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615 Shoryuken!

 "Alright, stop making random guesses. I'm pretty sure that monk was just making a passing remark, just like those fortune-tellers you meet on the streets who will say 'Patron, I notice that your glabella seems dark; that's an ominous portent...' We use our bodies to cheat money, while he uses his mouth. There's not that much of a difference," said Han Kunyan.

Han Xiaoran and Zhou Shaoxia nodded in response.

"Continue acting and don't mess up. We will use the reason we agreed upon before when escaping," said Han Kunyan.

"Alright!" Han Xiaoran and Zhou Shaoxia nodded.

At that moment, someone came to inform them it was time for them to prepare for the wedding ceremony. Han Xiaoran took a deep breath and followed.

Everything went very smoothly. Everything looked fine and perfect.

However, there were people smiling on the surface who felt differently deep down.

Han Kunyan, Zhou Shaoxia, and Han Xiaoran were waiting for an opportunity as their eagerness to escape intensified.

As for Zhao Baolin, he was similarly feeling uneasy. His pair of eyes stared at his son and wife, to the point of looking covetous. It was as if he would not be able to see them the next instant. Everyone just felt that his emotions were showing, but no one knew that he was leaving the next day.

After an uneventful night, Han Kunyan and Zhou Shaoxia used the excuse of needing to feed their poultry at home to return at dawn. However, Han Xiaoran stayed behind.

With respect to this, Zhao Baolin and company thought nothing of it.

The Zhao family regained its peace after all the guests were gone. When Zhao Yuhe and Chai Hong looked at Han Xiaoran, they felt like they were seeing their future hope. They began imagining the future and how they would lead it. Have children? Earn money? There were things to look forward to in the days ahead.

While the two were reeling in delight, they did not realize that Zhao Baolin had silently left the yard and boarded a van before heading out the village.

"Master, it's this van, right?" High in the sky, Red Boy looked down at the van and asked.

Fangzheng nodded. "It's that van. Stay close. Oh right, have you dealt with Han Xiaoran?"

"Don't worry. She's planted with my mark. She can run to the end of the world, and I can still bring her back in the blink of an eye," Red Boy patted his chest as he said confidently.

Fangzheng nodded. Although using A Golden Millet Dream would be the easiest way to resolve this problem, this was not a problem pertaining to Fangzheng. No matter how realistic his dream would be, it would be difficult to ensure that Zhao Baolin and Zhao Yuhe remained clear-headed and didn't feel disbelief towards him after they woke up from the dream. Therefore, it was better to let them see the outcome of reality!

The van drove very quickly and soon entered Songwu County. It then took an exit in another direction and entered another village. There was a small factory in the village which had obviously been refurbished. The windows were blocked up by bricks and sealed. Nothing could be seen.

After the van stopped by the factory's entrance, Zhao Baolin and a short, black-clothed man with a golden chain alighted. Behind them were two more men who looked alert as they kept surveying the surroundings.

There were a few people hiding in the houses by the sides who were secretly observing the area. There were two large dogs in the yard. If anyone were to enter, they wouldn't be able to evade the dogs' noses even if they evaded notice by the men. It could be said that the factory looked simple, but it was highly secured. It would be difficult for outsiders to approach without causing a stir. Unfortunately, this was worth nothing when facing an invisible monk and a divine-power-equipped demon king. All precautions were useless against them.

"Brother Zhao, you are a man of your word! Don't worry. We hired the best doctor for you, and we use the most advanced equipment that has all been sterilized. Once the surgery knife slices down, the operation will be over. I guarantee you that you will be no different from before the operation!" said Wang Hu.

"Brother, it's useless saying all of that. I've already agreed to work with you guys." Zhao Baolin had thought things through. His son now had a wife. By doing the surgery and selling his kidney, he would obtain 200,000. With money, the family's future would be much better. As long as he recuperated well and worked hard with Zhao Baolin, their days would only turn for the better.

Therefore Zhao Baolin was very cooperative with Wang Hu, who was at ease when he saw that. He brought Zhao Baolin into a house to the side to have a seat. There were three others in the house, but they were sitting with their heads lowered in silence. From the looks of it, they were also there to sell their kidneys.

Zhao Baolin sat down as Wang Hu whispered, "Brother Zhao, wait here. Once the operation ahead of you ends, it will be your turn. I know you are in a rush, so we pushed the surgery forward. If you have anything you need, feel free to ask."

Zhao Baolin nodded and expressed his gratitude before Wang Hu left.

Wang Hu's henchman was in the house as well. He stood by the door and held a knife in hand which he kept flicking. The way he looked at others was as though he was watching criminals.

The house wasn't big and appeared to be a house which was partitioned into two. There was a green door connecting the two partitions in the middle. Sobbing could be faintly heard across the partition.

Zhao Baolin waited patiently when suddenly, there was a frantic shout from outside. Following that, a name was shouted as the man guarding Zhao Baolin and company immediately rushed out.

Zhao Baolin got up and followed, only to see a person being carried out. The person was yelling incessantly, and the person beside him said, "It's over. He will definitely die. Quickly find a spot to handle him."

"Can he be saved?" someone asked.

"Yes, if he's sent to a big hospital, but we won't be able to save him here. But we would all be doomed if we sent him there. We might as well let him die. After all, no one knows that we came into contact with him. It's good if he dies. We will save tens of thousands," said another person.

"Indeed. We would be losing tons if we gave him tens of thousands for a kidney."

"That fool even thought we would give him 200,000. What an idiot. Hehe."


Upon hearing this, Zhao Baolin felt a jolt. This was because Wang Hu had also told him that he would receive 200,000! But from the conversation outside, it seemed that not only was there the risk of death pertaining to the surgery, the money one could get in the end would be a pittance! That meant that apart from the money he had already received, it was possible he might not get any more!

Most importantly, he had been scammed! And he might even die!

Zhao Baolin felt fear at the thought of death. He was not afraid of lacking a kidney. He just needed to take care of himself and recuperate well to survive. He was old and did not covet much. All he wanted was to be with his family. However, he had no intention to exchange his life for money!

Meanwhile, Fangzheng and Red Boy descended and happened to see Wang Hu and company send the man who had been operated back onto a surgery table.

"Since he's going to die, cut both out," said Wang Hu.

The so-called doctor nodded and immediately began taking action.

"Master?" Red Boy was instantly infuriated when he saw this! He originally believed the ones who quoted outrageous prices for corpses were evil enough, but the ones before him were in no way less bad. They were directly cutting out organs for money!

"Take action!" As Fangzheng ordered, he had already rushed forward himself. He raised his foot and kicked. The "doctor" failed to react in time as his eyes saw a blur before a bald monk appeared. Before he could clearly take note of the monk's features, he saw a huge foot flying at him!


The doctor felt as though his chest had been hit by a truck as he could not help but fly backwards!

"Who is it?" Wang Hu jumped in fright as he roared. However, he felt his trousers being yanked by someone. He looked down and saw a child in a red dudou grinning at him. The boy tipped his toes and shouted, "Shoryuken!"