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644 Broken Bridge

 But at the next moment, Fangzheng leaped up and stepped onto the rope with one foot!

Everyone's heart palpitated as a result! F**k, he really seemed to have a death wish!

However, they did not know that Fangzheng's shoes were Savior shoes. Everywhere he stepped was no different from flat ground. At most, the ground would be a little shaky, but it did not affect Fangzheng's ability to walk or run! That's right, Fangzheng immediately began running on the rope! He widened his pace as his robe was sent fluttering in the air, and he looked like he was flying.

Everyone stared in amazement. This was a monkey from the circus!

A strong wind blew as the rope began to wobble. Everyone's hearts tightened up, but Fangzheng did not slow down and in the blink of an eye, he ran over to their side of the chasm.

Upon seeing Fangzheng land safely, everyone exhaled in unison. The way they looked at Fangzheng no longer seemed normal.

"This guy isn't a monk, right? He's some monkey from a circus?" mumbled Ma You.

CO Qi glared at him. "Shut up. Everyone is accounted for. Snap out of it and continue advancing!"

Despite being filled with puzzlement, CO Qi knew that time was of the essence when it involved lives. He did not have the luxury to waste time. Regardless of what the monk did, he needed to rush to save people! As for Fangzheng... The more capable he was, the better. It saved him the trouble of worrying over him.

Everyone ran forward upon receiving CO Qi's command. As for Fangzheng, he followed behind Jiang Jun.

"Venerable One, impressive!" Jiang Jun gave Fangzheng a big thumbs up.

Fangzheng was smiling bitterly inside. Of course, he could crawl, but crawling was just too slow. He too was in a bid for time. Thankfully, the military was indeed the military. They did not dawdle. Apart from amazed looks, all they did was run forward to rescue what was up ahead!

The more Fangzheng ran, the more terrible he felt. The damage the earthquake had brought about was far more terrifying than he imagined. He kept discovering cars that had been struck by boulders, and there were people who had been crushed to death on the spot...

Even so, CO Qi still got his men to pry open the doors and pull out the bodies. In his words, even if they were dead, they had to return home!

Some cars had been sent flying off the roads. In such situations, they had no solutions. Without much equipment, CO Qi could only take off his cap and bow towards the mountain. Following which he sped up again and again without stopping.

Fangzheng watched how this group of ordinary people ran forward with their teeth clenched for a group of people they didn't know at all. Even when they were thirsty, they would take out their water bottles and run as they drank. They did not say a word of their fatigue. Someone had even been struck by rocks during one of the aftershocks, but despite his swelling leg, he continued running and did not fall out or turn back!

Fangzheng followed behind and felt that compared to these soldiers, the honor of using his divine powers to rescue and help people was nothing! These people were the truly great ones!

In the evening, everyone finally exited the public roads and arrived in a tiny town beneath Wumen Valley. The town had the police to maintain order, and everything was still alright. There was only a lack of food and water. No one had died or was heavily injured, but no one dared to stay in their house either.

At that moment, they heard the rumbling sounds of engines as a squadron of helicopters flew over.

"What are you waiting for? Help unload!" CO Qi sent his soldiers who had been running for kilometers scurrying towards the descending helicopters. By the side, Jiang Jun was already foaming from fatigue as he cursed. "Are... Are these people mad? We are all humans, not machines. I need to catch a breather..."

Jiang Jun had always felt that he had an excellent physical constitution. He ran five kilometers daily with loaded weights, but compared to these soldiers, he suddenly realized that although in terms of stamina, he was about the same, but when it came to tenacity, he was far inferior! Looking at the soldiers' young faces, he could see all of them were giving their all! Despite being utterly exhausted to the point of not being able to get up, they would grit their teeth and get up upon receiving orders and follow.

Fangzheng was still in good shape. Having been cleansed with Buddhistic aura and receiving the augmentation of the System, he could be said to be a humanoid beast. His stamina was naturally outstanding. He patted Jiang Jun, indicating that he should get some rest before following to help in unloading the supplies.

Upon seeing this, Jiang Jun clenched his teeth and roared. He stood up as well and ran over to help, carrying crates after crates.

Although everyone was thirsty and hungry, there was no plundering. And with the police and administrators organizing the crowds, everyone waited by the side in an orderly fashion. The soldiers quickly unloaded the supply crates and allowed someone in charge to hand it out.

After taking a great deal of effort to unload the supplies, even CO Qi was exhausted to the point of debilitation. He sat beside Fangzheng and looked at the calm Fangzheng who didn't seem to be out of breath at all. "Master, you are a freaking monster!"

Just moments earlier, it had been the same. It was already extremely impressive if a person could carry two cartons of mineral water after expending a lot of stamina earlier, having run from morning to evening. Even a strongman would crumble. Although the monk had also carried two cartons at a time, he had run like the wind. He had come and gone with an extremely fast speed and great efficiency, so fast that he made up for half the company! Furthermore, this guy still wasn't exhausted at all!

Although the soldiers didn't say a word, they looked at Fangzheng as though they were looking at a monster.

CO Qi had been holding back, but now, being able to have a breather, he began teasing Fangzheng.

Fangzheng smiled. "Amitabha, This Penniless Monk has been practicing martial arts from a young age. So This Penniless Monk's stamina is still not bad."

"There's no need to say anything. I'm utterly impressed." CO Qi looked at the orderly line and smiled for the first time.

At that moment, a woman split off from the crowd before frantically running over, shouting, "Officer! Officer! Help! There was an aftershock that burst a small water dam on the mountain. The bridge at Fuguang Primary School has been washed away, and the students can't get out!"

"Fuguang Primary School is a resettlement site. Its field is rather wide, but now that the path to it has been cut off by water... If any accident were to happen, we wouldn't be able to rescue them in time," a policeman hurriedly added when he heard the woman.

"Men, get up! Head for Fuguang Primary School!" CO Qi did not even hesitate and got up immediately, even though Fangzheng noticed that CO Qi's legs were trembling!

"Amitabha, This Penniless Monk shall go too!" Fangzheng got up as well.

"Me too!" Jiang Jun exclaimed, but he failed to get up despite trying twice!

Fangzheng patted Jiang Jun on the shoulder. "Help is needed here as well. Patron, stay behind. If there's any danger, help hold out for a moment." Fangzheng's word left many baffled. Jiang Jun was to hold out against any dangers? Was Fangzheng asking him to send himself to his death?Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Only Jiang Jun understood what Fangzheng meant. He nodded to indicate his comprehension.

Fangzheng's abilities had already been proven throughout the search and rescue operation. He had obtained the approval of the soldiers, so he was naturally welcomed when he joined them.

The woman led the way for CO Qi as the troops set off.

It took them an hour going around many twists and turns before everyone arrived in front of Fuguang Primary School when it was already dark.

Indeed, the bridge at its entrance had been washed away. Many students were loitering around the school entrance and didn't dare stray far.

"Thankfully, the heavy flooding has subsided. The water flow is now stable." CO Qi heaved a sigh of relief when he saw this scene.

Fangzheng also gained an understanding from what he saw. Although the bridge had been washed away, the bridge wasn't too huge in the first place. The river wasn't some massive river either. As there was a tiny dam upstream, the sudden surge had washed away the tiny bridge. Now that the flood had subsided, it wasn't too dangerous for an adult even though the water current was strong. But to the children, the waterflow was still fast, and it was deep. Together with the limited visibility, the debris of rock, and aquatic plants in the river, all of this made it rather dangerous.