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596 Well Give You Money

 At that moment, they heard the child shout. "My master said that since all of you love money so much, you should be given more money or you might not have enough to spend in the underworld."

With that said, Red Boy threw out his hands as wads of cash flew into the sky and fluttered into the water.

Ghosthead subconsciously grabbed a note and when he looked at it, he said in surprise, "Brother Bai, this monk is throwing real money!"

"What?" The others were stunned when they heard that. They thought the monk was throwing hell money at them to disgust them, but it seemed he was throwing real money!

Although they were not lacking in money, their greedy nature made them grab the money. As they grabbed the cash, someone suddenly yelled, "My leg cramped! Pull me! Pull me... Save me!"

When people heard that, they tried to help him, only to discover that they had wasted a good deal of strength on grabbing the cash. They would likely perish as well if they were to help their partner. With this in mind, they feigned ignorance and continued swimming towards the bank. The brotherhood they had mentioned at the table of food and drinks was instantly disregarded.

Bai Wenshui also saw this scene, but he did not say a word. He suddenly jolted to his senses and yelled, "Stop taking the money. Quickly get to the bank or we will all die here!"

However, money wasn't something that came and went as you wanted. Money they didn't want soon began pouring at them!

Fangzheng was not really throwing money. It was all an illusion from A Golden Millet Dream. The cash flew around according to his will and landed in the water. It stuck to Bai Wenshui, Ghosthead, Mole, Big Ghost, Little Ghost, and company. It clung to them persistently even when they tried to fling it away! As the money got wet, more and more of the cash stuck to them. They instinctively felt themselves growing heavier. The more strength they used to swim, the more exhausted they became...

"No, I don't want it! I don't want!" When someone saw an additional wad of cash in his hand appear, he immediately suffered a mental breakdown. As he yelled and flailed, he quickly tore the money apart. But no matter how much money he ripped apart, more would stick back to him.

"My master says that if you can't hold it with your hands, your bodies can help." Red Boy's voice sounded once more.

Following that, Bai Wenshui and company realized in horror that the money was beginning to stick to their entire bodies! Upon seeing this scene, Bai Wenshui was scared out of his wits. He could still barely swim if money was stuck to his hands, but if a thick layer of cash stuck to his whole body, he was doomed!

"Master! Spare us! We know our faults!" At that moment, even a fool would know that the monk was no simple person. A water ghost, flying money, drowning, going in circles-all of this was likely conjured by the monk! Bai Wenshui was afraid, and so were Ghosthead, Mole, Big Ghost, and Small Ghost. All of them yelled in unison.

"Stop shouting. Didn't my master say it already? Don't you like money? Don't you enjoy exchanging the lives of others for money? Today, you can use your lives to exchange for money. The more you last, the more money you will gather. All the best! Hahaha!" When Red Boy finished his sentence, he could no longer stifle his laughter. It was delighting him to see such a**holes suffer such an outcome! Therefore, he roared with laughter.

However, his laughter made Bai Wenshui and company break out into a cold sweat. This game was basically killing them!

For the first time Bai Wenshui, Ghosthead, and company felt a little regretful. They had never believed in gods or ghosts. All they had always believed in was money! They had never expected that there would come a day in which a godlike person like this came to them.

"This is karma; if punishment is not forthcoming, it is because the time has not yet come! Enjoy yourselves. I'll be impressed by you if you can swim to the bank," said Red Boy.

"Brother, what do we do?" Ghosthead was gripped with anxiety.

"Swim!" Bai Wenshui clenched his teeth. Despite the increasing amount of money clinging to him, he pushed forward with his teeth clenched. He tried his best to approach the bank, but to his despair, he only swam a few meters even after using all his strength. It was unlike how he was able to easily swim a great distance before. To get to the shore? Difficult, too difficult!

"Master, you are a monk. How can you kill?" Bai Wenshui knew that if the monk didn't speak, they could forget about getting to the shore. If they wanted to live, the monk was key.

"Master, we really know our faults. After we reach the shore, we are willing to donate all our money! We will return it to the victims!" Ghosthead was smart enough to instantly know what the root of the problem was.

Bai Wenshui echoed him. "Yes! We will return all the money we received. In addition, we will fish corpses our entire lives for free! We won't take a single cent!"

"Yes, yes, yes. Master, please spare us!" Mole shouted.

"Master, we know our faults. We are still young. We don't want to die!" Big Ghost shouted.

Little Ghost pleaded. "Master, I really know my faults. Boohoo... I'll never dare to do something like this again. I'd rather return to picking up trash then dare do this. Boohoo!"

Despite hearing their pleas, Fangzheng continued focusing on chanting the scriptures. The actions of these people had completely refreshed Fangzheng's understanding of humans' bottom line. Before seeing these people, he had no idea that a person could be this evil! To be this scheming! If Fangzheng had not taken action today, it was unknown how much longer they would go scot-free and how many more good and innocent lives they would harm.

"Although there are many good people in this world, not one of them is dispensable. The death of one good person cannot be repaid by your deaths a thousand times over. If you really wish to live, struggle to survive until daylight. If someone saves you, This Penniless Monk will give you a chance to repent. If no one saves you, it's simply fated! If people believe that that would be for the best, I'll share their beliefs. How can you not die?" Fangzheng always felt that many things did not need his help. Once the rationale was made clear, he would let people surrender themselves and let the law deal with them. But today, he was truly enraged. His rage had gone beyond the laws of humanity!

Upon hearing Fangzheng say so, the despairing Bai Wenshui, Mole, Ghosthead, Daguang, Big Head, Small Head and company felt like they could see a glimmer of hope. All of them did their best to reduce their energy expenditure. They raised their heads to the sky as they floated above the water's surface in a bid to not sink.

Fangzheng did not say a word when he saw that.

Red Boy wasn't happy at all. "Master, this... Are you really planning on letting them off? They have wreaked immense havoc in Twin River City!"

Fangzheng said, "As you said, they have wreaked havoc in Twin River City. In that case, it's up to the residents of Twin River City to make the decision. Whether they live or die is up to them. However, before that, do this..."

Although Red Boy was unhappy, he took Fangzheng's cell phone and flew into the sky. He walked on the water's surface towards Bai Wenshui and company. He said coldly, "I'll cut to the chase. Confess whatever you have done. Don't think of lying. I can search your souls easily for anything you hide! Whether you live will depend on your honesty."

Upon seeing Red Boy walk across the water, the eyes of Bai Wenshui and company nearly popped out. Although they knew that Fangzheng was magical, they had not seen it for themselves yet. Having seen it with their own eyes now, the visual impact was too great. The last bit of hope in their minds was shattered.