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594 Open the Wok

 Fangzheng naturally could not take action in front of so many people, but at this point in time...

The sun was setting in the west. When the final ray of sunshine glinted beneath the horizon, the entire world was once again immersed in darkness. The stars twinkled a bit, but it was as though they feared to completely shine through the darkness.

A row of luxurious cars was parked by a riverside restaurant. Bai Wenshui had happily brought Big Ghost, Little Ghost, Ghosthead, Mole, and company to a private room. Daguang and the other guy had come as well, but the moment they showed their faces, they were mocked...

Everyone took his seat and toasted Bai Wenshui. "Brother Bai! Impressive. Haha, this move is just too impressive!"

Bai Wenshui waved his hands. "Don't count your chickens before they hatch. This move can only be used occasionally and not every day. Using it every day would incur suspicion."

"Ah? It can't be used daily?" Mole said regretfully.

"Don't look glum. It's impossible for there to be children drowning every day. However, if someone drowns while swimming, that has nothing to do with us," Bai Wenshui said with a smile, his eyes narrowed.

Everyone was enlightened when they heard this. They toasted Big Ghost and Small Ghost, who had always lived among ingrates or under the pity of others before. For them to be so respected today, they felt their dignity and vanity greatly satisfied. They were naturally overjoyed. They didn't care if they were underage as they raised their cups and clinked glasses with everyone just as shown on television. They gurgled down the beer and felt their bellies warm up. Their minds turned groggy as all they saw were smiles. They grinned and said, "Thank you, Brothers. We will be a part of you in the future!"

"Nice. Whatever we have, you will have the same. Don't worry." Bai Wenshui patted the two and continued. "In the future, we will mix the two scenarios. If there are people dying by themselves, we will fish them up. If there aren't any, we will pull a few in after a few days by putting on the drowning act. Anyways, we will be busy from now on."

Everyone's eyes lit up when they heard that. What else could earn money faster than this?

Just as everyone was feeling happy, Little Ghost wished to head to the bathroom. Seeing how he was tottering around, Bai Wenshui felt worried for him, so he instructed Ghosthead to accompany him.

Ghosthead led Little Ghost out, and the two came to the door. The moment they opened the door-

"Ah!" Ghosthead let out a scream, nearly falling onto his ass!

"What happened?" Everyone shouted in unison as they turned around.

But there was nothing to be seen at the door.

Ghosthead rubbed his eyes. "I thought I saw... Lin Zhixian."

The moment that was said, Bai Wenshui and company felt a cold gust of wind blow across them, sending their bodies into a chill. At present, the weather was hot, and the wind was always hot all the same. How could there suddenly be a cold gust of air? Perhaps it was the air-conditioner.

Everyone consoled themselves when Daguang cursed. "Get up. Don't speak nonsense."

"Little Ghost, did you see it?"

Little Ghost shook his head.

Ghosthead rubbed his head and mumbled. "It looks like I had too much to drink and imagined things." Ghosthead knew that he had embarrassed himself. He quickly pulled Little Ghost out.

"Quick." Ghosthead stood outside the bathroom.

Little Ghost nodded, entered the bathroom, and unzipped his pants. Just as he was about to relieve himself, Little Ghost suddenly felt as though there was something in the bathroom. When he looked into the toilet bowl, the water was black and murky. Upon taking a careful look, he saw it resembled a black ball of thread. However, why would there be such a thing in the bathroom? Just as Little Ghost was about to observe it carefully, the ball turned to reveal a human face! It was smiling at him, and the smile was extremely dreary!


Little Ghost yelled at the top of his lungs. He knew the face. It was the university student he had drowned earlier that day!

Upon hearing Little Ghost shout, Ghosthead immediately opened the door. Little Ghost turned around and could no longer stop his phallic muscles from releasing the pee. The fright and agitation caused him to pee on Ghosthead!

Just as Ghosthead was about to curse, a head flew out of the toilet bowl!


Ghosthead and Little Ghost were scared out of their wits. They dashed off disregarding everything and quickly returned to the room.

"What are the two of you doing!?" Bai Wenshui berated angrily.

When the duo saw the bright lights in front of them, as well as all the familiar faces, their nervousness and horror gradually calmed down. Little Ghost pointed outside while trembling. "Ghost! We saw a ghost! The person who drowned today came looking for me! Boohoo..."

Little Ghost was a child after all. He broke out into tears due to his fright.

Big Ghost immediately coaxed him.

"Ghosthead, what happened?" Bai Wenshui kept feeling a chill linger around him. Despite switching off the air-conditioning, he still felt cold! He had a nagging feeling that someone was watching him from behind. However, there was nothing but a wall whenever he turned around. There was nothing, yet with the stir Little Ghost and Ghosthead caused, he felt even more creeped out.

"Brother Bai, just... Just now when we went to the bathroom, a human head flew out of the toilet. It was that university student from today," Ghosthead said.

"Are you sure?" Bai Wenshui asked.

Ghosthead nodded.

"Impossible. We have been trawling the waters for so many years, but we have never seen any ghosts. If there were ghosts, would we have lived so freely to this day?" Daguang thought nothing of it.

"But―" Ghosthead was just about to say something when Bai Wenshui stood up. "Let's take a look."

Bai Wenshui absolutely could not permit such paranormal matters to continue. He needed to get to the bottom of this matter. He didn't care for Ghosthead, but if Little Ghost was spooked, it could affect his future plans. Therefore Bai Wenshui dashed straight to the bathroom and searched it inside and out, but he failed to find the ghost Ghosthead had mentioned. Bai Wenshui patted Little Ghost's head and said, "Look, there's no ghost at all."

Little Ghost nodded as well, heaving a sigh of relief.

Everyone returned to the room and could not help but deride Ghosthead and Little Ghost for being cowards. At that moment, Bai Wenshui's younger brother brought in a huge metallic wok. After placing it down, he said with a smile, "Try our new dish! The meat inside this wok is goose meat, and if I may say so myself, the taste is rather fabulous."

Bai Wenshui smiled. "Fabulous? If it's that good, open the wok quickly!"

"Alright!" His brother laughed and removed the wok's lid.

Everyone looked into the wok, and a collective change of expression ensued.


Everyone exclaimed as Bai Wenshui's expression was instantly overwhelmed with horror.

Big Ghost and Little Ghost slumped to the ground in fright.

There was a human head inside the wok! As everyone looked at it, the head turned around and said with a smile, "Eating the money of the dead? Why not eat the dead? Come on..."

"Aaah!" Everyone forgot how to speak. All they could do was let out horrified screams. Mole was the first to lead the charge out as he opened the door.


With a loud thud, Mole slammed into someone before cursing. "Who is- Ghost!"

A headless person stood by the door as blood was spewing out of his neck!

Daguang pushed open a side door in an attempt to escape, but the moment he opened the side door, a person appeared there as well. It was none other than Lin Zhixian. His body was white and bloated. He smiled at them grimly. "Where are you going?"