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589 Evil Minded

 Meanwhile along a road by the river, a woman was having a stroll with a child. The child suddenly pointed upwards and exclaimed, "Mommy, look! What are they doing? Why aren't they wearing clothes?"

The woman looked up as her face blushed red. She pulled her child away and called the police. "Hi, is this the police? This is... Yes, two men are being indecent in public on the power lines with their asses stark naked! There are no ropes, nothing. It's gross... The two of them are... gross."

A female voice sounded from the other side. "It's quite gross indeed..."

As the police were called in, the number of people who saw this scene increased. Many people ran over to join in on the buzz as they took photos with their cell phones and shared them on their social media.

"Aiya, isn't that Daguang among these few bastards?"

"Hehe, It's really Evil-hearted Guang! What are they doing? Why are they so passionate?"

"Take pictures and share them! Let's make him famous!"

"Haha... Here we go!"


That day, Daguang became famous. The duo's naked pictures appeared on the front page of many major media websites. Everyone expressed a uniform opinion: "Loving mosaic for the first time! If not, I'd be too grossed out!"

Meanwhile, Red Boy went to search for Fangzheng with Squirrel. Fangzheng looked at his cell phone and two and a half hours had passed.

"Master, there's no need to look at the time. I kept track of it. Hehe," Red Boy said smugly.

Fangzheng nodded. "Not bad. Since you appear to be very relaxed, you will be given thirty minutes in the future."

"..." Red Boy immediately felt too down for tears. Indeed, it was impossible to posture! Especially in front of this darn baldy. He would easily turn the tables on you if you did.

"Master, I got lost... If not for Junior Brother, I would have been in trouble." Squirrel sat on Fangzheng's shoulder, feeling aggrieved. He recounted what had happened.

As Red Boy's deeds of hanging the duo on the street lamps and using a spell to fix them in place was recounted...

Red Boy broke out into a cold sweat. It was fine if an ordinary person saw it, but he had seen pedantic monks before. Those monks could not stand seeing such things. He was afraid that Fangzheng would be mad over the matter. It would be tragic if he ended up grounded!

However, he saw Fangzheng nod slightly. "Remember to take a picture as a memento."

Then, Fangzheng got up. "Those guys have left. Let's follow them."

Red Boy snapped to his senses only when Fangzheng walked off. He looked at his master's back and scratched his head while mumbling. "Is Master that liberal? Hehe..."

With that said, Red Boy followed.

With Red Boy with them, following the fishermen became a lot easier. After hearing their conversation, Fangzheng finally knew where Daguang was going. They were going to put the money in the bank! Bai Wenshui and Ghosthead had been taken away, but the money hadn't been confiscated. The two pretended they were returning home by pulling in their nets, but in fact, they were going to put the money in the bank. Unfortunately, the money had been conjured using A Golden Millet Dream. By the time Red Boy arrived, the money had disappeared already.

"We struck it rich! Brother Bai was right. These dead people are worth more!" A man with a black mole on his face chuckled.

"They are indeed worth a lot. F**k, to think we only asked for two thousand in the beginning. Now that I think of it, we lost heaps!" another person said.

"That's right... If we had known it was worth so much, we would have raised our prices a long time ago. I wonder how Ghosthead's and Brother Bai's plan is developing. Do you think they found the people we need already? If they find them, we will be rich!" Mole chuckled.

Fangzheng frowned. Plan? Find people? What were these bastards up to now?

The boat paddled to a tiny pier and after it was docked, the remaining four set foot ashore. They tied their boats and walked to a nearby car park. The scene would have been shocking to anyone who saw what came next, because all of them were driving luxurious cars! The car brands included BMW, Land Rovers, Mercedes-Benz... After the few of them opened their trunks and took off their dirty fishing clothes, they changed into various branded clothes, wearing luxury watches and golden chains with the thickness of a thumb like they were dog leashes. They put on branded shades and drove off.

"Holy sh*t. Master, all those cars are luxurious cars!" Red Boy muttered as he saw the cars drive off.

Fangzheng nodded, his gaze turning solemn. How did these bastards drive such good cars by fishing corpses? How could the business of corpse fishing thrive so much? Were there that many people for them to fish?

As Fangzheng pondered over the matter, Red Boy cast his divine powers and brought Fangzheng and Squirrel on a pursuit. With an invisibility spell, they were not afraid of being seen or scaring others.

As the fishermen drove their cars, they entered a completely sealed residential compound. It was not in the central business district, but in the suburbs. There were villas there, and they stopped in front of one of them before walking in.

Fangzheng followed them inside. He was shocked at what he saw. Even without being knowledgeable about renovations, he knew that the cost of the renovations of this villa must have been high.

After going around a corner, they came to a huge hall. Bai Wenshui was sitting on the sofa there, and beside him was Ghosthead. He was smoking and had his legs crossed.

"Brother Bai, how was the trip to the police station? Was it fun?" quipped Mole.

"Tch, it's not like it was my first time there. Those policemen are seriously a**holes. It's not like we killed the person. He drowned by himself, so why interrogate us? We are kind-hearted citizens. Not only did they not commend us, they even stare at us all day," said Bai Wenshui with his mouth curled.

"That's right. We are good people." Ghosthead agreed with a chuckle.

Everyone laughed as well.

"Let's go. We shouldn't be talking here." After Bai Wenshui said that, he led the group out the villa. Then, they drove to a nearby pier. By the side of the pier was an ancient restaurant made entirely out of wood. After they got a private room and had the dishes served, they chased the waiter away and shut the door. Only then did they talk freely.

Ghosthead looked at the waiter who left as he curled his lips. "An honest man, how pitiful."

Mole laughed. "Isn't that right? In this day and age, honesty is equivalent to poverty."

"To think of it, we were honest people back then. Those days sucked. We were like f**king dogs while battling the elements!" another person mumbled.

Bai Wenshui said, "Alright, let the past remain in the past. Let's talk about the future."

"Little Bai, clear the people around us!" yelled Bai Wenshui.

"Bro, don't worry. There's no one." A voice sounded from outside. It was Bai Wenshui's younger brother, Bai Wensheng.

Only then did Bai Wenshui feel at ease. Mole asked with a chuckle, "Brother Bai, have you found the people we need?"

"Yes. Two kids with excellent swimming abilities! With them around, we don't have to worry about money at all." Bai Wenshui leaned back into his chair as he squinted his eyes with a smile. He wore a smug look.

"Really?" Mole and company were excited!

"Look at you guys! I told you long ago that that was how we should have done it from the beginning. But all of you were so reluctant, talking about your conscience! How much is conscience worth? Thankfully, all of you stopped being silly, and you have finally been enlightened," Bai Wenshui scolded them jokingly.

Everyone laughed.