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569 Theres A Price To Posturing

 Squirrel sat on the table as he pulled a piece of watermelon towards . After he ate a portion of it, he began cradling the watermelon while eating it!

As for Red Boy, he squatted by the side of a water bucket. He dug out the cucumbers from inside and chomped down at them.

Upon seeing his three embarrassing disciples, Fangzheng really wished to open up their brains and see if there was anything else going on in them besides the thought of eating! Thankfully Monkey, who was sitting beside Fangzheng, was acting decently and not embarrassing him.

When Monkey saw Fangzheng look at him, however, he gave him a questioning look as though he was asking, "Can I go over?"

Fangzheng nodded, and Monkey immediately ran to the side of the table and began eating!

Fangzheng was left completely speechless...

However, no one minded them. On the contrary, Sun Qiancheng's daughter, Mengmeng, even pulled out a lollipop and offered it to Red Boy. She left him embarrassed! Having been in this world for so long, he naturally knew what age lollipops were meant for from his browsing of the Internet. She was treating him as a child! Was he one? Of course not! Would he eat it? Seriously... It was seriously delicious!

Therefore, Red Boy and Mengmeng sat on the door frame together as they enjoyed their lollipops.

As Red Boy sucked the lollipop, he said, "Mengmeng, if anyone bullies you in the future, tell me. I'll help you beat him up! I'm strong. Watch me, look at this bucket." With that said, Red Boy raised the bucket.

Mengmeng looked at Red Boy in adulation. She clapped while her face blushed red from excitement. "Brother Jingxin, you are so strong!"

"Of course! Mengmeng, if there's anything you want, tell me!" Red Boy felt he was on cloud nine after being idolized by Mengmeng. He had already forgotten how long it had been since the last time he had been idolized. Ever since coming under Guan Yin's authority, he had not had any demon subordinates under him. The feeling of being fawned upon left his eyes welling with tears. This was the youth he was missing!

"Then... Brother Jingxin, I want to ride on the big doggy!" Mengmeng suddenly looked at Lone Wolf.

Lone Wolf's ears pricked up as he shot a glance at Mengmeng and Jingxin.

Jingxin was taken aback. Ride the big doggy? Ride his eldest senior brother? Holy sh*t, why don't you ask to be sent to heaven?

The only one who could ride Lone Wolf in One Finger Monastery was Squirrel. It would depend on Lone Wolf's mood for anyone else. However, since a chick had made the request, Jingxin had to try. Therefore, Jingxin looked at Lone Wolf.

However, Lone Wolf unceremoniously rolled his eyes at him. He turned around and showed his ass at him as he ate his watermelon in peace. What a joke! It's fine if a young lad like you wants to hit on chicks, but to do it in front of single miserable me? Dream on!

Red Boy felt embarrassed. He could do nothing since Lone Wolf was not being cooperative.

"Brother Jingxin, the big doggy doesn't seem agreeable." Mengmeng was very pure and innocent. At her age, she did not hide her thoughts.

If it were any other child, that would probably be the end of the matter. However, Red Boy was different. He was a former demon king and the current Child of Wealth. As an immortal that had descended into the mortal world, the pride deep within him was still staggering. Furthermore, it had not been easy to find someone like Mengmeng who made him remember his long lost youth. He was still burning with ardor and zeal only to be doused by Lone Wolf. Wasn't this a loss of face?

Red Boy recalled the Bull Demon King's words. "What's the most important thing in the world? Of course it's face!"

Therefore, Red Boy patted Mengmeng on the shoulder. "Mengmeng, don't worry. You just want to ride the dog, right? Watch me!"

"Really? Brother Jingxin is the best!" Mengmeng looked at Jingxin in adulation.

Jingxin immediately burst out in joy as he charged towards Lone Wolf with killing intent. He raised his head and puffed his chest up as he stirred up the wind while walking. He looked impressive! When he came to Lone Wolf's side, he kicked Lone Wolf's ass.

Lone Wolf turned his head and looked at Red Boy in displeasure.

Red Boy turned his head and stole a glance at Mengmeng. She had just been called over by Sun Qiancheng for some apples, so she was not looking at him. Hence Red Boy immediately smiled and came close to Lone Wolf's ear with a humble stance as he whispered, "Senior Brother, could you consider helping me out?"

Lone Wolf shook his head decisively!

Red Boy added another line. "Come on. Can't you help your junior brother on account of us being fellow disciples? I usually do not request anything from you."

Lone Wolf began thinking.

Red Boy continued. "How about we do this. As long as you help me this one time, I guarantee you that I'll give up my chance of going down the mountain the next time. How about that?"

Lone Wolf's eyes lit up, but he shook his head immediately. He did not have a great desire to go down the mountain.

When Red Boy saw that Lone Wolf was somewhat moved, he clenched his teeth and said, "I'll give you half my food!"

Lone Wolf was even more moved. Then, he cast his nefarious gaze at Red Boy's lollipop,

Red Boy's expression collapsed instantly as he glared angrily at Lone Wolf. "Don't go overboard!"

Lone Wolf mercilessly lowered his head to eat. Sorry not sorry, bro!

Red Boy: "..."

A few minutes later in One Finger Village.

"Ahahaha! Big White Dog runs so fast!" Mengmeng was sitting on the wolf's back as Red Boy hugged Mengmeng to prevent her from falling off. Lone Wolf was chewing a lollipop as he ran. The sweet taste in his mouth felt quite good. As for the two kids on his back, could they be heavier than the huge water buckets from the monastery? He had practically trained for this!

Meanwhile, Fangzheng was watching the tv with the villagers. They saw the troops, tanks, planes, intercontinental missiles, nuclear bombs and the members of the armed forces move past the city gates. The discussions turned more enlivened.

Discussions ranging from the equipment the various military services had to the might of the weapons, to national affairs and international affairs, they were just short of talking about intergalactic affairs.

Fangzheng did not join the discussion. All he did was listen and watch by the side chuckling. There was little he could do about it. He had the heart but lacked the strength to converse in such topics!

As for why the villagers were posturing and bragging like they were half-experts, in Dog Song's own words: "Since there's nothing to do all day, we watch the news. Then we squat by the village entrance and brag. Perhaps even your typical expert hasn't put in as much effort as us. Moreover, two heads are better than one, much less a village of heads."

Fangzheng thought about it and indeed, that did seem to be the case. As for whether their discussions were valid, Fangzheng had no means to validate that. He just treated it as entertainment.

Sharing the same thoughts as Fangzheng was Jiang Zhou. He had already taken leave from the university to reside in One Finger Village for a prolonged period of time. Apart from studying or researching carving, he would spend his time penning his experiences. The leisurely and carefree days that were made up of him listening to the drum and bell every day at dawn, taking in the clean, fresh air, drinking the pure underground water, and doing the things he loved best made him so happy that he easily forgot about home.

It was different for Jiang Zhou's students like Fan Qing and Qiu Xiaoye, however. Although life in the village was nice, being accustomed to city life, they still felt a little unsuited to the village life after some time. And so they would occasionally return to the city for two days before coming back. Today happened to be such a day when they were away.