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643 This Monk Is About to Die

 The time that followed seemed extremely long. Many people took out their cell phones before putting them away again. They waited where they were in anxiety for rescue to arrive.

Fangzheng would walk between the two groups, calming some worried or panicking people, especially a few children. They were clearly scared out of their wits as their faces were pale.

Some people sat in a corner, watching videos they had recorded on their phones, wailing as their family members appeared on the screen.

There were chasms on both sides, and rocks were falling from the sky. With the passage of time, everyone's mood gradually entered a precipitous drop. Thankfully, Fangzheng's Diamond Body Protection Spell would occasionally show its might, letting everyone see that they were protected by divine powers which made them see hope. In addition, with the help of Jiang Jun, the tour guide, and the driver, the crowd did not suffer a mental breakdown from the repeated aftershocks.

A few hours later, they heard a shout from the distance. "Anyone up ahead?"

This shout seemed to stir up a pond of stillness. Everyone immediately got up!

Jiang Jun immediately charged up the pile of rocks and looked at the other end of the cut-off road. As he thought, a group of soldiers in uniforms was there! In an instant, Jiang Jun's eyes moistened. For the first time, he found the military uniform f**king cool!

"Yes! We have 92 people here!" Jiang Jun yelled.

"Everyone, don't worry. Make sure to protect yourselves. We will think of ways to rescue you!" shouted the soldier.

Jiang Jun nodded.

At that moment, the bespectacled man also came over and when he saw the soldiers across the chasm, he wailed in joy. They were finally about to be rescued! He saw hope!

Fangzheng hurriedly brought him down as it was dangerous on the pile of rocks. Another aftershock could very well make him lose his footing and send him tumbling down the mountain. Fangzheng was unsure if the Diamond Body Protection Spell could withstand such a tremendous fall.

After the crowd was certain the army was there to rescue them, tears immediately overwhelmed them. Although they were protected by the Diamond Body Protection Spell with the miraculous monk and received Jiang Jun's constant cheering, who could guarantee that the road they were on wouldn't collapse? What would happen when that happened? Horror existed the entire time, even though there were people sharing their burden who prevented them from focusing on it. They knew that their lives were in danger for every second they remained there!

Thankfully, the military troops were there. With the arrival of the soldiers, all of them truly saw hope.

When they saw the first soldier appear before them, they subconsciously ignored his age. In their eyes, these men in military attire were their pillars of support! This was an unprecedented feeling. They had never felt that soldiers were this adorable and reliable before.

With the help of the troops, people were quickly sent across the chasm and were evacuated by dedicated troops.

However, there was an exception.

"I'm Jiang Jun, a policeman of the people. Requesting permission in joining the search and rescue!" Realizing that everyone was about to leave, Jiang Jun suddenly stopped and said to a military officer.

"Policeman?" The person across him was a Commanding Officer (CO). He wore a look of shock as he had never expected a policeman would be there.

"Yes!" said Jiang Jun.

"Alright, we are indeed short of manpower. Join us." CO Qi didn't stand on ceremony and immediately agreed.

Jiang Jun immediately joined the troops.

Fangzheng immediately followed as Jiang Jun said in surprise, "Venerable One, you are joining as well?"

Fangzheng nodded and said, "Saving a life is better than building a seven-storied pagoda. How can This Penniless Monk not come?"

Realizing that this miraculous monk was planning on joining, Jiang Jun was overjoyed. He had experienced the might of Fangzheng's spell, and it was definitely a life-saving divine power.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

However, CO Qi was doubtful of the white-robed Fangzheng's abilities.

However, with Fangzheng's express of interest in joining, along with Jiang Jun's vouching for him, CO Qi nodded and said, "You can follow, but you must not fall out. If you fall out, I'll immediately send you packing! Venerable One, this is a search and rescue operation, not a joke!"

"Patron, don't worry. If This Penniless Monk isn't able to follow, he will leave on his own accord."

CO Qi nodded. "We are an engineering company and are in charge of building simple bridges and ropes to help scout for the troops behind us. We are also responsible for emergency rescue cases, and indeed, we are short of manpower. If both of you really wish to help, let me thank you here ahead of time."

"Everyone is accounted for. Full speed ahead!" With CO Qi's command, the soldiers bridged the second chasm with ropes. They began crawling across the ropes with great familiarity and skill. When it reached Jiang Jun's turn, he did not back down either. He stretched his back and followed closely behind.

CO Qi took the lead and wasn't worried for Jiang Jun. It was obvious at a glance that Jiang Jun frequently trained himself and was quite accomplished. Crossing ropes was just a matter of seconds. But he wasn't so sure about the ridiculously fair monk. He looked too fair, and he didn't seem to have any toned muscles. Instead, he looked like a pampered scion. The ropes were the first challenge he had for Fangzheng. If Fangzheng couldn't cross the ropes, he would definitely send him packing. A search and rescue operation was not something that could be accomplished on kindheartedness alone. Without the ability to handle everything, it would only lead to danger.

But when CO Qi turned to look, he was stunned. He realized that Fangzheng stood in front of the rope without following him.

CO Qi frowned. Was this monk afraid?

When a soldier saw this, he shouted, "Venerable One, if you can't do it, return first!"

"We don't have much manpower. We can't distract ourselves to take care of you," another soldier shouted. They were not belittling Fangzheng. On the contrary, in the face of a natural disaster, someone who dared to join the rescue efforts was worthy of everyone's respect. What they said was simply the truth. They needed more professional and strong team mates, not burdens.

However, Fangzheng remained motionless. He was waiting, waiting for everyone to cross the ropes. After all, his methods were different from the soldiers'. That was just too much of a waste of time.

CO Qi frowned and said to a person beside him, "Ma You, send the monk back later."

"But... CO..." Ma You was a little unwilling. He still wished to save more people. To be sent back pissed him off!

"This is an order!" CO Qi glared at Ma You who immediately saluted and shouted, "Yes, Sir!"

At that moment, Jiang Jun got off the ropes, being the last person.

CO Qi said, "Ma You, go over."

Ma You sighed helplessly and was preparing to return.

At this moment, someone exclaimed.

"What's that monk trying to do?"

"Fangzheng!" Jiang Jun jumped in fright as he exclaimed.

CO Qi and Ma You looked over and saw Fangzheng raise up his robe, and with a deep breath, he suddenly accelerated! With one foot, he stepped onto the rope!

"Is he mad!?"

"This is a soft rope. With such strong winds, and if an aftershock tremor were to happen... Even an acrobat would not be able to cross it."

Many people widened their mouths as they clenched their fists. There was only one thought on their minds-This monk was about to die!