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575 The Monastery Does Not Let People Stay

 Fangzheng nodded slightly when he saw Liu Beijun calm down. At dinner, Liu Beijun finally sat by the side of the dining table like he had been hoping throughout his afternoon of working hard. He swept through the dishes like a tornado! After finishing, he did not forget to rub his belly and burp. "I don't have a huge appetite. Burp. I'm just- Burp. I just want to tell you that- Burp. I want to eat whatever belongs to me. Burp."

At that moment, Squirrel raised a tiny rice ball and walked over with an adorable look. His large eyes blinked as though he was saying, "Want more?"

When Liu Beijun recalled how his afternoon of starvation was a result of these gluttons, he sneered in his indignation. "How can my anger be appeased with a tiny rice ball?" Therefore, he did not stand on ceremony and took the rice ball. Just as he was about to say something, he heard the sound of chairs moving. Then Monkey, Squirrel, Red Boy, and even Fangzheng, who were all sitting around the table a moment ago, suddenly left.

Liu Beijun was taken aback. What was the meaning of this?

Unfortunately, no one spoke. Squirrel went up the tree. Monkey began chanting the scriptures. Lone Wolf returned to his kennel and played dead. Fangzheng went out for a stroll with his hand behind his back. Finally, Red Boy shot a glance at the dazed Liu Beijun and said indifferently, "Remember that the last person to finish does the dishes. We are all done, so remember to wash the dishes."

"F**k! Burp..." Only then did Liu Beijun realize that he had been tricked by Squirrel.

Unfortunately, there was nothing he could say. With lacking fighting skills and with him having fallen into the pit of rules already, he could only bitterly eat the rice ball the size of a finger. Then, he washed the dishes in agony while holding his tummy. At that moment, Liu Beijun regretted eating too much for dinner. The pain from overeating was something one could only understand after experiencing it...

However, that was only the beginning of the pain, because he had to sleep with Monkey at night!

"Fangzheng, no way!" Liu Beijun looked at the bed in front of him with an aggrieved look. The bed was good, but what was the meaning of sleeping with the hairy monkey who would scratch his ass from time to time? He had heard of sleeping with chicks or men, but to sleep with a monkey? Just the thought of all that fur left his body itching.

Fangzheng did not lose his temper. All he did was look at the huge crib hanging from the roof silently.

"Master, Senior Brother's kennel is huge. There should be enough space for one more." Red Boy's head suddenly peeked out of the crib as he shouted.

When Monkey heard that, he immediately gave Red Boy a secret thumbs up. What a joke. Liu Beijun disparaged him? It was not like he didn't disparage Liu Beijun. One Finger Monastery's animals showered daily with Unrooted Clean Aqua, which was completely untainted and could wash away all dirt. It could be said that no animal in the world was cleaner than them. As for comparing with humans, Liu Beijun was absolutely not cleaner than them.

Having been there the whole day, Liu Beijun knew who the senior brother Red Boy was referring to was. Kennel? Wouldn't that be the dog kennel? He was being sent to sleep in the dog kennel?

Liu Beijun looked furiously at Fangzheng. "I'd rather die!"

Fangzheng patted him on the shoulder. "Don't worry. This Penniless Monk never planned on having you stay in the monastery anyway. According to the monastery rules, we do not host any outsiders. The food you were given today was on account of your hard work of sweeping the yard. However, it's absolutely impossible for the monastery to host you for the night."

"Uh... You are letting me leave the mountain?" Liu Beijun's heart palpitated. Could it be that he could leave? He swore that once he left this godforsaken place, he would rather die than return!

However, Fangzheng shook his head.

"You aren't letting me sleep in the monastery, nor are you letting me down the mountain. What is it you want from me?" asked Liu Beijun angrily.

Red Boy chuckled. "Silly. Don't you understand? You can sleep anywhere on the mountaintop except in the monastery!"

"You are making me sleep outside!? No, no way!" Liu Beijun jumped in fright when he heard that. Although he was used to the wild as a child from the village, he was afraid of ghosts. To live outside in the wilderness? Liu Beijun turned flustered and fearful. He felt regret. If he had known better, he would not have complained to Fangzheng. Perhaps he could have even been allowed to sleep with Monkey. Great! Now he had to sleep in the wilderness where there wasn't even a road.

However, his fears were futile. With the monastery's door closing, Liu Beijun found the mountain winds rather cold. Apart from the monastery which emitted some light in front of him, the darkness behind him made it seem like countless pairs of eyes were staring at him.

"The teacher mentioned that there are no ghosts in this world. I'm not afraid... Yes, if you haven't done anything wrong, there's no need to fear. But, I've done something wrong. Boohoo!" Liu Beijun finally cried at that instant. He suddenly realized that leaving home and being outside of school, his halos of being the only son in one place and the young tyrant king in the other were gone. Even if he still had the same identity, it did not help him in any way!

There was only helplessness.

He suddenly realized that he could do nothing. He just wasn't capable. He looked up into the sky which was devoid of stars. It was just overwhelming darkness that seemed endless. It stifled him.

Liu Beijun thought of going down the mountain, but when he came to the road that led down the mountain and saw the black mountain trail ahead of him, it looked like a gaping mouth that was baring its fangs at him, waiting for him to send himself into its dark belly. In his fear, he finally turned around and returned to One Finger Monastery's entrance. He hugged his knees and sat by One Finger Monastery's entrance. He wore a helpless look and like a stray cat or dog, he huddled into a bundle. It was as if being smaller made him safer.

Meanwhile, Monkey came to Fangzheng and said, "Master, that rascal really did not dare go down the mountain. He's huddled up in a corner by the entrance. Master, are we really ignoring him? The night winds on the mountain are strong and cold. He'll catch a cold if we allow him to stay there."

"That will be in the later half of the night. Let him experience the cold in the first half of the night. Watch him in the first half of the night and let Jingfa go out and accompany him in the second half of the night." Fangzheng also knew that Liu Beijun would not be able to handle the treatment if it was too harsh. It would be bad if he became traumatized. After all, he was still just a child.

Liu Beijun was huddled up by the entrance and felt like he had been abandoned by the whole world. The indignation in him grew as he felt that he couldn't see so much as a glimmer of hope. At that moment, his mind was in a mess as his thoughts ran wild. However, most of his anger was directed at Liu Hongyun!

That's right. He did not hate Fangzheng, because Fangzheng was stronger than him. He could not afford to provoke him. Furthermore, they had no ties in the first place. He hated Liu Hongyun for heartlessly leaving him there with Fangzheng. Why was he so ruthless that he did not even come visit him?

He had already forgotten that he had been the one who had requested to stay behind. And so he felt hate. He believed that all his misfortunes were a result of Liu Hongyun. He believed he was poor in his studies because of Liu Hongyun too. Why had he produced such a stupid child, one that could not learn a single thing?

At that moment, the door behind him suddenly opened. Liu Beijun jumped in fright as he turned his head over. He saw the huge white wolf come out, looking completely lethargic and listless.

Liu Beijun's heart palpitated. Was it planning on eating him at night to silence him?

Unexpectedly though, the huge white wolf only shot him a glance before slumping on the ground and yawning. Sleep time!