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618 Finding Fleas

 The dream scene shattered the next moment as Zhao Yuhe suddenly opened his eyes. The originally dazed and confused him suddenly had zeal and hope fill his eyes. He looked at Fangzheng as Fangzheng nodded his head in a gesture.

Zhao Baolin walked over and patted Zhao Baolin's and Chai Hong's shoulders.

Zhao Baolin and Chai Hong looked up and saw Zhao Yuhe quickly depict something in sign language. The couple knew sign language, and as they saw what their son was saying, their eyes instantly turned moist.

Zhao Yuhe's words were simple: "Father, Mother, I know everything that happened. But don't worry. This home will not collapse. There's me! Your son is not a good-for-nothing. Your son will take care of you!"

Upon seeing this, Chai Hong wailed as she hugged Zhao Yuhe and sobbed. "My son has grown up. He has grown up. Sob. He has grown up!"

Zhao Baolin, who was somewhat dejected, suddenly had hope ignite in him once again. Although money and a daughter-in-law were important, what else could be more important than having his son rise to his feet? Zhao Baolin grinned.

"Master." Red Boy looked up at Fangzheng.

Fangzheng shook his head slightly and left with Red Boy.

Meanwhile in the Liu Family Village.

"Xiaoran, you are finally back. Let's pack up quickly and leave!" Zhou Shaoxia shouted the moment she saw Han Xiaoran.

"Why the rush?" Han Xiaoran asked when she saw how frantic Zhou Shaoxia was.

"We lost contact with Wang Hu. We're afraid something happened. Let's leave quickly. There might be trouble if we leave late." Han Kunyan dashed out with a huge suitcase.

Noticing that the situation was amiss, Han Xiaoran did not waste time speaking. She rushed out the yard with the duo, but before leaving the compound, she saw a few people at their doorstep. Leading them was none other than Dog Song.

"Hey, where are you guys going?" Dog Song looked at the trio with a smile.

"Dog Song, do we need to tell you where we are going?" Han Xiaoran said angrily.

"It's true you do not have to tell me, but there are people who wish to know. Am I right, Chief?" Dog Song yelled at the top of his lungs.

"Ch... ief?" Han Kunyan, Han Xiaoran, and Zhou Shaoxia were instantly dumbfounded. They saw policemen surround them the next moment! There was nowhere to run!

"Police. What's... What's the meaning of this?" Han Kunyan asked, confounded.

"Dog Song said that he lost something in his house. He said he saw all of you come out from his house. Since there's an eye witness, we have to investigate the matter," Chief Zhang said with a smile.

"Burglary? How could we do that? Besides, there's no need for the Chief to come down personally, right?" Han Kunyan asked.

"It's a small place, and we lack manpower, so I have no choice but to do it myself," said Chief Zhang.

"I'm innocent!" Zhou Shaoxia shouted.

"We can talk about your innocence at the police station. Take them all away!" Chief Zhang waved his hand and arrested the trio. Dog Song also went with them to provide his statement. Of course, his house had not been burgled. He had only found an excuse to send the cheats to the police station. All he wished was that Fangzheng had been speaking the truth, or he would be in trouble.

Han Kunyan, Han Xiaoran, and Zhou Shaoxia immediately wore ashen looks. If Wang Hu was really in trouble, they would probably be put behind bars for a long, long time.

Just as the police left, a group of people ran out of the Liu Family Village. They were the so-called relatives of Han Kunyan. They were running out with bags of various sizes.

However, just as they left the village, they saw a group of people standing outside the village. Seated on a grand chair which was placed at the entrance, a man was tapping his smoke pipe. He was none other than Tan Juguo! He had brought nearly everyone from One Finger Village to surround the Liu Family Village!

"Tan Juguo, what are you all doing?" someone bellowed.

"Nothing. Abbot Fangzheng said that there would be a mass escape today. I came to take a look and indeed, that's what is happening. Everyone, where are you going?" asked Tan Juguo indifferently.

"Run!" someone shouted as the group dispersed in every direction.

"Release the dogs!" Tan Juguo waved his hand as more than twenty native dogs dashed out. One Finger Village's security was mainly upheld with dogs. Although not every family had one, getting more than twenty dogs wasn't a difficult task. As the dogs and humans stopped the crowd, it didn't take long before the entire group was caught.

Moments later, Tan Juguo received a call. Han Xiaoran and company were indeed cheats! Furthermore, this crime was a huge one. They were asked to restrain the group.

Shortly after, lots of policemen came and arrested the group.

Three days later, the village council had an additional plaque. Tan Juguo chuckled as he looked at it and didn't leave the entire day.

One Finger Village was also commended for being a progressive and heroic village. The county government decided once again to disburse more funds to One Finger Village to develop its bamboo carving business. Instantly, the entire village beamed with laughter.

That day, Zhao Yuhe found Lame Ma and officially began learning bamboo carving from him. Just as Fangzheng had said, as someone who was deaf-mute, he could easily immerse himself in the world of bamboo carving. The speed at which he improved astounded even Jiang Zhou. He personally offered to teach Zhao Yuhe bamboo carving. Slowly, Zhao Yuhe's works increased in value. His family situation also improved by the day. Since Zhao Yuhe was no longer held back by any trauma, his skills and other fine qualities finally allowed him to marry a girl from a neighboring village a year later and have a child with her as well.

However, that was a matter for the epilogue. At that moment, Fangzheng had already returned to Mt. One Finger. He sat by a table and watched Squirrel seriously using a tiny carving knife to carve a tiny Frost Bamboo pinecone the size of a fingernail! Squirrel had little experience with the outside world and did not have much exposure to many things. Therefore, most of the works he produced were items from the mountain. After an extended period of learning and practice, the little guy finally decided to embark on a project. This resulted in the Frost Bamboo pinecone.

Fangzheng sat by the side and guided him from time to time.

Red Boy was seated cross-legged on a chair and bobbed about according to a particular melody. He had a few Black Stars in his hands as he enjoyed them.

Not far away, Monkey was helping Lone Wolf find fleas...

"Jingzhen, can you stop disturbing me? I'm a mighty and handsome wolf, right? So how can I have disgusting things like fleas?" Lone Wolf shook his head as he said unhappily.

"Back when I was in the mountains with the other monkeys, everyone helped each other take care of fleas. Although you are bathed with Unrooted Clean Aqua and do not have any fleas, that doesn't prevent me from having the joy of searching for them," said Monkey in all seriousness.

"What do you do after finding fleas? Do you just squash them to death?" asked Red Boy out of curiosity.

Monkey looked up into the sky and after some thought, he said, "No. Typically, we will eat them directly. In fact, they taste pretty good. They taste almost the same as Black Stars."


Red Boy immediately threw the Black Stars in his hand to the side and ran off to vomit.

Monkey and Lone Wolf exchanged looks and smiled. Their plan had worked. They rushed over and picked up the Black Stars and cleaned them out!

When Red Boy returned from his vomiting, he realized that Lone Wolf was sleeping and Monkey was reading some Buddhist scriptures.

Looking back at his bowl, where were his Black Stars?