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 Watching the two women's backs, everyone shook their heads in unison. What had they done earlier? Yet now they asked for help? Indeed, people could be suspicious, but one shouldn't come to conclusions without understanding the situation. Everyone also secretly rejoiced that they had not mocked Fangzheng like Sis Liu and Lin Meiyu.

All of them subconsciously touched the spot between their brows. Their original panic completely faded away, and smiles began appearing on their faces.

However, Jiang Jun wore a look of stupefaction, shock, and mixed emotions. But ultimately, he did not say a thing.

When Fangzheng heard someone shouting behind him, he held onto the tour guide who nearly fell because of the aftershocks for a moment, but he did not turn back.

"Venerable One, someone is shouting for you," said the tour guide, Cheng Yihan.

Fangzheng smiled. "Let's continue. The Dharma isn't readily instructed. If they missed the opportunity, so be it. How can one have everything at a whim? This Penniless Monk's divine powers can only be given to the fated."

Fangzheng didn't keep his voice down. When Sis Liu and Lin Meiyu heard that, their hearts palpitated, and they turned even more flustered and worried.

The duo had come running, to the point of dropping a shoe without even stopping. Although the shoe was valuable, their life was even more valuable! Qin Lan had used facts to prove how miraculous the spell was. It was equivalent to having a second life. To survive, they naturally didn't care about anything.

The two chased up to Fangzheng before he got far. They stopped him and Cheng Yihan.

"Miss Liu, what are you doing?" Cheng Yihan frowned and asked unhappily. She had not seen the miracle that had happened to Qin Lan and thought that the two problematic tourists were there to cause trouble again.

"Master, we were wrong. Please augment us with that spell," Sis Liu pleaded.

Fangzheng shook his head and said, "There are limited opportunities. Missing it means missing it. Go back. There are more people there, and everyone can help, which will allow you to safely survive this ordeal."

WIth that said, Fangzheng led Cheng Yihan past the duo. At that moment, the aftershocks happened again. Sis Liu and Lin Meiyu grabbed Fangzheng's feet in fright as they wailed. "We don't want to die. Save us, save us!"

Fangzheng was left helpless. They weren't dead yet, so did they need to go that far?

Cheng Yihan wore a look of puzzlement. Was the spell that powerful? To the point of making these two beg Fangzheng?

Seeing the two unwilling to release their hands as they kowtowed repeatedly after the aftershocks, Fangzheng finally sighed. Although the two had missed their opportunity, for them to kneel while kowtowing and pleading, it showed how sincere they were. That was also an opportunity. Previously, Fangzheng was giving out of goodwill, but now, it was only after pleas! In a way, this was teaching them a lesson.

With this in mind, Fangzheng augmented the duo with a Diamond Body Protection Spell each. The two were extremely grateful. After kowtowing again, they turned and left.

"Venerable Fangzheng, is that spell really so useful?" Cheng Yihan asked.

Fangzheng smiled without a word. This only left Cheng Yihan even more puzzled.

After crossing over a huge pile of rocks, they saw another bus. This bus was luckier. It had not been hit by any boulders, and the driver and tour guide had organized the tourists to disembark the bus. They were scattered around, however, and they were also in chaos.

With Cheng Yihan taking care of the communication, it made things a lot simpler. However, there were too many people on both sides. It wouldn't be suitable for all of them to be together. On the contrary, it was easier to augment everyone with Diamond Body Protection Spells since there was no one like Sis Liu around.

After settling everyone in place, Fangzheng looked forward again. The road ahead had been cut off as well. There were no other cars in the distance, and Fangzheng heaved a sigh of relief. He found a spot without anyone around and took out his cell phone to check on the news. He wanted to know the situation outside. With this, Fangzheng did not dare draw for other divine powers, since the divine power given by Divine State would be replaced with the newest one. Although the Diamond Body Protection Spell wasn't the best divine power to handle their predicament, it wasn't a bad one. Who knew if Fangzheng would get a better one if he kept trying his luck. Therefore, if everyone was to be rescued, it would have to be with the government's help.

He unlocked his cell phone and checked the news. Instantly, there was a huge pop-up video on his screen.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Fangzheng tapped it and saw many private cars stopping by the side of a road. Traffic police vehicles sped past them with their sirens blaring. Behind them were the army!

There were more than ten thousand comments in the comment section of the video!

"The traffic police nearby have opened up roads in response to the earthquake at Wumen Valley. The military is doing its best to engage in a search and rescue. All private cars on the road are giving way! How moving!"

"This is how a great country should act! Our country doesn't engage in wars or bullying, but when it comes to saving us commoners, they are the first to the scene!"

"All the best, my country!"

"All the best to our fellow men at Wumen Valley!" These were well-wishes written in Traditional Chinese, written by netizens across the straits.


Upon seeing this, Fangzheng was relieved. The nation's rescue teams were sent out in full force, and they would soon arrive.

At that moment, another video was released. Fangzheng looked around and realized that there hadn't been anymore earthquakes. Furthermore, everyone was augmented with the Diamond Body Protection Spell. He didn't need to worry about them; therefore, he continued tapping it to watch more.

The video showed the mountain road that led into the mountains. There were many parts of the road that had been sealed off by rubble. Furthermore, the cars that were coming in and out blocked the way, completely incapable of giving way. Army troops jogged through the tiny cracks as an army officer kept shouting, "Hurry! Quick! Faster! Earthquakes wait for no one. Every second you save means one more person rescued!"

He could see the soldiers panting with sweat all over their bodies; however, they were clenching their teeth and running as fast as they could.

There were captions beneath the video: "These are the soldiers of a camp two mountains away. They immediately set off without any support after they received orders, crossing two mountains to engage in the search and rescue operation. Everyone, remember their faces. Under the solemn army uniforms are young faces! Yet they are our heroes."

When Fangzheng saw this, he felt moved. These soldiers were people too, and they were unlike Fangzheng who didn't face the risk of death. The earthquakes would not show mercy either. If a rock fell down, their bodies of flesh and blood could not withstand it! By entering the region, it was equivalent to them handing their lives to fate! They could end up sacrificing themselves at any moment. Yet, they were there, and they had rushed there even. There was no hint of hesitation, and they even tried their best to come as fast as they could.

There were hundreds of comments instantly!

"The People's Army!"

"We usually don't see them, but they are always on the front lines when disaster hits!"

"They are still children..."

"I'm a veteran soldier. I wish to say that they are not children! They are heroes! From the moment they donned their uniforms, they knew that they might end up sacrificing themselves at any moment. Perhaps there hasn't been any war in these times of peace, but natural disasters are equally heartless. Pray that my comrade-in-arms can return safely."

"Any voluntary organizations in Wumen Valley? We want to help in the rescue!"

"I'm going too. It's not too far from me. My family runs a supermarket. I can provide food and water."

"I sell military supplies. I can provide some tents."

"I'm a truck driver. I'm currently unloading cargo. If there's any need for me to transport people or things, call 138********"

"I'm a student. Is there anything I can do?"