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647 Ten Thousand Buddha Hall Levels Up

 After entering the yard, he closed the door. After determining that there were no outsiders, he said with a look of smugness, "Jingfa, Jingzhen, Jingkuan, Jing... Jingxin, I think there's no need for you." Fangzheng wanted to posture in front of his disciples, but when he recalled that Jingxin was a demon king, what hadn't he seen? To posture in front of him, he would probably be ridiculed, so he might as well get him to scram.

However, the monastery was only so large. Once Fangzheng shouted, everyone naturally gathered, all of them curiously asking, "What's wrong, Master?"

Fangzheng simply ignored the bare-ass brat with a red dudou and coughed dryly. "I'll be creating a miracle for all of you!"

"Miracle?" Lone Wolf was very cooperative as he widened his eyes and asked with hints of curiosity.

Monkey lifted his eyelids, looking like an elderly monk in meditation.

Squirrel yawned and touched his belly, asking, "Master, didn't you bring back anything to eat after your trip?"

Fangzheng smacked the fatty and berated him in good humor. "You little guy, all you know is eating."

Upon seeing Squirrel getting beaten, Red Boy decisively swallowed the words he was about to say. With his knowledge of Fangzheng, he needed to extol him and not counteract Fangzheng's intentions, or he would be unable to bear the consequences. He decided to just shut up and watch the farce.

Fangzheng, with his hands behind his back, was acting like he was an accomplished monk. Unfortunately, his four disciples had already seen through him, and no one bought it. Nonetheless, they still curiously looked forward to his miracle.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Fangzheng was very pleased with his disciples' reaction. He then raised his head towards the Ten Thousand Buddha Hall and shouted, "Ten Thousand Buddha Hall, change!"

The four disciples turned around simultaneously and looked at the Ten Thousand Buddha Hall.

Seconds later, there was not a single change to the Ten Thousand Buddha Hall.

"It might be slow to react. Everyone, wait a little longer. Huge divine powers take some time." Fangzheng felt embarrassed.

A few minutes later...

Squirrel yawned and asked, "Master, what did you change?"

Fangzheng looked at his four disciples' befuddled looks and yelled inwardly, "System, what are you doing? Level it up!"

"You didn't say level up. All you did was shout 'Ten Thousand Buddha Hall, change,' but you didn't ask me to level up the Ten Thousand Buddha Hall. I was waiting for it to change too. I was quite interested in knowing what it would change into," said the System languidly.

Fangzheng was immediately rendered speechless. This swindling System was indeed a fraud!

"You... Fine! Now, immediately, right at this moment, level up the Ten Thousand Buddha Hall," said Fangzheng.

"Are you certain?" asked the System.

"Yes!" said Fangzheng affirmatively.

"Are you sure?" asked the System again.

"Yes!" Fangzheng saw that his disciples were beginning to doubt him as he hurriedly said. He was already midway in his posturing act, so how could he embarrass himself?

The next moment, a yellow beam of light radiated outwards!

Following that...

"Ah Ah Ah Ah!"

Five tragic cries sounded!

A white wolf flew out of the monastery and plopped outside the monastery loudly!

Lone Wolf shook his head and spat out the mud and grass in his mouth. Just as he was about to curse: "What the heck are you doing, Master?"

A shadow came looming above him!

Lone Wolf looked up and saw a red ass falling from the sky accompanied with a scream!



Lone Wolf failed to say a word before Monkey's ass landed on him, planting his head back into the mud.

"Wow, it doesn't hurt at all despite falling from such a high height." Monkey originally thought that he would suffer a terrible fall, but in the end, it didn't hurt at all... He touched the area beneath his ass and found it soft, warm, and furry. When he looked down, he saw half of Lone Wolf's face appear underneath his ass. His eyes were staring straight at Monkey.

Monkey scratched his head in embarrassment. "Senior Brother, sorry about that. I didn't see you. Haha."

"Get up!" yelled Lone Wolf!

Just as his voice faded, Lone Wolf screamed again. "Another time?"

"What do you mean?" Monkey looked up and saw a brat dressed in a red dudou fall from the sky!


Monkey fell to the ground and just as he was about to say something, he saw Squirrel falling from the sky. Monkey and Red Boy heaved a sigh of relief when they saw Squirrel. The little guy was tiny and filled with fat. He would be inconsequential.

Something wasn't right, though. Where was Master?

The moment this thought arose, the group saw a shadow descend. It was Fangzheng!

"Holy sh*t!" the disciples yelled in unison.

"Dodge!" Fangzheng shouted as he fell.

When Lone Wolf heard that, he had just gone through great effort to raise his head from under Monkey's ass. He immediately felt despair. It wasn't over yet?


Fangzheng slammed to the ground like an explosion of flesh. Red Boy threw Squirrel to the side and dodged. Monkey failed to dodge in time and was struck by Fangzheng as he fell to the ground. The fart he had been holding in was released when Fangzheng slammed into him.

Lone Wolf was strong and hardy, so he naturally wasn't afraid of being struck. Just as he crawled up and opened his mouth to roar, pure, unadulterated gas gushed into his body. Lone Wolf's eyes instantly rolled back as he stumbled around, circled three times, and hung out his tongue before fainting to the ground.

"Master, Senior Brother has died from the hit!" Squirrel ran over and shouted when he saw Lone Wolf's expression.

Fangzheng hurriedly ran over and checked for any breathing. He was still breathing, so he wasn't dead!

Red Boy fanned his nose and said, "What's that smell? It stinks..."

Monkey held his head to the sky. He would rather die than admit that he had farted!

After confirming that Lone Wolf had only fainted, Fangzheng felt assured. However, he said in puzzlement, "Why does it seem like he got poisoned? His eyes have rolled back, and his tongue is out. He's just short of foaming."

Monkey's face turned redder. Thankfully, his face was covered in fur, so no one could tell.

At that moment, thunder boomed as a strong gale arose, forming a black hurricane that landed above the Ten Thousand Buddha Hall. Following that, it enveloped the hall, frightening Squirrel and Monkey until they trembled. Red Boy took a pose like he was facing his nemesis.

Fangzheng had seen the System renovate One Finger Monastery before, so he was naturally unalarmed when he saw this scene. Instead, he clapped and said, "No worries. This is the miracle I wanted to let you guys see. How is it? Impressive, isn't it?"

The moment Red Boy opened his mouth, Fangzheng immediately said, "Jingxin, you shut up!"

Red Boy threw up his hands in embarrassment. Indeed, a disciple had no human rights! He wasn't even allowed to speak.

Squirrel and Monkey had never seen something of such a grand scale. They nodded repeatedly as they looked at Fangzheng as if their eyes were emitting stars! It made Fangzheng feel delighted. Meanwhile, he also cursed the System very thoroughly. If Fangzheng didn't recall wrongly, when One Finger Monastery was renovated the last time, he was swept out the monastery then too. But this time, the System was rather gentle... Could System Bro be undergoing menopause?

Unfortunately, the System disregarded Fangzheng. Amid the hurricane, Fangzheng vaguely saw a giant slamming a huge hammer. There were loud clanking sounds amid the chaos. If not for having experienced it before, Fangzheng would have even doubted if it was a leveling up of the Ten Thousand Buddha Hall or an enhanced version of a demolition.

A few minutes later, the clanking sounds ended, and the hurricanes dissipated.

Without any patience, Fangzheng immediately pushed the door open and ran in. Red Boy, Monkey, Squirrel, and Lone Wolf followed closely behind, and...

"Master!" Red Boy exclaimed.