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637 Rumble!

 Sitting beside Sis Liu, Lin Meiyu nodded and continued. "That's right. Before I came, I even checked the guides. One has to be careful in doing anything."

"Look at what all of you are saying. It's as if there's no one good left in the world. If it's really that chaotic, Wumen Valley would have been raided clean by now, right? I've been to many places, and every time, people will say how bad it is, but when I'm there, it's not as bad as the Internet described it to be," said Qin Lan with a frown.

"Little Girl, that's because you are lucky and didn't encounter such cases. If you do, huge trouble will befall you. I even heard of people going on vacation and ending up having their legs broken because they refused to buy the peddler's wares."

The moment that was said, Lin Meiyu curled her lips and said, "I heard of that too. It was mentioned by some influencer on the Internet. How terrifying."

At that moment, Jiang Jun could no longer hold back as he said, "That's all fake news. The police have already determined that the person who took that photo was a misattribution. It was a picture of two people fighting for personal reasons somewhere else, resulting in one of them having their legs broken. It wasn't a tourist destination..."

"How do you know? Anyway, that's what everyone says. Besides, what you just mentioned was said by the officials, by the police. Why would I believe in it?" The bespectacled man seemed to be hostile towards the police as he immediately shouted.

The moment that was said, everyone immediately echoed him.

"That's right. The police these days have no credibility. Those good-for-nothings only harm the public. If they have any skill, it has to be in eating and taking bribes. I've never seen a cop with a sense of righteousness. The police these days are all wolves in sheep's clothing," said Sis Liu angrily.

Lin Meiyu appeared to be Sister Liu's disciple as she added her opinion. "That's right! The police these days don't serve the public!"

The others were also incited as they began talking about the unbecoming actions of the police that they had heard about or about how messy the tourist attractions were. In this wagging of tongues, Fangzheng realized that the entire world had darkened.

Qin Lan tried arguing twice but was deemed a naive girl. All of them kept having the condescending attitude of dismissing her while propping themselves up as the bastions of knowledge. They even began lecturing Qin Lan as if it was for her own good.

Finally, Qin Lan put on her earphones and did not say a word.

Jiang Jun did not say a word either.

Fangzheng remained silent the entire time, sitting there quietly as though he was listening, but it also appeared as if he wasn't listening to anything. This garnered Jiang Jun's attention, but he soon shut his eyes to sleep after being infuriated by the rest.

Fangzheng discovered that not only Jiang Jun was angry. The guide sitting right in front of the bus was wearing an ugly expression as well. She was a young lady and looked like she had just graduated from university. She had a ponytail and wore a pale yellow hat. She wasn't considered pretty, but neither was she ugly. She lowered her head and was crumpling the tiny flag she held in her hand.

It was the driver of the bus who was pissed as he shouted angrily. "Quieten down! I'm driving! Stop making a din on the highway. If I'm distracted, all of us will fall off the cliff!"

When the bespectacled man and Sis Liu heard that, they immediately felt disgruntled. They had been singing in tune with each other, leading the entire bus on a topic of their choice. It was as if they were the bosses of this travel group, so how could they allow this prestige to dissipate so easily? Just as they were about to say something, Fangzheng commented. "This cliff sure is deep."

The driver harrumphed and said, "A few hundred meters deep. Your bones won't even be found if you fall down the cliff."

Upon hearing this, the bespectacled man, Sis Liu, and Lin Meiyu looked out the window. Upon seeing the deep chasm, they shuddered, swallowing the argumentative words they were about to say.

However, people were still in discussion. Fangzheng could still hear how bad the police were, the deplorability of tour guides, and how dodgy the tourist attractions were...

With regards to this, Fangzheng shook his head gently. Some people liked to cover their eyes and claim how evil the world was, but they never thought of removing their hands to see the world. Although Fangzheng knew this, he did not debate them. As Zen Master One Finger once said, "Do not attempt to debate a group of people. Because no matter if you win or lose, they will not believe you."

About an hour later, everyone turned louder when they saw that the driver wasn't bothered with their conversations. The conversations reached a lively state as nearly all sorts of gossips were shared. It didn't matter if it was real or if it was just an anecdote that didn't happen to them, they would pour it all out.

Jiang Jun's anger grew as he listened to all of it, but he ultimately did not say a word.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

At that moment, the bus suddenly started trembling.

The bespectacled man nearly fell from his seat as he bellowed angrily. "Driver, what the hell are you doing?"

Just as he said that, he heard the driver shout. "Wear your seatbelts!"

Almost at the same time, he slammed his foot on the emergency brakes.

Many of the tourists who had not fastened their seatbelts were thrown into the air. Just as a man in front of Fangzheng flew up, Fangzheng reached out his hand and held him back in his spot.

Even a woman beside Jiang Jun flew out. Similarly, Jiang Jun hugged her to keep her from flying out, but due to the abruptness of the braking, the momentum was just too great. Jiang Jun was unlike Fangzheng with his immense strength. He was unable to fully protect the woman who continued flying out. However, with Jiang Jun hugging her, she was not seriously injured.

The moment the bus stopped, the tourists flared up as they yelled, "Driver, are you mad!?"

"Do you know how to drive?"

"Who the hell drives like that?"


Just as everyone was working out a din, a white figure charged forward. Everyone saw a monk run to the driver and release his safety belt. Under the driver's shocked gaze, he was yanked out like a chick and thrown to the bus aisle.

Everyone imagined that the monk had attacked the driver out of rage because of his sudden braking and was about to cheer him on when...

The driver was infuriated. The monk was just too unreasonable and when he almost cursed, "You f**king..."

There was a loud bang!

A huge boulder fell down and slammed into the metal frame of the bus. The spot where the driver originally sat had been flattened!

At that instant, all the cheering came to a stop while the driver swallowed back his curses too.

At the same time, a huge boulder in front of the bus sealed off the road. Similarly, boulders rolled down behind them. Instantly, both sides of the road were blocked!

It was only then that everyone jolted to their senses. Sis Liu exclaimed. "An earthquake! It's an earthquake!"

As though responding to Sis Liu, the ground quaked once again. Rubble constantly fell from the mountaintop, pattering the bus loudly. It left everyone shaking in fear as they silently prayed that no boulder would smash into the bus...

There was panic and fear everywhere. The only person who didn't panic was Fangzheng.

Fangzheng had known that it was only a matter of time before something happened to these people. That was why he had his Heavenly Eye activated the entire time. Although he did not pin his hopes on seeing anything, it was better than nothing.

Only just moments ago-before the boulder came crashing down-Fangzheng suddenly saw the scene of a boulder falling onto the driver's location, smashing him to death! Fangzheng had thus charged forward without hesitating and yanked the driver out of his seat. And the facts proved that although his Heavenly Eye's level was low and unable to see the entire situation, it was still able to see things an instant before danger loomed.