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591 Fury

 Squirrel said in all seriousness, "I don't understand either!"

Fangzheng rolled his eyes at him... Idiot!

At that moment, the two fishing boats began moving. Fangzheng gave Red Boy a look as Red Boy carried them into the sky, and they began pursuing the boats.

Bai Wenshui had one child with him, while Ghosthead had the other. When the two boats reached the middle of the river, they stopped at a spot far from the banks. Meanwhile, Mole and three other men began loitering by the bank. It was unknown what they were up to.

Fangzheng was at a loss. At that moment, a university student slowly ran over, alongside the bank. It looked like he was on a morning jog.

Mole immediately took out his cell phone and sent Bai Wenshui a message: "Bro, have you eaten?"

Bai Wenshui instantly replied: "About to."

Then, Bai Wenshui nodded at the two children. They immediately jumped into the water and dived down. By the time they appeared again, they were more than ten meters away. Then, after swimming a distance, Bai Wenshui and Ghosthead rowed their boats further away, as though they had nothing to do with the two children.

When Fangzheng saw this, his brows knitted together tightly. He had an ominous feeling as pangs of fury rose in him already.

As though in response to Fangzheng's fear, the two children suddenly screamed. "Help! Help!"

Meanwhile, Mole pointed to the river and exclaimed. "Oh no! It looks like a child is drowning. Call for help!"

The university student who was running immediately stopped. He looked at the river and indeed, he saw two children struggle in pain as they yelled for help. The university student was immediately gripped by anxiety. Without a word, he threw his cell phone to the ground, took of his shirt and jumped into the river! He did not see that Mole behind him was smiling nefariously.

The children in the river laughed as well. They never expected to succeed on their first try at acting!

Bai Wenshui and Ghosthead were overjoyed. They exchanged looks and did not move. All they did was wait silently.

However, Fangzheng was fuming with anger. The scene before his eyes was exactly as he had guessed! Did these bastards have their last bits of kindness wiped out from their hearts too?

The university student swam quickly, afraid that he would not manage to save the two children if he swam any slower. The two children continued acting as they yelled for help. It was too early in the morning, and there were few people by the river banks. However, when the calls for help were heard, many people came over. Just as the square-faced man had said, people of the Twin Rivers were not afraid of death. Despite knowing how risky it was to enter the river, there were many who kept entering the water. Some called the police, while others searched for ropes.

Mole and company secretly left, as though they had never been there in the first place.

With the university student approaching the children, Bai Wenshui and Ghosthead exchanged looks. They started their engines, and the boats rushed over. Their characters were foul, but they were masters at cruising the river. Being above the water line, they were very aware of the eddies and flows in the river. Their boats were fast and stable, allowing them to position themselves in a lethal manner. They stopped right in between the university student and the children!

"Do you need help?" Bai Wenshui yelled at the top of his lungs as if he was afraid no one would hear him.

Ghosthead added. "Get on the boat! You seem exhausted!"

"Save the children first!" shouted the university student.

When the people at the riverbank saw that Bai Wenshui was trying to help the university student, all of them heaved a sigh of relief. Those that entered the water retreated. With a boat helping, it was much better than them swimming.

"Get on first," Ghosthead said.

The university student nodded. Just as he was about to board the boat, the university student screamed before his body sank!

"Help―" Before he could even say "me," he disappeared beneath the water surface.

Ghosthead and Bai Wenshui yelled loudly as they extended bamboo poles into the water as though they were trying to save him.

Without Fangzheng's instructions, Red Boy brought Fangzheng into the water. They saw two children hold onto the university student's legs! They were none other than the two children who had been acting as though they were drowning victims while screaming for help! Each of them pulled the student deeper into the water. Ghosthead and Bai Wenshui's bamboo poles were also not really pulling the man up. Instead, they were pushing him deeper into the water too!

When Fangzheng saw this, his eyes seemed to crack with rage. He wanted to do something right then and there!

However, there was someone even more infuriated than Fangzheng! That was none other than Red Boy. He slapped with his palm, causing an underflow to surge beneath the river. With the blast of water, the two children were sent tumbling away. Simultaneously, he made a yanking motion with his hands, and each of the bamboo poles were pulled down. On the boat, Bai Wenshui and Ghosthead exclaimed, but before they could react, they were pulled off the boat and into the water!

Fangzheng quickly stopped Red Boy when he saw that he was close to killing them. Maybe he actually could turn a blind eye to Red Boy killing them, but there were many people watching now. They might not be able to see Red Boy or Fangzheng, but if these two people were to die, the blame might very well be pinned on the student. If that happened, the student could likely be embroiled in legal troubles. It was fine to punish evil, but harming the innocent was forbidden.

Fangzheng patted Red Boy and made him stop. He then pointed at the student. Red Boy glared at the clueless Bai Wenshui, Ghosthead, and the two children. Then he grabbed the student and cast a water repellent spell around Fangzheng to prevent Squirrel from drowning. Then he quickly swam downwards. Clearly, he had no intention to stay any longer. He was afraid that he would slaughter them out of rage if he did.

Fangzheng felt relieved when Red Boy left with the student. Fangzheng pricked up his brows and waved his hand. A Golden Millet Dream!

The next moment, the student's corpse appeared...


"Holy sh*t! What happened!?" Bai Wenshui emerged from the water and cursed.

"No idea. There was a huge force from the bamboo, and I was pulled into the water."

"Where is he?" Bai Wenshui asked.

"In the water. He's probably dead and not moving." Ghosthead indicated that he had grabbed something."

"Where's Big Ghost and Small Ghost?" Bai Wenshui asked.

"According to our agreement, they will swim downwards once it's settled. Let's make it more chaotic over here to attract everyone's attention, so that they can get ashore. At this distance, who can have seen what they look like? No one will care about two kids that appear ashore," Ghosthead said.

"Alright. Let's be quick," Bai Wenshui said as he climbed back onto his boat. Meanwhile he yelled, "Quick, someone needs to be saved!"

Ghosthead pulled the body onto the boat and tested for any breathing. Indeed, there was none. Relieved that the student was completely dead, Ghosthead pretended to give the student CPR for show.

Due to the angle, the people on the shore only saw the boat stopping the student's trajectory. Bai Wenshui and Ghosthead had kindly offered to pull the student up, but it was too late as the student drowned. The two tried to rescue him with bamboo poles but ended up falling into the water. Both of them appeared from the other side of the boats. No one saw that Ghosthead had pulled the corpse closer to the boat and kept him in the water a little longer before pulling him up. Nor could they tell that Ghosthead was only putting on an act with his CPR...

Everyone only believed that Bai Wenshui and Ghosthead were doing something good for once.

Many people even started discussing the matter.