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593 Heres 100,000

 Although they recognized Fangzheng, everyone shared the same thought as Ghosthead. It was unlikely the monk would continue helping with the redemption of corpses, right? After all, the university student's family had not arrived yet. What if the family wasn't lacking in money?

However, everyone dropped their jaws when Fangzheng nodded! Then, as though he was afraid that no one had understood his intentions, he voiced his confirmation. "This Penniless Monk is willing to pay for it. Patrons, how much do you want?"

"What!?" Bai Wenshui, Ghosthead, and everyone else exclaimed in unison. They looked at Fangzheng as though he was a monster.

Fangzheng looked at Ghosthead and Bai Wenshui with a look of calmth before continuing. "Patrons, how much money is needed before you are willing to hand the corpse over to This Penniless Monk?"

"Heh!" Ghosthead exclaimed in shock before exchanging looks with Bai Wenshui. They read each other's minds-this was a rich monk! He was a monk with overflowing love! He was a huge idiot, the perfect victim for scams! They would feel bad if they did not make a killing at his expense.

Therefore, Ghosthead waved his hand and extended two fingers. "20,000!"

"What? It was 12,000 yesterday. Why is it 20,000 today?" Someone was infuriated.

"Yesterday was yesterday. Today is today. Did you not see the both of us nearly drown? This job was risky, so the price needs to be higher!" Ghosthead replied without backing down.

Before anyone could add on, Fangzheng said first, "Compared to two lives, 20,000 isn't a lot."

"Monk, you got the idea. Compared to human lives, it's indeed not a lot." Ghosthead was amused. It was his first time encountering such an idiot.

Bai Wenshui said, "Monk, how much do you think this person costs?" Bai Wenshui was not asking without reason. He spent his days on the water and earned money from fishing out corpses. He was criticized for this act of earning money from fishing out corpses, so he definitely felt disgruntled towards those comments. If he asked for too much, he got cursed, so now that he encountered someone who was willing to offer a high price, it was the best time to raise his price.


"Well said! According to what you just said, 20,000 isn't enough. 30,000!" said Bai Wenshui.

Fangzheng smiled. "Human life is priceless, but labor has a price. Fishing corpses holds up your fishing and affects your life. It does deserve payment. However, to make sky-high payments with the corpse in hand, that's a bit too much."

"Monk, what's the meaning of this?" Ghosthead and Bai Wenshui were pissed.

The crowd was originally quite displeased with what Fangzheng said, but they immediately cheered when they heard how he finished his statement.

"That's right! Bai Wenshui, we aren't against you taking some money for fishing corpses, but you people have gone overboard! How much can you earn fishing in a day? Five hundred is probably the maximum! Yet you quote tens of thousands to fish up a corpse. Has your conscience been thrown to the dogs?"

"Bai Wenshui, do you know why people dislike you? In the beginning, you collected two thousand. Back then, people said that you all were good people! No one gave any criticism. But in the end? You turn worse by the day to the point of asking for 30,000 now. Are you still human? The corpse-fishing team from a neighboring city just collects a nominal fee of a thousand. But which family only gives a thousand? The victim's families all give two or three thousand! We know it's tough work and dangerous, but has anyone fleeced you? Yet instead, you raise your prices indefinitely!" someone cursed.

"If it's so good in a neighboring city, move there then." Bai Wenshui sneered.

Ghosthead added his piece too. "That's right. You can go to the neighboring city and get them to fish for the corpse then. We don't mind."

You don't mind others helping? Pui! Who was it that broke the legs of the volunteer team from before? Who sank their boats?" someone yelled.

"Enough, cut the crap! What's the point talking about this? If you have the ability, provide the evidence. If not, shut the f**k up! Monk, the corpse is here! These people have pissed me off. Forget about taking it away without 50,000!" Bai Wenshui pointed to the corpse on the ground.

Everyone was infuriated when they heard that. The price had been raised after they hollered a little. If they continued, the price could be raised again. That would only harm the monk and the student's family. Therefore, all of them shut up while glaring at the fishermen angrily.

Fangzheng pressed his palms together and looked at Bai Wenshui and Ghosthead with a genial look. "The two of you, This Penniless Monk has previously said that the more one receives, the more debt one accrues. There will be a need to repay the debt. Are you certain you want 50,000?"

"Cut the useless chatter! I don't believe in Buddha! I only believe in money! Either you pay and take the body away, or we will take the body with us. It's up to you!" Bai Wenshui yelled.

"Amitabha. In that case, 50,000 it is." After Fangzheng said that, he took out 50,000 yuan and handed it over.

Bai Wenshui and Ghosthead noticed that there was more money in Fangzheng's bag. The red bills immediately caused their greed to rear its head. Ghosthead subconsciously shouted, "50,000 is to ease Brother Bai's unhappiness. What about mine? 100,000! I want 100,000!"

"You!" Everyone turned anxious.

However, Fangzheng spoke up quickly, "Sure thing!"

Then, Fangzheng took out another 50,000. The 100,000 yuan formed a thick wad of cash!

When Ghosthead took it, he felt like he was dreaming! Mole and company fell into a daze when they saw so much money. All these years, they had earned quite a fair bit, but they had never earned that much from a single corpse! They felt as though they had seen a road paved with gold leading straight to their wealthy end.

"Monk, by doing so, you are turning them incorrigible! If they take 100,000 this time, they will dare to ask for 100,000 the next time! If this goes on, who will help redeem the future cases?" someone asked in worry.

Before Fangzheng could reply, Ghosthead found the words unacceptable. Was that person trying to cut him off from his road to riches? No way! Therefore, Ghosthead immediately shouted, "What are you making a fuss for? It's not like you are the one paying." As he spoke, Ghosthead quickly stuffed the money into his pockets. Then, he lifted the corpse onto the shore. He jumped off the boat, lifted the boat with Bai Wenshui and ran off! They were afraid that Fangzheng would go back on his word.

Furthermore, the police was coming soon. They usually extorted less than ten thousand which was still explainable. Now, it was difficult to say the same for 100,000 yuan. Even if the police could not arrest them, they would probably get them to return 90% to the monk. They had no intention to lose the money in hand!

When Fangzheng saw the two departing figures, he waved his hand and yelled, "The two of you, is the money enough?"

His question sounded baffling, but Ghosthead turned back and replied, "Not enough."

"Amitabha." Fangzheng gave a Buddhist proclamation and left.

Everyone felt puzzled by the scene. Why did the monk ask that question? It was clearly a lot! However, the money had been given. Was there a way to get it back?

Fangzheng ignored what the crowd was thinking as he left the riverside. Before long, Red Boy returned and sat beside Fangzheng angrily. "Master, are you not going to care about these sons of b*tches?"

Fangzheng said unhurriedly, "Who said I wouldn't? Let's go. There will be a good show today!"

"Good show?" Red Boy was taken aback as he exchanged looks with Squirrel. They could see the amusement in each other's eyes. From the looks of it, some people were going to be in trouble.