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590 What Are They Doing?

 "Here, Brother Bai, let me toast to you. All of us brothers have you to thank for our success. Without you, all of us would still be in poverty!" Mole raised his cup along with everyone else. They clinked and downed their drinks.

"Alright, let's put this to rest. Let's try out our new method tomorrow. If it succeeds, hmph! Even the police will be unable to find trouble with us then."

Everyone cheered before they stopped talking about business. Their conversation turned into one about women and having fun.

With that, Fangzheng left with Red Boy and Squirrel.

"Master, why can't I understand what they are up to? What are they getting children for?" Red Boy asked, perplexed.

Squirrel added. "Right. Why are they looking for children?"

Fangzheng shook his head and said, "No idea. We will know tomorrow. Jingxin, track them with your spells."

"Alright!" Red Boy immediately cast a spell and marked all of them. After doing that, Red Boy and Squirrel looked intently at Fangzheng.

Fangzheng wore a look of confusion. "Why are you looking at me like that?"

"Master, have you forgotten something?" asked Red Boy.

Fangzheng scratched his head. "What?"

Squirrel rubbed his tummy. "Master, think again."

When Fangzheng saw the yearning looks on the two fellows' faces, he said in enlightenment, "Ah... Got it. Let's go!"

"Yeah!" Squirrel and Red Boy secretly high-fived to celebrate their success at reminding Fangzheng.

Moments later, by the side of a public restroom, Fangzheng asked in all seriousness, "Are you certain you aren't paying the restroom a visit?"

Red Boy said, "Master, can you even go?"

Squirrel rubbed his belly. "Master, do you even have things to expel?"

Fangzheng rolled his eyes at the duo. "Weren't your stomachs aching? If not, why did you rub your belly? Forget it, I'm going if you aren't."

"Senior Brother, were we being too vague?" Red Boy whispered as he looked at Fangzheng's departing back.

"Seems like it was a little too vague. I even patted my belly, but he didn't know I was hungry. He even thought that my stomach hurt," grumbled Squirrel.

Red Boy shot a glance at Squirrel's full belly. "You are just too fat. No one who saw your belly would ever think that you were hungry."

Squirrel: "..."

After Fangzheng visited the restroom, he began walking the streets with his two disciples.

The duo got hungrier as they walked. Finally, Squirrel couldn't stand it any further as he exclaimed. "Master, when are we eating? We haven't eaten in a day."

Fangzheng was finally amused when he heard that. He obviously knew what was on their minds, but he had no intention to mention it. Was there a need to take such a roundabout tactic when they were master and disciples? Couldn't they just say that they were hungry directly?

Since Squirrel had finally said it out loud, Fangzheng did not beat around the bush. He brought them to a nearby eatery. He had money, so he naturally didn't starve himself and his disciples. He generously ordered two vegetarian dishes. Having starved an entire day, Red Boy and Squirrel immediately wolfed down the food as Fangzheng accompanied them.

At night, Fangzheng stayed in a tiny motel.

"Jingxin, go to the hospital and observe the situation. My A Golden Millet Dream is about to lose its effects. If they discover that Lin Zhixian's corpse is missing, there will probably be chaos."

Red Boy grabbed a blob of aura from Fangzheng's body and said, "This is the aura of Lin Zhixian's wife. I'll be able to find her by following it. Wait a moment..."

With that said, Red Boy leaped into the air and vanished into the night sky.

Fangzheng watched with a look of envy. The ability to use divine powers freely was indeed awesome! Unfortunately, he was only a dabbler...

It did not take long before Red Boy returned. Indeed, The A Golden Millet Dream spell had long lost its effects as Fangzheng had imagined. It did cause a stir, with a hooha ensuing about corpse theft. Thankfully, Red Boy arrived in time, and he transmogrified a wooden column into Lin Zhixian's corpse. He stuffed it into the mortuary and used a hallucination spell to make people ignore the inconsistencies before settling the matter.

However, that would not be indefinitely effective either. If Fangzheng could not resolve the problem on time, Red Boy would have to make a few more trips, but that could not be helped.

The next morning at dawn, the trio left.

"Master, they are over there." Red Boy pointed at the two fishing boats a distance away.

From afar, they could see Bai Wenshui and company. There were again four people on the boats and four on the shore. However, Daguang and the other unlucky guy were not around. There were two adolescents on the boat instead.

"Let's go over and take a look," said Fangzheng.

Red Boy immediately cast an invisibility spell for Fangzheng and Squirrel as they quickly closed in.

"Daguang is really a good-for-nothing. Can't he do better? To think he climbed up the power lines with his butt naked!" Bai Wenshui cursed.

"I heard from them that they met a creepy child and a speaking squirrel. Then, they were fixated in place. Isn't that bullsh*t? A squirrel that can talk? Why doesn't he claim that pigs can fly?" Ghosthead cursed.

Mole said, "It's good that the two of them aren't here. They are now famous. The entire city is talking about which one of them has the fairer ass. If they were here, it would attract attention. That'd be nothing but bad for us."

"Yeah, that's true. Big Ghost and Small Ghost, we will be counting on you later." Bai Wenshui patted the two adolescents. They were both very thin, but their eyes were spirited, making them look clever.

"Don't worry, Brother Bai!" the two kids said confidently.

"Yes, do well. If you do well, you will lead a life of luxury. You will each get one car out of the ones you saw just now!" Bai Wenshui said.

The two kids were thrilled when they heard that. They were orphans and had long since quit school. To make a living, they swam in the nearby waters and caught fish. They knew very well what they were good at. Apart from swimming, they knew nothing! They thought nothing about anything else. All they wanted was to make a livelihood and not starve. They did not wish to be given clothes or money in the future. They were not beggars, and they wanted to earn money with their own hard work. They wanted to make everyone realize that they were skilled too, very skilled! They naturally did not let up the chance Bai Wenshui gave them, even though the deed they would be doing was a little immoral...

"With you, we don't have to rely on the heavens for our livelihood. It f**king sucks to wait for dead people to get swept down from upstream daily. There's only work every week or so like that. From now on, we can work whenever we want. Hahaha!" Ghosthead laughed rapturously.

"Master, what exactly are these people doing?" Red Boy had no idea what the group of people was doing.

Fangzheng was at a loss as well. Were these two kids that impressive? With them, they were guaranteed to make money daily? How was that possible?

Squirrel hugged his arms and said in all seriousness, "Master!"

Fangzheng thought that Squirrel had figured out something as he looked over curiously.