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625 Worth Several Cities

 "You do have a good eye. In a while, don't hold back and just say it directly!" Lin Tai laughed.

"A piece of cake! A monk dares go against you? What a joke! Watch me deflate his arrogance," said Song Tianqiao proudly.

Lin Tai became even happier. Li He and Cui Jiandong were sucking up to the side, so they felt even more zealous.

Far away from them, Liu Ying asked Lin Xi out of curiosity, "Who's that?"

"His name is Song Tianqiao. He's a partner who collaborates with my father's company. He's supposedly a very famous architect in the province. He does a lot of research on antiques and buildings that have existed since ancient times. He has his own company, but they usually only do the design and have no participation in the construction process. To get them to build a building, you have to offer a price several times what their peers ask, so you can forget about it! One of our landmarks in the province was designed by them. They are very impressive," Lin Xi said that as her eyes flickered. Clearly, her young maiden heart was thumping quickly.

"That impressive?" Liu Ying was shocked. Lin Tai's impressiveness stemmed from his father, but according to Lin Xi, Song Tianqiao was capable himself! These were two different concepts. Liu Ying could not help but look at Song Tianqiao in a different light.

"Of course, my brother is being quite an a**hole by getting Song Tianqiao here. This monastery's foundation will probably be dug up by him. The monk will be in for a bad time. If this fellow had taken a step back and given my brother face, it would not have caused the situation to develop into this. Great, now his bit of pride will become a laughing stock." Lin Xi felt sad for the monk since he was rather handsome.

Liu Ying turned a little worried as well, but after recalling Fangzheng's arrogance, she immediately abandoned those thoughts. She felt that Fangzheng deserved being taught a lesson or he would never be able to realize reality.

By the side, Lin Tai shouted out to them as they gathered together and walked towards One Finger Monastery.

From afar, Fangzheng was standing at the door studying two tiny trees. Lin Tai pricked up his brows. How could the person he wanted to trample over not be by his side?

Therefore, Lin Tai shouted out. "Fangzheng, why don't you play the role of a host since friends are here?"

Fangzheng turned to look. If it were just Lin Tai and the other guys, he naturally wouldn't bother. However, Liu Ying was around, so he couldn't just ignore them. He still felt a little apologetic for the past. The karma he had indebted from her years ago needed to be returned.

With this in mind, Fangzheng walked over.

Lin Tai immediately introduced Song Tianqiao to Fangzheng. Fangzheng nodded as a greeting. Since he was there to bring him trouble, Fangzheng naturally wouldn't welcome him with a smile.

Song Tianqiao couldn't be bothered with Fangzheng either. From his point of view, only Lin Tai and Lin Xi had the right to be considered his friends. The others were nothing, even Liu Ying. He only graced her with a look because of Lin Tai. Being rich and young, he was high-spirited and thought highly of himself. He thought nothing of Fangzheng. Since he was there to make trouble for Fangzheng, it did not matter if he did it early or late.

Amid a conversation, the group arrived under the bell and drum towers.

Lin Tai shot a glance at Fangzheng. "Abbot Fangzheng, why don't you introduce this to us? This bell tower looks good. From the looks of it, it's worth quite a lot."

Fangzheng really didn't know how much the bell tower cost. However, he still knew a little about the bell hanging on it. Therefore, he nodded and said, "It's said to be worth several cities."

"Pfft!" Li He burst out laughing when he heard that. He could not see the bell from his angle. All he saw was the bell tower and the fence around it. He thought nothing of the edge of the Yongle Bell he saw.

Cui Jiandong roared with laughter. "Fangzheng, aren't you being too much of a braggart? This bell tower is priceless? Hahaha! Then wouldn't my house be worth the Earth?"

Standing behind, Liu Ying and Lin Xi shook their heads. The monk was already addicted to bragging... How did he dare say such things? A bell tower worth several cities? Did he think that this was an international heritage artifact?

Lin Tai smiled. "Brother Song, it looks like this classmate of mine has been fooled by others. Why don't you take a look?"

Song Tianqiao nodded. "There are too many scammers in this day and age. Since I'm here, I'll help this young monk do it pro bono on account of Brother Lin."

With that said, Song Tianqiao shot a glance at Fangzheng. He realized that he looked calm as he was smiling at him. It was as though he wasn't afraid of being exposed.

"I want to see where you get your confidence!" Song Tianqiao sneered. Although he had not taken a careful look, he could tell that there were many flaws in the workmanship and materials of the bell tower.

Song Tianqiao ignored Fangzheng and walked around the bell tower. He looked from bottom to top, but only studied the workmanship at the bottom. He shook his head and walked back without taking another look. He said directly, "This should be the work of Jingwen Studios from Black Mountain City. The techniques used are done by some old masters I'm familiar with. Their skills aren't bad, but they're still far inferior to the true masters of the province. As for the chosen materials, they were chosen properly, but the materials aren't old and quite ordinary. They can't be considered as top-grade materials. Your bell tower would cost about 1.8 million. If that is worth several cities, I'll eat this bell tower!"

Lin Tai was immediately delighted when he heard that. He shot a glance at Fangzheng and smiled. "My old classmate, it looks like you have been duped. Aiyah. People should go out more often to see the world. One shouldn't hide in a well and not know how big the world outside is. Don't be fooled to think that it's worth several cities when someone brings you something crappy. About this... To be honest, my three-year-old nephew wouldn't even believe it."

On the contrary, Fangzheng was quite impressed with Song Tianqiao. He was able to say so much from a few looks. However, couldn't this guy make his appraisal after seeing everything?

Seeing Fangzheng remain silent, Lin Tai felt that Fangzheng was so embarrassed that he couldn't say a word. Therefore, he asked, "Fangzheng, how much does that drum tower cost?"

Fangzheng said without a thought, "Worth several cities."

"Hahaha!" The moment Fangzheng said that, Lin Tai, Cui Jiandong, and Li He, as well as Song Tianqiao, roared with laughter.

Liu Ying looked at Fangzheng, having expected better from him. She had never seen someone so foolish! He had been exposed, but he kept insisting. Worth several cities? Don't you feel the pain from having received a slap? Do you want to continue being hit? How can you be so thick-skinned? She had no idea how she could even help.

Lin Xi covered her tiny face and did not look further. She was now beginning to doubt her own taste. The monk was handsome, but wasn't he a little too silly? Although there was some cuteness in his silliness.

"Brother Song, it looks like this classmate of mine was duped quite badly. Why don't you take another look?" said Lin Tai in high spirits.

Song Tianqiao shook his head. "There's no need. The drum and bell tower were built the same way. It's obvious that they were made by the same hands. The price should be about the same. As for this classmate of yours... This is the first time I'm seeing someone so foolish that it's kind of cute. He still doesn't realize what's going on even now."

Lin Tai patted Fangzheng on the shoulder and said, "My dear classmate, wake up. Think about it. Ignoring this tiny monastery, even Baiyun Monastery would not have someone donate a building worth cities. You are just too naive."

"That's right. Fangzheng, shouldn't you be thanking Brother Lin and Brother Song? Without them telling you this, you would still be left in the dark. It's good that we were the ones discovering this. If you were exposed by others, wouldn't you become a huge laughing stock?" Cui Jiandong said with a laugh.

Li He patted Fangzheng on the shoulder. "Fangzheng, what are your thoughts. Tell us."

The few of them looked at Fangzheng with a teasing look. They yearned to see what Fangzheng would say in his embarrassment.

However, Fangzheng swept his gaze at them and said with a smile, "Have you ever heard of this story?"

"What story?" everyone asked subconsciously

"Buying the casket without the jewels."

Song Tianqiao was instantly enraged. Was he doubting his professionalism?

Before Song Tianqiao could say a word, Fangzheng continued. "Go on up and then tell me what it's worth!"

Song Tianqiao looked at Fangzheng who looked back at him calmly. As their gazes locked, Song Tianqiao realized that he couldn't see any anger in Fangzheng. He saw a calmness like the sea, and amid the calmness was infinite coldness. It was as though he was nothing worth mentioning in Fangzheng's eyes.

Song Tianqiao clenched his teeth. "Alright, don't think of using some high-quality imitation to fool me. I'll be making sure that all your skeletons are dug up and make you convinced!"

With that said, Song Tianqiao turned around and climbed up the bell tower!

When Lin Tai saw this, he sneered. "Fangzheng, would someone really donate an item worth several cities to a crappy mountain like yours? Let's not even say that it's worth several cities. If this bell tower is worth more than ten million, I'll crawl down the mountain!"

Li He echoed him. "Boss Lin, if this bell tower is really worth a lot, I'll crawl too!"

It was the moment for them to display their loyalty, so Cui Jiandong immediately said, "I'll crawl too!"

Liu Ying and Lin Xi exchanged looks. There was disappointment in their eyes. The monk had gone overboard with his boasting. They might have believed it if he had said how much the bell tower was worth. After all, Fangzheng had not lied previously. But now? Worth several cities? How could that be possible? Did he think his monastery was the biggest in the world? Even if it was, it probably wouldn't enjoy such privileges.

Just as everyone was waiting for a good show to play out, they suddenly heard an exclamation from up the bell tower. "How is this possible!?"

Then, they saw Song Tianqiao walk down the bell tower with a look of disbelief.

Upon seeing Song Tianqiao's expression, Lin Tai immediately felt an ominous foreboding, so he hurriedly asked, "Brother Song, how was it?"

Fangzheng smiled as he looked at Song Tianqiao. "Patron, what's the value of This Penniless Monk's bell tower?"

Song Tianqiao shot a glance at Lin Tai and then at Fangzheng before giving a rueful smile. He immediately bowed and said, "I was blind. Master, your bell tower is worth several cities!"

"What!?" The moment that was said, Lin Tai and company were collectively dumbfounded.

Liu Ying and Lin Xi widened their eyes with a look of disbelief. Liu Ying was completely confused by how the poor Fangzheng could suddenly obtain a new lease on life.

Lin Xi covered her tiny mouth and wore a look of incredulity. She suddenly discovered that the monk was quite fascinating. From the first moment she met him unitl now, he had given them more shocks than pleasant surprises.