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587 Generous Monk

 "When did the twin rivers fall to this level? D*mn it!" The square-faced man cursed softly.

"Squeak!" At that moment, there was a squeak in front of him.

The man traced the sound and saw a Squirrel standing in front of him. It held a piece of paper and was waving it.

The man was taken aback. What was happening? A squirrel? With a piece of paper? It didn't appear to be afraid of humans... Wait. Why did the squirrel appear familiar? Wasn't this the squirrel that was with that monk? Why did it chase up to him?

Although he was puzzled, the man still squatted down and took the piece of paper. On it was written: "Patron, you are fated with This Penniless Monk, so if you have the time, try walking around in the north."

"What does this mean?" The man looked at Squirrel, puzzled.

Squirrel flicked his tail and ran off.

Despite being puzzled, the man did not think much. He put away the piece of paper and mumbled. "These words are beautiful. They are filled with a vigorous flair and filled with righteousness. Words represent a person, so it's unlikely he's bad. I'll walk around in the north when I'm free." Even so, the man still turned around to take a look before leaving.

Meanwhile, by the riverside.

"What!? 12,000? Wasn't it 10,000?" Jie Yu screamed, catching Fangzheng's attention.

Fangzheng immediately walked over to check on the situation.

He saw Jie Yu staring angrily at Daguang. However, it wasn't Daguang who was speaking this time, but Ghosthead. Ghosthead patted the hull of the boat and said, "Cut the crap. 12,000. Take it or leave it. If you aren't paying that, we will be leaving. If this drags out any longer and hinders our fishing, it will be 13,000 or even 14,000."

"This is daylight robbery!" Jie Hui was enraged as well. Were they even human to extort astronomical prices with a corpse in their possession?

"Bai Wenshui, don't you go overboard!" Someone couldn't help but pity Jie Hui for the injustice.

"I'm not sure about it being overboard. All I know is that we can't work for nothing. If all of you are so impressive, why don't I throw the body back in and you can enter the water to fish it out," Bai Wenshui said with a smile.

Everyone was incensed when they heard that. However, they were helpless. Although everyone wished to do so, how were they to fish out the body without a boat? Fishing a body was not the same as rescuing someone. It was completely different!

"Look, all of you only know how to talk, but none of you can do a thing when it comes to action. I'm telling you that this is today's price! Take it or leave it. If not, I'm throwing the body back!" Bai Wenshui yelled.

Everyone glared at him with widened eyes, wishing they could beat up Bai Wenshui. However, everyone knew it was useless. What he did was flawless. No one knew what happened in the river. He had indeed expended manpower and logistical resources to fish up the body. It was something that deserved payment no matter how you thought about it. However, the price was simply ludicrous!

Jie Hui was peeved. 12,000 was not a small sum. It was possible for them to pay for it, but what were they to do in the future?

Jie Yu fell silent as well. He had just graduated from university and had yet to find a job. The mind was willing, but the flesh was weak.

When Fangzheng saw this, he suppressed his anger and took a deep breath. He took a step forward and smiled. "Patron, This Penniless Monk will pay for you."

"What?" Once that was said everyone present fell into chaos!

Jie Hui was stunned rooted to the ground, her face filled with disbelief. Although Twin River City was famous for having many good people, it was still unprecedented for someone to donate so much money.

Daguang frowned when he saw Fangzheng. He secretly said to Bai Wenshui, "Brother Bai, this monk isn't local, and we don't know him. Be careful."

"There's nothing to be worried about. Who can see or tell what happened in the river? Didn't we say it already? We are good people who fish out bodies! We can't be good people for nothing, right? Since he enjoys helping, let him. It doesn't matter whose money we take," whispered Bai Wenshui.

Daguang nodded slightly.

"Master, I... I don't know you. You..." Jie Hui felt embarrassed. She could pay the price, but it would affect her future livelihood. However, she felt embarrassed accepting the kindness of others.

Fangzheng smiled. "Fate brought us together. Patron, there's no need to worry. This Penniless Monk will pay for it."

With that said, Fangzheng took out a thick wad of cash. Without counting, he handed it to Ghosthead and smiled. "Here's the money. Bring up the corpse."

Ghosthead did not say a word after receiving the money. He immediately began counting. To his delight, there was 13,000! Ghosthead's eyes immediately lit up as he warily stole a glance. When he noticed that Fangzheng did not appear to realize that he had given extra, an idea came to him. He put away the money and smiled. "Since we have accepted the money, wait a moment. We will get you the body." Little did he know that Fangzheng had deliberately given more and feigned ignorance. It was to make them release the body quickly and to prevent any additional trouble. For a body to remain in the water, be it alive or dead, was just tragic.

Furthermore, the money was fake. Fangzheng could give any amount needed.

With that said, Ghosthead jumped onto the ship. He immediately whispered into Bai Wenshui's ears and Bai Wenshui whispered in reply, "Are you certain the money is real?"

"Absolutely! I can tell fakes just from touching them," Ghosthead said.

Bai Wenshui smiled and immediately said, "Master, good going. We will not be petty either. Quickly, bring up the body."

Daguang and company immediately acknowledged the order and began pulling up the net. They threw it on the boat, and in the net was Lin Zhixian.

Daguang placed his finger at Lin Zhixian's nose and confirmed there was no breathing. There was no pulse either. After making sure that he was dead, he signaled to Bai Wenshui to relax with his eyes. Bai Wenshui made Ghosthead and Daguang carry Lin Zhixian to the shore.

At that moment, the police and ambulance arrived. After a quick check, the doctor shook his head at Jie Hui who fainted on the spot.

The police apprehended Bai Wenshui and company.

"Why are you arresting us? We didn't do a thing! We even fished the body up. Even if you are not giving us flowers and medals of commendation, you shouldn't be giving us handcuffs, right?" Ghosthead yelled.

"We will talk back at the station." The police glared at them. Clearly, they abhorred the fishermen deeply.

"Officers, if we are returning to the station, there's no need to do this, right?" Bai Wenshui chuckled shamelessly. Clearly, he was already accustomed to such arrests. He knew what he had done, and it was flawless! The victim drowned to death, and he had attempted to rescue the victim but failed. Even God could not stop the person's death. Without any evidence that they had harmed the victim, all the police could do was impound them for a while.

The police could not be bothered to quibble with them. They pushed Bai Wenshui and Ghosthead into the police car and left amid sirens. As for the rest, including Daguang, none of them were arrested.

Fangzheng finally understood that Bai Wenshui and company had made this entire area foul. Both the heavens and man were furious with their actions, but these people grew up on the water. They were also very smart. Even the police could not find evidence against them. Despite hating them, they were helpless as well. The police simply arrested them to alleviate their anger.

As for punishment? Without material evidence or witnesses, the police could not act rashly either.