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653 Anything else?

 Seeing Jing Yulong not stopping her, Zhou Yiluo immediately felt emboldened with confidence. She immediately said, "The bell was discovered by the Lin family's young master. The Lin family naturally has the authority on this. I think we should leave it to the Lin family's young master to decide who gets the bell."

Lin Tai was taken aback. Although he was rash and impetuous, he wasn't a fool. It was fine if someone threw him a rubber ball; he could just catch it. But what Zhou Yiluo was throwing at him was nothing but a bomb! Only a retard would catch it!

Therefore, Lin Tai hurriedly said, "This bell isn't mine either. It's useless asking me. Whoever wants it should first get past One Finger Monastery's abbot."

When Lin Tiancheng heard Lin Tai say that, he immediately heaved a sigh of relief. They could not offend either of the Jing cousins. It was indeed a wise decision to divert the problem. He gave a look of approbation to Lin Tai and said with a laugh, "Yuhang, Yulong, this bell ultimately has an owner. If you wish to take it, I believe we still need to gain the owner's approval."

What he said was true. Jing Yuhang and Jing Yulong were eager to get the bell down as soon as possible, because whoever made the first move would have an advantage.

Therefore, the duo immediately left the bell tower and headed for One Finger Monastery.

"Anyone there?" Before Jing Yulong even spoke, Zhou Yiluo had already rushed to shout.

"Amitabha. Patrons, are you calling out to This Penniless Monk?" A Buddhist proclamation sounded behind them, nearly causing Zhou Yiluo to jump in fright. When they turned around, they saw a white-robed monk standing behind the door. On his shoulder was a plumb, adorable squirrel.

"Monk, shouldn't you be in the yard? Why are you hiding behind the door? You gave me a fright." Zhou Yiluo did not know Fangzheng and knew little of One Finger Monastery. She only thought of Fangzheng as a young monk, so she naturally didn't mince her words.

Fangzheng was rendered a little speechless as well. The monastery was his, so why couldn't he stand behind the door? Besides, was it strange to be searching for ants with Squirrel?

"Fangzheng, Old Classmate, we meet again." Lin Tai immediately smiled when he saw Fangzheng. Although he had crawled down the mountain for some baffling reason, embarrassing himself in front of the goddess he yearned for, he refused to believe that it had anything to do with Fangzheng. Besides, the doctors had given him an explanation he found reasonable. Therefore, he didn't link it to Fangzheng. But having embarrassed himself, wouldn't it be normal for him to vent his anger? And wasn't the monk more suitable than anyone?

"So it's Patron Lin. What are all of you doing here?" Fangzheng was puzzled. What was this huge bunch of people with nearly bloodshot eyes there for?

When Lin Tai faced Fangzheng, he finally felt that he had found someone inferior to him. He said spiritedly, "Let me do the introductions. This is my father, Lin Tiancheng."

When he said that, Lin Tai wished to see the envious gaze of his poor classmate. Although he had never described it too clearly, he had often mentioned his father in the chat group. He was the Chairman of Lin Real Estate Limited and was worth more than a billion yuan. He believed that further introduction wasn't necessary. A name was sufficient! It was bound to make Fangzheng's heart palpitate and motivate him to try to suck up to him!

However, he was destined to be disappointed. Fangzheng wore a look of calm and seemed unperturbed. It was as though this Chairman was nothing but a blade of grass-trivial.

Fangzheng only pressed his palms together and said softly, "Amitabha." In a way, it was a form of greeting.

"Fangzheng, look well. This is my father." Lin Tai was pissed. His father was a boss worth more than a billion yuan. Shouldn't you appear more passionate for him to grace your crappy temple?

However, Fangzheng looked calmly at Lin Tai and asked, "Patron, he's your father, not This Penniless Monk's father. What else should This Penniless Monk do?"Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Lin Tai was instantly left at a loss for words. Yeah, what exactly did he want Fangzheng to do? Curry favor and nod obsequiously? Even though that was what he thought, he could not say it out loud. Immediately, his face turned red with embarrassment.

When Lin Tiancheng saw this, he patted his son on the shoulder, indicating for him to stand down. He said with a smile, "I'm Lin Tiancheng, the Chairman of Lin Real Estate Limited."

Lin Tiancheng believed that Fangzheng didn't know enough about him, which resulted in Lin Tai's awkward state. Therefore, he introduced himself again.

Fangzheng said with a look of puzzlement. "Patron, Patron Lin has just introduced you. This Penniless Monk's ears are fine."

Lin Tiancheng was instantly left embarrassed. Was this stupid monk unable to read between the lines?

Lin Tai added. "Our Lin Real Estate Limited is a corporation worth more than a billion. We can build hundreds of temples like this tiny temple of yours."

Fangzheng asked with a look of innocence, "Patron, are you planning on building monasteries? Amitabha, that is good indeed."

Lin Tai was immediately left exasperated. F**k, there was no way to communicate with him!

When Fangzheng saw this, a smile effused in the depths of his eyes. It was true that he didn't know anything about Lin Real Estate Limited, so his reactions were normal. However, he could tell that the duo was trying to flaunt their standing and posture in front of him! Fangzheng wasn't a fool, so why should he let them trample over him and posture? They didn't even offer a single stick of two-hundred-yuan high incense, so why did he need to help them in their posturing efforts?

By the side, Jing Yuhang and Jing Yulong could tell that the monk was obviously disregarding the father-son duo. Although Lin Tai wasn't anything special, they had come together. By showing such disregard, it also affected them. However, since they were here to buy the bell, they naturally didn't say a thing. All they did was watch from the side.

Seeing that Fangzheng wasn't impressed, Lin Tai decided to introduce the others, thinking, "Dad might not be able to shock you, but when these two heavy weights are introduced, I refuse to believe you won't react!" Therefore Lin Tai said, "This is Young Master Jing Yuhang, Chairman of the Jin family chain hotels!" Upon saying that, Lin Tai stared at Fangzheng, wishing to see Fangzheng hide his shock and envy, but he was destined to be disappointed once more. Fangzheng continued wearing a look of calm and placidness. It was as though the person in front of him wasn't some scion but an ordinary person. He didn't show any respect, envy, or disparagement. There was only peace.

Lin Tai continued. "Young Master Jing has a net wealth in the billions. If he's happy, just one word from him, and he can easily double the size of your monastery." After saying that, he stared at Fangzheng intently, refusing to believe that his old classmate would remain calm. It had to be a farce! He refused to believe that there would be someone in the world who didn't like money. Who wouldn't bow down to money? He refused to believe he couldn't reveal Fangzheng's true colors!

However, Fangzheng remained calm as he said with a smile, "Patron, anything else?"

Lin Tai was instantly left at a loss for words. Anything else? That isn't enough? We are talking billions here!

Lin Tai drew a gasp and said, "Young Master Jing is from the Jing family which controls the entire Guilin province. Listen closely, not Guilin City, but the province. It controls the couple of major businesses in the entire province. Their market capital is in the tens of billions!"

Even Lin Tai turned thrilled when he said the last bit. If he didn't try to get close to people of such an impressive background, he would be letting himself down. He refused to believe that Fangzheng would remain unmoved.

In the end, Fangzheng continued looking at him calmly, as though asking, "Anything else?"

Lin Tai suddenly had the urge to vomit blood. Why did it feel like he was playing the lute to the cow who couldn't appreciate the music?

Little did he know that it wasn't that Fangzheng hadn't seen the world, but he had seen a world far greater than his!

Had Lin Tai seen talking animals? Fangzheng's monastery had a few right there!

Had Lin Tai seen a demon? He had a famous, powerful demon right in his monastery!