a little inadequate, I believe we can bargain..."

It wasn't that Fangzheng really wanted to sell it. All he wanted to do was probe the System and figure out what could and could not be sold.

In the end, Fangzheng was destined to be disappointed.

"System products are not to be sold!" said the System.

"I knew it." Fangzheng sighed. Since he couldn't sell it, whatever price they mentioned was pointless. Therefore, Fangzheng naturally did not have a reaction.

"Abbot Fangzheng, tell us if you wish to sell," pressed Zhou Yiluo.

Fangzheng smiled. "Patron, if you wish to offer incense and pay respect to Buddha, please enter the temple hall. If there's nothing else, This Penniless Monk won't be entertaining you further. As for the sale, impossible."

"Hey, hey, hey! Fangzheng, is it because you find it too little?" Lin Tai immediately shouted when he saw Fangzheng about to leave. In return, he received a fierce glare from Lin Tiancheng and immediately shut up.

Zhou Yiluo pressed as well. "Venerable One, as long as you are willing to sell, the price is negotiable. We will offer..."

Zhou Yiluo was ultimately not Jing Yulong, so she hesitated when offering a price. She planned on adding bit by bit.

At that moment, Jing Yuhang said, "Ten million!"

When that was said, Zhou Yiluo jumped in fright. Ten million!? As expected of Jing Yuhang! He was rich! The monk would consider it if it were ten million, right?

However Zhou Yiluo, Jing Yuhang, Jing Yulong, and company were rendered speechless for Fangzheng did not even turn his head and just walked off.

"15 million!" Jing Yuhang shouted loudly.

Unfortunately, Fangzheng did not seem to have any intention of stopping.

With that much money at stake, Zhou Yiluo did not dare make the decision herself. She looked at Jing Yulong who raised his head and looked at the bodhi tree as if he wasn't looking at the development. Zhou Yiluo instantly knew what he meant. She immediately said, "Twenty million! Abbot Fangzheng, think through it carefully. This is twenty million. It's enough to renovate your monastery several times over!"

Unfortunately, Fangzheng continued walking.

"Abbot Fangzheng, think it through carefully. Money is not a problem. However, isn't it a little too impolite to reject us like this? The Jing family can ignore money, but they can't ignore face. Although One Finger Monastery is far, it is ultimately part of Guilin province. If my boyfriend were to get unhappy, he could guarantee your unhappiness too." When Zhou Yiluo saw that Fangzheng was about to leave the backyard, she gritted her teeth and began throwing out threats!

The moment that was said, Lin Tai and Lin Tiancheng looked at Jing Yulong. A threat? Was this Jing Yulong's intention?

And indeed, Jing Yulong remained silent. Instantly, the few of them understood what was happening.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Lin Tai's eyes flashed a look of glee as he thought, "Fangzheng, oh Fangzheng, you really are courting death! I can ignore it if you posture with me. At most, I'll get someone to beat you up, but to offend these two, hmph! I thought you would have improved after all these years, but who knew you had remained so impudent and incapable of realizing the situation."

Lin Tiancheng secretly shook his head. "Lin Tai's former classmate really doesn't know how to read the situation. How can this small monastery of his keep such a precious treasure? Wouldn't selling it to earn a handsome amount of cash and to win a favor ensure that his monastery prospered in the future? Just some help from the Jing family would make it easy for this monastery to be expanded. With the Jing family backing him, would he be afraid that no one would come? Alas, he was ultimately too young and hardheaded. He didn't know how to compromise."

Lin Xi was also secretly anxious. She had a good impression of Fangzheng and felt that he was of excellent bearing and very handsome. Furthermore, from an objective point of view, Fangzheng had not offended anyone. It was the others who came to offend him. However, due to her brother and father, Lin Xi could only worry for Fangzheng in secret and was incapable of doing anything. She also wished for Fangzheng to agree. After all, the earthen pot must keep clear of the brass kettle. If he truly offended the two, Fangzheng's future days would probably be filled with trouble.

The moment Zhou Yiluo finished her statement, Fangzheng came to a stop.

Zhou Yiluo smiled. He might be a young monk with a temper, but he ultimately had to bow his head against powers far greater than him.

Jing Yulong also shot a glance at Jing Yuhang, revealing a smile of victory.

Jing Yuhang frowned. Could it be that the monk's so-called arrogance and integrity was that much of a joke?

Lin Tai immediately laughed out loud. He was shouting inwardly. "Let's see you act further! Haha!"

However, before they could revel in their smugness, Fangzheng said, "Jingkuan, send them off and close the doors!"

"What's the meaning of that?" Zhou Yiluo asked.

Fangzheng turned and left. Just as Zhou Yiluo began to chase after him, she saw a huge wolf the size of a calf walk out from behind Fangzheng! It had long fangs and a fierce look in its eyes. The look frightened Zhou Yiluo into a scream as she hurriedly retreated.

The appearance of Jingkuan did scare Lin Tai, Lin Tiancheng, Jing Yuhang, and Jing Yulong. In particular, the wolf's gaze was extremely ferocious. It was as though it would chew on them at any moment!

Jing Yuhang and Jing Yulong knew wolves, so their legs went limp the moment they saw it before they hurriedly retreated.

Jing Yulong finally stopped posturing as he exclaimed. "Fangzheng! Letting a pet bite others is against the law! Besides, according to national law wolves are not to be reared in private!"

"Roar!" However, Fangzheng did not reply. Taking his place was Lone Wolf's low growl.

Before Jing Yulong could say a word, he saw Fangzheng make a turn and disappear behind the door.

At the same time, Lone Wolf widened his mouth and shot forward!

"Run!" Jing Yulong shouted. When he turned around, he realized that Jing Yuhang, Lin Tiancheng, Lin Tai, and company had long fled!

Jing Yulong cursed in his heart as he began running with Zhou Yiluo.

When he ran out of the monastery, he heard the huge door behind slam to a close!

The few exchanged looks and saw the cold sweat on each other's heads. The scene from before had indeed frightened them. Now that they calmed down, they felt completely enervated as they fell to the ground.

"He likely doesn't dare release the wolf to bite us, right?" Lin Tai had truly been given a fright.

"He likely... doesn't dare to," Zhou Yiluo said with a lingering fear.

Although everyone believed that Fangzheng didn't dare do so, it didn't matter because the same couldn't be said for the wolf! Even dogs might be disobedient and bite others, what more wolves? Furthermore, this was a huge one! Who would dare let it really bite down?

"Yulong, what do we do now? That monk ignores us, and there's a wolf by the door..." Zhou Yiluo asked.

Jing Yulong looked at Jing Yuhang and said with a smile, "Cousin, didn't you want to get the bell? How do you plan on handling the wolf?"

"I'm here to buy the bell, not steal it. Yulong, do not speak nonsense or we won't escape punishment if the Patriarch pursues this matter." Jing Yuhang shot a glance at his cousin. He never expected that his cousin who only knew how to play would be so ambitious. Furthermore, the way he did things was not anything like an unscheming profligate. From the looks of it, Jing Yulong was someone who had many ideas...

"Cousin, stop joking, Since times immemorial, the rise of any power is accompanied by bloodshed. No one's money is earned completely honestly. As you can see, the monk is unwilling to sell the bell. What do you plan on doing next? If there's nothing you can do, I'll be employing my means," said Jing Yulong indifferently.

Jing Yuhang was indeed stumped. The bell was priceless. If he were to get it and donate it to the family, he would be rewarded tremendously! It was definitely a chance for him to soar. So to give up just like that? Obviously he couldn't! However, to use other means? Jing Yuhang instinctively rejected them. The Jing family no longer used such means, and the Jing family's rules were not to be ignored.

With this in mind, Jing Yuhang said, "I'll try communicating with Fangzheng further."

"Then, may the best man win." Jing Yulong stood up and patted his buttocks and shot a glance at the monastery's door. He sneered and said, "The wolf is a beast no matter how large it is."

With that said, Jing Yulong went aside to make a phone call.

Just as Jing Yulong was making a phone call, Jing Yuhang also received a phone call.

"Sis, this is Little Hang. I kept calling you previously, but it didn't get through. Heh heh." In front of others, Jing Yuhang could be arrogant, but in front of this woman, he became an obedient child.

"Where I am? I'm at some inconsequential place. You wouldn't know even if I told you. Alright, alright... I'll tell you. I'm at Mt. One Finger. How about it, do you know of it?" Jing Yuhang refused to believe that she would know of Mt. One Finger's existence for this place was truly remote.

The result...

"Mt. One Finger? Why aren't you guys in Guilin City or Spring City? Why did you go to Mt. One Finger? Are you up to something? Forget it, stay there and don't go. I'll be there right away!" The voice of Sis on the other end of the line suddenly turned cold before she hung up.

Jing Yuhang wore a look of bafflement. What was going on? Everything was fine in the beginning, so why was there such a change in response once Mt. One Finger was mentioned?

As Jing Yuhang thought about it, he suddenly realized something. Sis had not asked where Mt. One Finger was and said that she would be coming right away instead. That meant... She knew Mt. One Finger! Did she know One Finger Monastery?

With this in mind, Jing Yuhang immediately took out his cell phone and searched for news regarding One Finger Monastery. Without reading the content, he looked for the reporter's name, and two words appeared! Looking through most of the news, they were all from the same person! Upon seeing this, Jing Yuhang realized something and put away his cell phone. He swept his gaze to Jing Yulong coldly and wore a frigid smile.

"Young Master Jing, he's already getting people here. Are you really planning on continuing the negotiations with Fangzheng? This guy is completely impervious to reason. If I were to say..." When Lin Tai saw Jing Yuhang's lukewarm attitude, he came over, trying to build a closer relationship with him.

But before Lin Tai could finish saying anything, he saw Jing Yuhang shoot a cold glance at him. Lin Tai felt his body stiffen up as he shut up.

Jing Yuhang patted Lin Tai on the shoulder and asked, "Lin Tai, how's your relationship with this classmate of yours?"

Lin Tai wasn't sure why Jing Yuhang had asked such a question. However, he could tell that Jing Yuhang and Jing Yulong both wanted the bell. Then, it meant that conflict with Fangzheng was inevitable. Therefore, if he were to say that he had a good relationship with Fangzheng, wouldn't he be standing opposite to them? He would then be kept out from their future schemes against Fangzheng. Lin Tai believed that he was being absolutely clever this time, so he patted his chest and said, "There's nothing between us. In school, he was a poor bumpkin. Who would interact with him? In fact, I had long forgotten of this classmate of mine..."