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645 Fangzheng is More Useful than Dogs

 "CO, what do we do now?" Ma You asked.

CO Qi said, "Form a human bridge and carry them over."

"Yes!" Ma You immediately acknowledged the order. He led the other soldiers to probe the ground with a pole and quickly entered the water as everyone held onto each other. Fangzheng realized that many of them looked pale, and they were almost exhausted. However, these young faces continued clenching their teeth as though nothing could defeat them regardless of how terrible a calamity they had to confront!

Fangzheng took a deep breath and entered the river as well. The height of the river reached his navel, and the river's speed wasn't too fast. However, it still dealt quite an impact. Furthermore, the riverbed was muddy and filled with rocks. It was fine if an adult paid attention, but it would be easy for a child to fall while in the water and be washed away. Someone who was shorter might not even be able to have their head above the water. Fangzheng stayed downstream so that he could save anyone who fainted. In terms of strength and personal ability, he never declined to shoulder his obligation! Of course, without the soldiers, Fangzheng would be unable to do much.

While building up the human bridge, CO Qi had already crossed the river and informed the teachers in the school. Following that, children began walking over.

At that moment, the soldiers were facing each other, their feet planted firmly into the river. Their hands held onto each other's shoulders and formed a bridge.

But even so, the children remained afraid.

"Don't be afraid. We will protect you. Don't worry. Crawl over our hands," CO Qi encouraged the children.

The children had an eagerness to try, but they ultimately didn't dare to take the step.

CO Qi frowned when he saw this. He was a soldier and also a boor. He was really not good when it came to thinking about how to coax children.

At that moment, Ma You suddenly shouted, "Unity is strength!"Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

The others who were almost on their last legs shouted as well, "Unity is strength!!"

"This strength is iron!

"This strength is steel!

"Harder than iron, stronger than steel!


CO Qi was just about to rebuke Ma You for causing a din, but when everyone joined in the chorus, a few wavering soldiers stood up straight when they heard the military song. They yelled the song at the top of their lungs, and although it wasn't as pleasant as the versions sung by professional singers, and it lacked much of a tune, it was filled with the passion of these men; it was an uninhibited roar! That roar brought out the spirit and passion of all! It was filled with fearless bravery! It gave out the strength of a soldier!

As though infected by the atmosphere, a boy suddenly stepped forward and shouted, "I'm crossing!"

Then, the boy immediately climbed onto the arms of the soldiers and safely crossed the river!

"Quick! The Liberation Army uncle's arms are like steel. They are really firm!" The boy shouted across the river in excitement.

"I'll do it too!" A girl followed behind him and safely crossed the river.

When the other children saw this, they finally felt assured. All of them followed in an orderly fashion.

When they saw this scene, CO Qi and the teachers were relieved as they heaved a long sigh of relief.

When the final child crossed the river, CO Qi commanded, "Everyone is to exit the river! Escort the children to the refuge area."

The moment he gave his command, the soldiers released their grips, but at that moment, two soldiers closed their eyes and fainted right on the spot.

"Save them!" CO Qi anxiously jumped back into the water when he saw this.

At that moment, a white figure rushed over. He grabbed each of the soldiers with one hand and dragged them to the bank. It was none other than Fangzheng. He was not as professional as the soldiers when it came to forming human bridges, but he was good at this kind of solo rescue work.

The other soldiers immediately ran over to check on the two.

"CO, they are fine. They just fainted from exhaustion," said Ma You.

CO Qi heaved a sigh of relief. Although becoming a soldier meant dedicating one's life to the country and the people, as a commanding officer, he wished that all his troops could return safe and sound. The human heart was made of flesh. Who would want to sacrifice their life if survival was possible?

"Master, thank you." CO Qi said reverently to Fangzheng. Throughout the entire journey, Fangzheng had provided help numerous times, especially this time. He had saved two soldiers directly. Although they could do without Fangzheng, the soldiers were close to their limits. It couldn't be guaranteed that others wouldn't collapse while rescuing their fallen brethren, and it would be bad if that happened.

Fangzheng replied politely. "Patron, there's no need for such politeness. This Penniless Monk was just providing some meager help."

The school's leaders, teachers, and students came over. A few children thought that two soldiers had sacrificed their lives and had turned into sobbing messes... They only calmed down after a long period of coaxing.

After a simple break, the two fainted soldiers woke up. By then, it was already completely dark.

"It's not safe here. We should leave as quickly as possible to the resettlement site." CO Qi looked at the surrounding mountains and said worriedly.

Everyone nodded and took care of each other as they rushed to the resettlement site.

Although the soldiers were exhausted, they continued protecting the children by surrounding them. Fangzheng continued walking right at the back. The soldiers were already used to Fangzheng and even secretly called him a Guardian Buddha. Everyone felt relieved with him around.

Fangzheng only smiled when he heard that because he did not dare admit to it. In his eyes, these soldiers were the true guardians. He felt he was really inferior compared to them. At the very least, without all his divine powers, Fangzheng would definitely be incapable of doing a tenth of what the soldiers could.

When they arrived at the resettlement site, Fangzheng realized that many troops had arrived. Furthermore, they had brought heavy machinery. Clearly, after all this time, they had opened up a path and mended the broken roads. Otherwise, the heavy machinery would not have been able to enter.

Together with the troops was a large group of volunteers of all genders with ages ranging from teenagers to people in their forties. They either helped move supplies, make meals, or set up tents... Although it was rather chaotic, there was an orderliness within the chaos.

With these people helping to console them, the frantic refugees calmed down. Those who could help helped, and those who couldn't tried not to move to prevent adding to everyone's troubles.

Fangzheng turned around and saw that CO Qi had made his men rest. The moment these soldiers sat down, they leaned on rocks, trees or on the ground and fell asleep. Snores sounded as they slept soundly. Fangzheng knew that they were truly exhausted. For them to last up to now was not because of their stamina but thanks to their willpower!

At that moment, a few students ran over and covered the drenched soldiers with their jackets before leaving silently.

Fangzheng smiled when he saw this.

In the time that followed, Fangzheng activated his Heavenly Eye and walked around. Whenever he noticed that anyone would encounter trouble, he would head there and protect them. He would decisively save them when danger reared its head. When it came to trapped victims, Fangzheng's Heavenly Eye and Wisdom Eye were even more effective than a dog's nose. Often, he was the first to find people in need of rescue. Then, with his strength that could only be matched by machines, he would dig them out. His tremendous strength left all the search and rescue personnel flabbergasted. With Fangzheng's help, many people who had gone missing were quickly found. Sadly, at times, only a corpse could be dug out nonetheless...