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588 Junior Brother That Descends From The Sky

 "Amitabha." Fangzheng bowed into the distance meaningfully while chanting the scriptures. Then, while Jie Hui was unconscious and Jie Yu was taking care of her, he furtively departed. As for the money? Would Fangzheng give real money? It was just an illusion, so he naturally did not need it returned...

This was obviously not the end. Fangzheng had no intention to end it just like that. If the cancer of society was not removed, countless people in the future would be harmed by them!

The police car drove off fast, so Fangzheng had no means to chase up to it. However, he had no intention of doing so anyway. He found a spot devoid of people to sit down as he waited in silence. The boats were still there, and Bai Wenshui's subordinates were still around. He refused to believe that Bai Wenshui would not return. Even if he did not return, his subordinates would seek him out, right? Fangzheng planned on waiting for the opportunity to appear.

"Opportunity? Eh, where did that Jingkuan go?" Fangzheng suddenly recalled that Squirrel had not returned after delivering the note!

Meanwhile, somewhere not far from Fangzheng.

"Surround it! Don't let the squirrel escape!" A bunch of children surrounded Squirrel and attacked him.

Although Twin River City had a river, it was still a city. The city children had never seen squirrels before, so when they suddenly saw one, they surrounded it out of curiosity.

When Squirrel saw this, he grinned. He turned around and zoomed up a tree. In a few seconds, a huge gap separated him from the bunch of brats who could only sigh.

After Squirrel delivered the note, he was surrounded by the little rascals. The little fellow's inner child flared as he deliberately ran in circles with the bunch of brats. He had a great time playing and was feeling smug about it, only to realize a serious problem. He was lost!

"Where is this?" Squirrel climbed up a tree and looked everywhere. Everything looked similar until he saw the river far away. An idea came to him-Fangzheng was unlikely far from the riverside, right? Therefore, the little fellow began running towards the river. However, when he arrived, the surroundings remained unfamiliar. He randomly ran in a direction only to find the place even more unfamiliar. It was still the same when he ran backwards!

Squirrel was very certain that he was lost!

"What a crappy city! Why does it all look the same!?" Squirrel's anxiety nearly made him cry. However, he had no idea what he could do.

As he fell into a daze, a net fell over him. By the time he reacted, it was too late. He was trapped in a net!

"Haha, I never expected that without catching any fish, we fished out a corpse and caught a squirrel! This little guy is quite fat. We can stew it." A laughter sounded.

Squirrel tried his best to pull the net apart, but it was just too sturdy for him despite his great strength. The net was not only for fishing fish, but also for fishing up people. Therefore, the ropes were very strong. Squirrel failed to extricate himself as he saw two people walk over.

Squirrel thought of screaming for help, but he suddenly recalled Fangzheng's exhortation that he was not to speak unless absolutely necessary. It would only give One Finger Monastery trouble if he was heard. Therefore, Squirrel swallowed the words at the tip of his tongue and began squeaking.

"Hehe! This little guy is quite fierce." Daguang grabbed Squirrel out from the net with a laugh.

"Be careful. This fellow's teeth are sharp," the other person reminded Daguang.

Daguang tsked. "Sharp teeth? I want to see how he's going to bite me when he's dead." When Daguang said that, he picked up a stone and was about to smash down! Squirrel covered his eyes in fright as he trembled. However, he did not dare shout. The naive him did not realize that no one there knew him. No one would know where he came from even if he could speak. He simply did not want to give Fangzheng trouble...

At that moment, a loud bellow sounded from above. "How dare you!'

"Who is it?" Daguang looked up and saw a foot descend from the sky!


Daguang had his face stepped on as he collapsed to the ground! Blood spewed out from his nose...

When Squirrel heard a familiar voice, he quickly moved his paws away and saw a magnificent body appear before him. Squirrel saw someone with a child's head and a red dudou, which was fluttering in the wind. His back that included his naked ass appeared lofty! Squirrel yelled in excitement, "Junior Brother, you are the tallest child I've ever seen!"

Squirrel regretted speaking the moment he said that. After holding back all day, he actually ended up speaking in his excitement. Man!

Red Boy rolled his eyes at this silly and adorable senior brother of his. Then he said matter-of-factly, "Don't include the words 'child' in the future."

"Junior Brother, they heard me speak." Squirrel pointed at the man on the ground, as well as his dumbfounded partner who had heard Squirrel speak.

Red Boy grinned and said, "I have my divine powers right now. So can't this easily be resolved? They just need to be killed."

"Master doesn't allow us to kill! But they are bad people! I saw them..." Squirrel immediately recounted what he had seen. Although Squirrel did not see much, anyone with a brain could tell that something nefarious was going on. These people were no good.

Red Boy pricked up his brows when he heard that. "That's problematic. Master doesn't allow murder, but if they aren't killed, what's the point of leaving these scourges alive?"

"A squirrel can speak?" The man in a daze pulled himself together as he exclaimed.

Daguang also looked in disbelief at Red Boy and Squirrel, yelling, "What are you!?"

"What?" Red Boy grinned as he revealed his pearly white teeth. Then, he vanished!

"Where did he go?" Daguang asked.

The next instant, a fist appeared in front of him. With a bam, Daguang's head was smashed backward. He was pressed down to the ground as he subconsciously raised his hands to fend off Red Boy. However, his hands were grabbed by Red Boy and pressed down to his chest. With a light pat, Daguang was horrified to discover that he could not move his hands! Red Boy chuckled and waved at the other person who was running. The person screamed in horror as he flew backward before slamming onto Daguang. The two looked at Red Boy in horror. Whatever was happening was not humanly possible! What the heck was this child? The duo was truly afraid.

Red Boy seemed to have discovered a new toy as he gave a maleficent smile. He charged forward as sounds of bodies being bent were heard. Following that, there was the sound of clothes tearing and tattered clothes flying...

Squirrel watched by the side and finally turned around with his eyes covered. He repeatedly chanted. "Amitabha. I can't stand it. It's gross..."

Not long later, Red Boy patted his hands before lifting Squirrel up and placing him on his shoulder. He harrumphed. "How dare you bully my senior brother? You must be sick of living! Senior Brother, let's go! Let's find Master!"

"Junior Brother, you're the best!"

"Definitely! By the way, where's Master?"

"I got lost..."

"Uh... I think it's best you don't leave the mountain in the future. Leave the spot to me."

"But Junior Brother..."


"I suddenly like leaving the mountain."