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595 One Boat, One Monk, One Umbrella

 Daguang turned incontinent from his fright!

Bai Wenshui was a little bolder. He picked up a plate and smashed it at Lin Zhixian, but with a wave of his hand, the plate was reduced to smithereens. Then with a stamp of his foot, the ground exploded!

How could Bai Wenshui dare to attack by force when he saw this? He opened the windows and jumped out from them!

Upon seeing this, everyone did the same and began jumping out.

The restaurant was a floating restaurant. Half of it was on shore and the other on the river. Bai Wenshui's VIP room was the best. It was surrounded by water, allowing guests to take in the beautiful vistas. Hence their tragic jumping out the window resulted in all of them splashing into the water one by one.

"Master, what do we do now?" Red Boy asked.

Fangzheng pressed his palms together. "Amitabha. Goodness will be rewarded, and the vice will have an evil recompense. If the punishment is not forthcoming, it is because the time has not yet come."

Red Boy asked, "Is it here now?"

"Yes." Fangzheng's eyes shimmered with a cold glint. Although he could have take action during the day and gotten Red Boy to change any bystander's memories later on, was it really okay to randomly change the memories of others? At the very least, Fangzheng did not wish to do so unless absolutely necessary. From their point of view, no one would wish to have their memories robbed, right?

At present, the evening winds were strong. Without any other people around, he naturally did not have any scruples.

In the water, all Bai Wenshui saw was darkness. However, he was a good swimmer and quickly adapted to the situation. But then, he vaguely saw something swimming in the water. It looked like a person! Although he could not discern it clearly, Bai Wenshui felt creeped out when he recalled his past experiences. He did not dare take another look as he quickly swam towards the shore.

At that moment, a Buddhist proclamation sounded from above. "Amitabha. How much money does it take to save a person?"

Bai Wenshui and company were taken aback as they subconsciously looked up. All they saw was a white-robed monk standing by the window of their VIP room. His head was shining and with the light behind him, they could not make out his face. However, he exuded the feeling of peace and brightness. The light behind him looked like a Buddhist halo.

Although Bai Wenshui could not see his face, he still recognized Fangzheng. He believed that Fangzheng was hounding him for the money. Therefore without much thought, he yelled, "A hundred thousand at least! Monk, it was a fair trade. You handed over the money, we handed over the corpse. What's the meaning of coming all the way here?"

"Amitabha. Patron, since you say that, This Penniless Monk naturally cannot ask for money. Patrons, rest in peace. There's someone behind you." Fangzheng smiled at them.

Bai Wenshui felt a chill in his heart as he felt something tug at his trousers!

Bai Wenshui struggled to swim away out of fright. All he wanted was to reach the bank! However, he soon discovered something amiss. Despite the bank being right in front of him, why were all his attempts at approaching it futile? After swimming for so long, he should have long reached the bank.

"Brother Bai, something's wrong!" Mole shouted.

Bai Wenshui also realized that something was amiss. He shook his head subconsciously when Mole shouted. When he looked at the bank one more time, it was no longer the bank! He realized that he had swum to the middle of the river!

"We're wrong! We swam in the wrong direction!" Bai Wenshui yelled.

This shout snapped everyone to their senses. When they turned their heads, they realized that they were in the middle of the river.

Upon seeing this scene, all of them felt a chill run down their backs. After fishing for corpses for so many years, they obviously knew how dangerous the water could be. No matter how good one's swimming skills were, a human was not a fish. If one stayed in the water for too long, it was hard to guarantee the lack of any mishaps. Death was usually just a moment away.

"Brother Bai, what do we do? We are going in circles!" Ghosthead shouted.

"Swim! Swim towards the bank! Let's do it together, don't split up!" Bai Wenshui felt cold all over as well. He could rest a bit more assured if there were more people around him.

Everyone shared the same idea. None of them dared to split up. They followed Bai Wenshui in swimming to the riverbank. At that moment, a dull thunder rumbled in the gloomy sky. It began drizzling as their moods turned heavy and cold.

At that moment, a boat drifted over from afar. A scripture-chanting voice sounded. "Namu Amitabha..."

Everyone subconsciously looked over and saw the tiny boat. On the boat was a white-robed monk with an oil-skinned umbrella. He held one hand by his chest as he held a string of Buddha Beads between his thumb and index finger. His brows drooped low as he chanted the scriptures softly. Yet, his voice lingered around their ears, and it was rhythmic despite being soft and deep. It was as though he was talking to the dead.

Standing by the monk's side was a child in a red dudou. He looked fair and clean and was holding a huge bag. The bag looked bulky, its contents unknown. From the looks of it, he was likely a child or disciple of the monk.

Sitting on the child's shoulder was a squirrel. The squirrel had its paws together as it opened and closed its mouth, seemingly chanting the scriptures as well.

"A boat!" Little Ghost exclaimed in delight.

"It's that foolish monk from today!" Ghosthead said.

"A monk shouldn't be afraid of ghosts, right?" Big Ghost mumbled.

The moment that was said, Bai Wenshui's eyes lit up. Although he felt that the monk was a little odd, as well as his every appearance being a little strange, he threw that to the back of his head. All he wanted was to live! Therefore, in his ecstatic joy, he cried out immediately. "Monk, here! Save us!"

"Save me!"

"Save me!"

Everyone echoed.

The shouts did attract the monk's attention. However, the monk did not speak. Instead, he continued chanting. Beside him, the child said, "There are many wraiths in the river. My master is chanting the Mantra for Rebirth in the Pure Land to send off the wraiths."

"Wraiths? Send off the wraiths?" Upon hearing the word wraith, everyone felt a shudder due to his conscience.

"Do you wish to be saved?" Red Boy turned his head and looked at them.

"Save me!" Bai Wenshui yelled.

"Sure thing. A hundred thousand a person. You won't be saved if any less is given," Red Boy said.

"How... How could we have so much money?" Ghosthead turned anxious. All of them had jumped out the window, so which one of them could have brought any money with them anyway?

"No money? Then no saving! When you're dead, your family will come. I can still exchange you for money then," Red Boy said with a fake smile.

"You!" Upon hearing that, Bai Wenshui and company turned red with anger. At that instant, they finally experienced the miserable and helpless pain of awaiting death despite rescue being possible.

"You will suffer retribution for turning a blind eye to us!" Mole shouted.

"Retribution? Then what do you think your present predicament is?" Red Boy smiled strangely at Mole.

Bai Wenshui, Mole, Ghosthead, and company shuddered.

"Brother Bai, what do we do?" Ghosthead asked.

"Let's rush to the bank while we still have strength! That thing is nowhere to be seen anymore. It likely didn't follow us," whispered Bai Wenshui. Since Red Boy wasn't saving them, he did not plan on wasting his strength on him.

Therefore Bai Wenshui led the rest and began swimming towards the bank. However, the monk's boat was floating in front of them. Although it did not block their path, the act made him very uncomfortable! This was because he had used this same trick to bring harm to too many people.